Monday, June 13, 2011

eSPECIALly ironic


I sign with my kid.

From the time he was this little


I would catch his attention, sign PLAY RUN, and jog his tiny feet in place.


Long before he could speak, I would sign it and his face would light up while he kicked his legs and cooed.

He quickly learned to sign it himself.



(as well as the cutest little backwards KITTY you ever saw)



Out in public, it forces him to stop and pay attention to the parental unit before dashing off into mischief.

Well… sometimes.

See these things?



These pint-sized things bring out the wild child side of the kiddo.

Careening through the store and wiping out massive Cheetos and Pepsi displays are the norm when he gets behind the wheels of this baby.

(Not to mention the 14 bags of Oreos that magically appear in the cart when it’s time to pay)


The other day?  Let’s just say that he was performing his usual maneuvers brilliantly whilst ignoring his Momma equally brilliantly.

Who me?



Yeah YOU.



Couldn’t be…



Then who?



Quick… name that song!


Anyway… he had already nearly taken out the town drunk at the knees, when he spun and narrowly missed a woman and her daughter as he ran crazily for the yogurt section.

You can imagine my virtuous patience and calmness as I ran after the out-of-control cart boy, snagged the speeding vehicle with one hand and began signing with the other hand (calmly, remember?) to the little lawbreaker.


(insert stern Mommy face)



The aforementioned pedestrian stopped me.

You know it’s bad enough to be handling a meltdown in public, but when someone taps you on the shoulder and REMINDS you that you’re in public… gah.


Excuse me… is he special?



Umm, what?

Special?  Is he special?


And then… I had to keep from choking on my laughter.

Oh the irony.  This poor woman had not noticed my “accent”, seen me signing, and assumed that my temporarily insane child was deaf.  Or “special”.


Before I could answer, she said, “you were signing”.

“Yes Ma’am.  I’m deaf and I sign with him”.


(awkward silence as she realizes she’s talking to a deaf person)


“I just wondered because my son is in a wheelchair and he has cerebral palsy and… well, he’s special”.

I smiled as I thought of our friends in wheelchairs.  I smiled as I thought of my mother talking about how “special” I was growing up.  And I smiled as I told her that I hoped our boys would become friends in school.

And to complete the Hallmark moment… my child launched himself onto the floor in a vociferous tantrum over something  critical to his survival (the correct brand of string cheese, thankyouverymuch).


And the irony was not lost on me.


Yes Ma’am.  He most assuredly is special.


Sylvia Plathypus said...

LOL That kiddo of yours is probably the coolest kid I've never met!! ;) Much love from Austin!

Liz Mays said...

OMG! You are cracking me up! Special indeed! Gotta love when they throw tantrums in public, but dang it, he's cute!

Tamar SB said...

Oh my word. Little Bit sounds like a great ball of energy! And the pics of him signing, adorable! I used to joke with my mom that when she would sign with only one hand it was like she was half-you know what talking to me and if she really wanted my attention she'd have used both hands (I was a cheeky teenager, heck still am cheeky!). Of I mainly sign one handed, so she complains of a double standard!!

Bethany said...

You tell a great story! I could see the whole thing. Those little carts will be the death of me. My kids can wipe out the whole aisle with one of those. Who thought them up anyway?

Your photos are amazing and your boy cracks me up.

Kmama said...

Haha! Leave it to Itty Bit to throw a tantrum after that conversation.

Aunt Crazy said...

I call those proud parenting moments, PPM for short. That boy is a hoot and a holler!!!

Beth said...

Can't stand carts. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. And this was a sweet post. He is a beautiful boy.

Brandi said...

This is hilarious, as most of your stories are, but I'm dumbfounded that someone actually stopped you and felt it necessary to ask if your kid was 'special'???!!! WHERE in the world do you find these people, Rach??!! You are like a magnet for freakazoids.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

OH my goodness....They are all so special.. even the tantrums...Love this story

Kelly said...

Oh that child is such a boy...through and through!
It amazes me that people actually think its okay to but in when you are trying to get your child to behave in public.

When Cam was 2 I took him to Wal-Mart and for no reason he began to scream and cry, oh it was awful. I was scolding him and this lady walked up to me and said "My daughter gives my grandson cookies so that he doesn't act like that" to which I replied "Well if your daughter wants to reward your grandson for acting like a brat that's her business, my son only gets rewards for good behavior" I ended up leaving my groceries there in that isle.

He & Me + 3 said...

Please can we get our boys together. I am telling you...a store would not be standing once they were done. LOL Never a dull moment with boys. Fun!

Unknown said...

How God managed to pack so much personality into such a tiny person, I'll never know!

Jody said...

HIlarious!! Of course he's special, we all get to hear about how special he is every week and LOVE every minute of it (of course we're all sitting back behind our computers secretly loving that it isn't OUR kid at this moment *snort*).

Anonymous said...

oh dear!! One of those times when you cringe and laugh because... well, because you have to! :) ahhh!

NaomiG said...

Hahaha! Love it. I cannot believe the things people have the nerve to talk to other people about in public places. So amazing, but it's always worth it, because it ends up being a great story!

Mama4Real said...


Krulls in Haiti said...

This is awesome!!! Special indeed! And can I just say that I'm jealous that he will be able to sign so fluently, what a gift!

Kristin said...

I was queen of all tantrums growing up, my Mom has dozens of stories about me, and she doesn't mind telling them. I don't know how luck would have it that my girls have not given them right back to me. But, there is still time.. I am waiting for it. lol

MommyRachelle said...

Oh, I love this story! First time visiting and I was totally captivated. I read it thinking you merely thought sign was good for a baby to learn - such a lovely twist. The tantrum at the end? Priceless. He really knew how to cease the moment and confirm "special" (LOL). Love the pictures - such expressions.

Saimi said...

I love that kid more with each post you write! He's darling, he's adorable, he's funny, he's silly, he's lovable....yep I'd say he's special alright!

Jennie said...

This story is too cute! My darling toddler spent his day as a little drama king, and threw many a fit, so this made me smile a little extra. Those pictures are adorable - he looks like so much fun! And that play run is so sweet :) I don't know a lot of signs, but I taught my little nursing obsessed guy MILK, and he was signing that, for better or worse, long before he ever started talking :)

RaD said...

You have such a knack for telling your stories and making them come to life. No wonder people keep comin' back here.

Once again you've cracked me up! And don't feel bad, we've had a few of those melt downs in the store when our daughter was younger. I can't remember what trivial matter set her off though.

stephanie said...

I love the pictures that accompany your posts- they are so perfect, I love this story! I have a special kid too :)

robin said...

LOL!! I have totally and completely avoided one of my favorite stores because of those darling carts that they have there. I used to allow mine to shop with me but he can't walk like a normal kid...he also has to run and bump things! Luckily, it's been so long that he has almost forgotten them (but not quite!)

I just love the story about the lady and specialness! :) (I really LOL when I read what she said before the awkward moment!)

Shana Putnam said...

Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?!!! I was singing it the whole time I was reading lol. I loved that song. I hav eno idea why I haven't taught that to Blaze. He would like that. I have it figured out now. WHen Blaze has a meltdown in public I will tell them that he is special lol. Ok I have to ask, which brand because there is a specific brand of string cheese Blaze has to have also.

Kitchen Belleicious said...

First of all LOVE the pictures of his different faces. It is amazing how many faces our kids can have and secondly, your son is so awesome! Never a dull moment and always seems to be a great one. I love him

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I serisouly cannot get over how adorable he is !!
Love the expressions
and Love the story

Foursons said...

OK, I'm commenting now. Sorry.

And I have to agree w/Brandi. Who the heck walks up to a stranger and asks that? I personally am not real fond of the "special" term. I get that someone has special needs, that makes total sense. But to say someone is special sounds derogatory. I know she didn't mean it that way seeing as how her son has cerebral palsy, but as a whole I don't like the word.

Now that I got THAT off my chest, oh my gosh- Itty Bit throwing that well-timed tantrum is classic. He seems to have a knack for timing. Makes me grin like the Cheshire cat. :D

GunDiva said...

I signed with my kids when they were little, but I'm not thinking it stuck. And my one-handed signing is because my right hand's the only one that has any muscle memory; my left must have Alzheimer's or something :)

Still working on trying to remember my words (and to get my left hand moving) before you visit.

Give Itty Bit a big hug from me.

kc said...

Part of that story cracks me up, I love your response.

Buckeroomama said...

LOL! I loved this! I cannot count the number of times I'd signed when I really felt like yelling. :)

Itty Bit is definitely special, VERY special. =)

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