Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letters of Intent–and a Proud Mommy Moment


Dear Itty Bit,

The story behind the picture from yesterday?  Yeah… that was your fault.


I know you hate your shoes being wet.


I know that you ain’t deaf.


(For the rest of you… just picture eleventy “don’t you dare!” threats while these were shot)









(For the record, he has perfect hearing.  Perfect selective hearing)


Just how long do you suppose I have until this kid of mine tells me that his hearing aid battery must be dead?

What are YOUR kids up to?



The Momma Who Gave a Stinky Footed Boy a Piggyback Ride


p.s. Would you quit doing that freaky thing with your feet?



with KMama at The Daily Dribbles!



Dear Mr. Daddy,


Big Pot.

Little Bowl.

Told you so.



I love you.



Dork :)



The One Who You Usually Laugh At For Doing the Same Thing




with King Julien atFoursons!


ferry'zPROFESSION said...

nyahaha!!! I guess that's how it use to be.. We love our partners to the extend of their little missed anticipating towards things ^_~ crazy but funny right?

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

I am thinking that you may want to check that grinning smirk on Mr. Daddy's face.. and then reflect back to the photos of itty bitty.. I see a family resemblance in the attitude.. just a bit! LOL

Kmama said...

Haha! He's a little stinker. You know what's funny? Buddy will just go and do, without worry about the consequences. Buster will stand there and then ask, "Mommy? Can I jump in the puddle too?" It totally cracks me up.

Thanks for playing along with PMM!

Kelly said...

reminds me of "fat guy in a little coat"....just change the words a litte and you get "big pot and a little bowl" hahaha

Okay I love the pictures even if he did have stinky feet... they are only young once might as well enjoy it!

Unknown said...

Ok I just realized who your hubby reminds me of.. the singer Aaron Tippen.. Yeah I can see the similarities in daddy and son.. Momma yiou have your hands full let me tell you

Foursons said...

Bwhahahahaha. The spagetti cracks me up. And the look on Mr. D's face is classic. Don't know if you took it after the spagetti thing happened, but it fits the letter perfectly.

Itty Bit is ALL boy. I swear he'd fit right into my household perfectly.

I'd love to see the shots you got from that photo shoot. The setting is perfect for a little boy in BOARD SHORTS.

Thanks for linking up!

Amy said...

Hahahahahaha! Charlie does that ALL THE TIME! "Hey babe, is this big enough?"
"No try another one."
"Nah I think it will work"
(insert your photo here)
"Thought it would work, huh?"

Too funny that you actually took a picture of it! All for the love of blogging! LOL

Our kids have no idea how much we love them. Stinky feet = I ain't carrying you! You are a sweet Mommy :-) His foot thing doesn't look that weird to me... but I do crazy things with my feet so that could be why ;-)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Been there done that. "Don't step in the water!" SPLASH! "But Mama ... I didn't step in the water. I stepped in a puddle!" ARGH!!!!!!

I concur with all of the above! Definite family resemblance!

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh!! :)

Tamar SB said...

Haha, I love Itty Bit's stink eye as he dips his foot in the water!! Perfect selective hearing, maybe he think's you're blind not deaf! And your hubby -too funny!

sara said...

oh my word, I know he shouldn't have....but dang is he ever cute!!! That hat and that smirky know the girls are going to go crazy for this boy, right?!

stephanie said...

my daughter has selective hearing too :) and I love how mischievous he looks in those pics! you can just tell he knows how to have fun!!!

Kameron said...

I love that last pic of the boy! LOVE!! Oh and it is something about the Y chromosome that impedes them from listening. I'm sure of it.

Kameron said...

Oh and for some reason, since you switched to this new comment form, I can't comment in internet explorer. I had to download firefox to get it to work. Weird!

Unknown said...

Eric and I have many itoldyouso moments ;)

robin said...

LOL! It's my hubby who has selective hearing in my house! Itty Bit is just too cute in that outfit!!!!

kc said...

I cannot believe how big IttyBitty is getting!! So handsome, and oh so cute!!!!! :)

Lourie said...

My son is the worst for selected hearing. And he will argue simply to argue. That kid will make a great lawyer.

RaD said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who calls her husband a dork!

Love that last picture of your boy even with his goofy feet. Did you happen to get one where he's not doing that. And why do kids do goofy things like that with their bodies anyways?

My girl would not have been able to resist the water either. But you are much nicer. I would have said you got your shoes wet you deal with it. Walk in them or barefooted by I am not carrying you. I'm mean like that sometimes (okay, probably most of the time).

Mom Of Many said...

Just had to drop by quick to wish a favorite daddy {that would be you Mr. Daddy} a very Happy Father's Day...

Love the pictures of Mr. Selective Hearing...He is so handsome and grown-up looking these days!!

Love from Durango to all of you! xo

Rissa said...

I dont stop by often enough!! & I cannnot believe how big lil bit has gotten!!! we must catch up!! soon :)

Hope Mr. Daddy had a GREAT FATHERS DAY :)

Shana Putnam said...

Oh man, my kid and your kid, two peas in a devious pod. I swear we are all related somehow. That look, Blaze has the same one. I also hear through the grapevine that I was a master of "that" look lol. Man, I knew I was gonna pay for my raisin'! I didn't know I was going to pay for mine and somebody else' too haha. I love the photo story though. Absolutely precious. And about the big pot little bowl. That is so Chris. I would never do anything like that...ahem...snort. Never.

Sandra said...

I love you...dork....words to live by!
Hilarious post! But I just knew that child could not NOT get those shoes wet!

Buckeroomama said...

"Perfect selective hearing" --that's what J has! When I suggested that maybe he needs to have his ears checked, he had the temerity to say, "Mommy, I don't have a hearing problem; sometimes I just ignore you." When he saw my raised eyebrows, he hurriedly added, "Well, sometimes the book I'm reading is so interesting that I just couldn't be distracted." (!)

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my boy doesn't listen the first or fifth time either. LOL Is that a mushroom I see in that spaghetti? YUM

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG both your boys are so funny and adorable
love the pix and the narrative

NaomiG said...

Those pictures of itty bit are great! Who could resist that charm?

They definitely share a smirk. You're outnumbered, my dear. Outnumbered. :-) Something tells me you don't mind too much. :-)

Emmy said...

LOL! Great great post. Yes, I can totally picture the water scenario as I am sure we have lived something similar.
And love that little bowl-- too funny.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Hahaha! Your little man cracks me up! Oh-and the spaghetti in the tiny bowl...totally something my hubby would do!

Tina said...

The pictures of the boy are just too precious! Of course, the water was tempting him, how could he NOT step in it?

~PS~ Men are not supposed to put up the leftovers. :)

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