Sunday, June 12, 2011

On being dramatic


I have no clue where he gets it.

I mean, it’s a given that he’s not crazy about washing his hair.



But seriously?  I finally caved and recorded his current response to the request to wash his hair… because even the deaf Mommy knows that he is saying, “NEVAH!”

I’m so in for it, aren’t I?


No, nevah!


While the poor kid finally got a haircut, Mommy still hasn’t figure out how to lose the Minnie Mouse voice.



myletterstoemily said...

he is so dang cute! and i love your voice.

Shana said...

Oh my gosh! How stinkin' cute. I love both of your voices and he sounds English lol. I love the accents so much. Of course y'all would say I have an accent, being from GA and all.

Brandi said...

Nevah! Love,love,love! And, know what else I loved? Getting to hear your voices! :)

Yep, you're pretty much in for it... but he's going to keep you giggling the entire time, so you won't mind. ;)

Melissa said...

Oh it's good to finally hear your voice dear friend! I love that you laugh it off and have such fun with him! Your such a sweet a tender momma!

Amy said...

I think we should put a vlog policy into practice. Everyone must vlog at least once a month so we can all hear each other :-) It is like a tiny piece to the "bloggy world" puzzle! Ummm and I just love it!

Don't worry, his voice will change.... and then get high again... and then deep... then squeaky... then deep.... the fun of his voice hasn't even begun for you friend!

You two are just too cute!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

LOL Love it! He is so sweet! What an adorable moment. Love your voice! :)

Foursons said...

Yay for hearing your voice! I've been thinking about posting a video w/me talking so everyone can hear what I sound like too. Maybe.

His haircut looks cute on him and I'm afraid the no hair washing will turn into not bathing at all soon. Find your nose plugs, because you'll need them. :)

robin said...

LOL! We have that same blue hair-washing thingie. He's So cute! I too loved hearing you real talking...I remember hearing you with that scary (zebra, emu?) animal place where you all were practically attacked in the car, lol!

sara said...

oh my gosh he is so stinkin cute!!! you're not too in for it...he said NEVAH with a smile...not an attitude!!!

Lourie said...

All three of my kids, but mostly my my son were and are terrible about getting their hair washed. And it took my son almost a year of consistent hair cuts before he would finally just sit. *sigh*

stephanie said...

oh my gosh! so cute!!

GunDiva said...

I have a detachable showerhead that I have hauled from house to house that I used to hose off my kids' hair. I'm sure I tried the whole dumping water over their heads thing, but once I learned about the detachable showerhead, I was sold!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm so glad it's not just my boy who hates to wash his hair! And I agree with Sara... that was a cute "NEVAH!", not a bad attitude! He is precious, and so are you!

Jenn said...

So, so CUTE!

Heather said...

Seriously. HOw do you ever tell him no? He is adorable.

The Coach just heard this vlog and didn't think anything about your voice.

Life with Kaishon said...

Kaish isn't very crazy about it either! It takes us like a million freaking minutes to do it also because there is SO much : )

Thanks for the sweet comment on Cynquessa's picture. She is SO gorgeous it is sort of ridiculous. It was very sweet of her to call me to do her headshots. We had the BEST time. Many of the pictures are too racy for my blog. : ) I should do a post for her soon. I just can't get caught up this Spring though. I am spinning!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

OMG! I LOVE this boy!! I'm with the others, it's just so COOL to hear both of your voices after all this time! Thanks so much for sharing!

Bethany said...

Oh. My. Word.

This was too sweet. I love the interaction. The love just came spilling out. He is all boy! Have fun with it.

BTW, your laugh is infectious. It made me giggle too! Hearing voices on blogs is so much fun.

Mom of M&Ms said...

love this boy! and the voice....and the water.. and your blog!

Pam Bowers said...

Awwww! What a sweet video...nevah!!!! I loved every second of it.

Tamar SB said...

Haha, is he adorable! Sounds like a New Yorker with the way he says nevah!

Heather said...

so So SO cute!!!

Kelly said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

Ah, so cute! If it makes you feel any better, when we send Kai in for a shower he usually doesn't take long. A will take a shower for 30 minutes if we let her, but Kai does the 1 minute military showers.

Anonymous said...

:D He's so cute!!!! :)

K- floortime lite mama said...

you and he are so cute
you both have the loveliest voices
we have the same mug and also repeat this pantomine at home
R tells me "all done wah hair" which is his version of "Nevvah"

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

How do you resist that cuteness?!?

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