Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Does a year change your vote?


Anyone remember this?



Mr. Daddy:  Hon?

Rachel:  Yeah?

Mr. Daddy:  What is he wearing?

Rachel:  What do you mean?

Mr. Daddy:  You didn't put him in capris, did you?

Rachel:  No.  Those are board shorts.

Mr. Daddy:  No they're not, they're capris.

Rachel:  No honey - they're board shorts.  In size 5 - I cinched up the adjustable waist.

Mr. Daddy:  No, they're capris.

Rachel:  Honey, they're NOT!  They're board shorts and he's cute.

Mr. Daddy:  (grumble grumble)  putting my boy in capris....



And well… y’all kinda sorta threw me to the wolves on that one… leaving comments saying they were capris.  I tell ya, the man CROWED for days.

And then… came the MANPRIS trend.  I mean, the ones that looked beachy.  Don’t do like I did and Google it.


What has been seen cannot be unseen.


(I am more than a little disturbed by the guy with his hands on his zipper.  If I were wittier, I’d come up with a whole conversation between these guys… but still, I’m a wee bit creeped out)






So fast forward a year… I tell ya, the kid does not keep weight around his tummy.  The same pair of BOARD SHORTS are cinched up with a few extra inches of legs sticking out.



So just for kicks… do I you think I can call ‘em board shorts, or should I be content that Itty Bit started the manpris fad?


Rachel said...

Umm HECK YEAH I'm allowed to vote on my own blog :) I say they are board shorts this year :)

Brandi said...

Oh girl, I. am. dying!!!! Mind bleach? SNORT!!!

Totally board shorts. ;)

Brandi said...

And, good grief, WHAT are you feeding that kid??

Tamar SB said...

I thin he looks adorable this year and last!! I love the longer short look on little boys - so I am voting board shorts this year and last!

Mom of M&Ms said...

board shorts! and is that shot of the bay city rollers? I am old, but dang!

TIFFANY said...

Definitely board shorts! Too cute!

Bethany said...

Oh. My. Word! Mind Bleach? That's the funniest thing I've read all week. LOVE IT!

I'd totally say board shorts. They are cute!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Buy that boy some new cloths. He has done outgrown his capris!


(I refuse to even acknowledge that "other" pic)

Kmama said...

So cute! They're definitely board shorts. My has he grown in a year!

I have some linen khakis that are totally capris, I mean, manpris. Both the boys sported them before it was even cool.

And that picture? Hilarious!!!

Jenny said...

Coffee almost cam out my nose when i saw the "Rollers". Oh thank you for not putting those striped socks on Itty Bit! Definitely board shorts this year. However, last year i gotta go with Mr. Daddy on capris. The good news is that Sammy Hagar wears capris, so Itty Bit rocked um last year!!!

sara said...

thank you for that creepy picture....mind bleach is not working!!

yes, they are totally board shorts this year!!!

Kelly said...

last year capri's....

this year boardshorts!!!

oh my...I wish my brain had a delete button for that middle picture. That is just wrong....dude with his hand on his zipper must think he is hot....I'm going to guess he doesn't own a mirror....

Diane said...

Last year...Capris! This year...board shorts!

That pic of those dudes in the manpris is seriously disturbing!

Foursons said...

I smiled as soon as I saw your title because just a few days ago I was thinking about this post when I saw little boys wearing capris. Bwhahahahahahha. Yes, I'm pathetic when I relate everything in life to someone else's blog post.

And Brandi is right- what in the world are you feeding him for him to grow 4 or 5 inches in a year?!

And my vote is board shorts. They are officially board shorts now. :D

Beth Zimmerman said...

Yeah ... I think they're Board Shorts now. Or maybe Bermudas?

Shana said...

OK I vote board shorts and very cute ones at that. I put board shorts that were camouflage on Blaze when he was little and Chris was the same way about them. They were super cute and I love manpris on little boys. I called them skater shorts for Chris' manhood. It worked and he told me to dress him however I wanted for now lol. Umm, that other picture is really disturbing. Not hot at all. Mind bleach indeed.

Leiah said...

Girl - those guys are the Bay City Rollers! As in "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night" BCRs. Yes. I'm old. In fact I sat behind Jesus in the 3rd grade.

Oh yeah - board shorts. Totally.

K- floortime lite mama said...

perishing with mirth
so funny
and he is a doll

Heather said...

board shorts! soooooo cuuuuuuuuute.

Mama4Real said...

I love these on little boys. Big boys? You have to be the right kind of guy to pull them off. Board Shorts!

Aunt Crazy said...

Definitely board shorts (at least NOW they are) LMAO!!!

Presley family said...

LOVED them then and LOVE them even more now!!!!

Amy said...

Hey, what can you say..... the kid is obviously gonna be a trend setter ;-) Oh but does it matter what you call them that kid is cute in anything!

Holy cow what are you feeding him anyway? Send some my way so I can get my kids to grow!!!

NaomiG said...

Mind Bleach=hilarious. Stealing it.

Last year=capris. This year=Board Shorts. Manpris=very very bad. Not at all manly, if I do say so myself. That's just my opinion tho.

That picture is priceless. I love it. What is the zipper grabber doing, anyway? So hilarious in its unattractivness.

stephanie said...

manpris. my eyes! and clearly the boy started the trend :)

GunDiva said...

Board shorts.

But I'm still concerned that Mr. Daddy even knew what capris were.

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