Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Worship?


You can’t beat his earnesty…




Here I am to worship

Here I am to bow down

Here I am to say that you’re my God

You’re altogether lovely

Altogether worthy

Altogether wonderful to me



King of all days,

Oh so highly exhausted



Do you think God gets a kick out of it too?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Letters of Intent–Doesn’t get it from Mommy!


Dear Itty Bit,




What on earth possessed you to think that this would be even a remotely good idea?

I’m thinking equal parts bravery and foolishness…



What’s that?

Yeah – Mommy couldn’t get her camera settings right.

What are you swinging?




Oh fratterratterpegaloomer!




In the HOUSE?!?!


Not cool little dude.  Not cool.


(I apologize to all you excellent photographers… my mental faculties dropped to my bladder and I was too freaked out to switch my poor prime lens from 1.4 – there’s no stinking way I was getting any closer)


Bravery?  I love that your BRAVE Daddy is keeping his eye on that wriggler…




I know Daddy especially enjoyed the lesson on how snakes poop.

(And I wonder why I keep getting spam comments – POOP POOP POOP).



You are such a weirdo… they never bite you.  Strike at me over and over again, but are content to be lugged around in your hardworking little hands.



But have to draw the line somewhere… the whole, “take a picture of me Mommy!”…



“No wait, Mommy… take another picture"

“Another picture?  Why?”



“Cuz look Mommy… he wasn’t smiling!



Kid, I love you.

But you’ll be putting me in that nursing home sooner than you think if you keep scaring the snot out of me…



Your Weak-Bladdered Mommy


p.s.  Not in the house.  NOT IN THE HOUSE!

p.p.s.  I blame Aunt Ju.





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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Heart Faces–Water!


Sneaking in under the wire… because I was busy watering the flowers.  So I should get bonus points for really working the theme, no? :)

There are so many fun pictures this week!  I have no idea how one would pick favorites because I keep giggling my way through the entries!

Just like Cindy Lou Hoo was giggling as grandpa swung and dunked her all the way up to those cute little armpits.



One of my favorite parts about living in a small town – is the history.  This “pool” was made out of an old quarry that is famous to our little spot on the map.  The water is that amazing Pacific Northwest stuff – clean and clear… and absolutely perfect on a sunny day.

See you at the quarry!

(Or rather… over at I Heart Faces! :)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Andale Andale I’m desperately behind!


In fact, it’s nearly impossible to avoid one of those mishmash catch-up posts, since I’m actually seated for longer than 11.4 seconds and it’s somewhat awkward to jump into a post without at least saying “hiya!  I missed y’all!”


Itty Bit would like to thank every one who prayed for his poor little burnt fingers.  And remind all the other kids to listen to their Mommy when she says not to touch something hot.  Because Mommies know their stuff.


Oh, and guess who started swimming lessons?




We are finally having that gorgeous summer that the Northwest is perfect for… as demonstrated by the water a certain someone squirted right in her kid’s face…


Aren’t you loving the double glasses?  Think his Momma should spring for some prescription shades for the poor kid?

Anyone else getting a hit of deja vu from last year’s small town parade?



What can I say?  I love the hat and the sunglasses kinda survived.

This year’s parade included my favorite motorcycle drill team…


(Okay, so they might be my favorite because they are nice to the kids and give them flyby high-fives… does that not ROCK?!?)

Then they brought out THE MOTORCYCLE.


This kid has the best seat in the whole event.


I loved this year’s humdinger of a Jeep.  Yeeaaaah!



And it’s not a small town parade until the high school baseball champs are pulled down Main Street on a flatbed trailer towed by a quad.  We’re classy like that.

(Shana, I know you are laughing at me, but I can’t get the image of your mom saying, “can you go see if my teeth are in your driveway?”)



Totally random tangent:


There’s a very real chance that these guys were the responders to my accident.

So as I sat in shock in my totaled car – ears ringing, engine smoking… these heroes showed up to strap me to a gurney.

“Ma’am, do you know this man?”

“Yes, he’s my husband.”

“We’re sorry.”

The joys of living in the town your husband grew up in…


And this year – a fish tank for the kids!



Poor Cousin Bubba lost approximately 17 fish.  And he made this face every.single.time.

Love that kid.


Then Itty Bit’s turn.


Yee haw.

Except, no one warned me that these weren’t catch-and-release… the city girl’s preferred method of fishy exposure.

Would someone PLEASE warn me to shield my kid next time the unfazed worker calmly bashes the fish's head against the table and throws it into a bag?









50,000 OnceUponaMiracle points if you’ve made it this far.  Especially since I’ve done nothing more than initiate you into the secret world of redneck entertainment…

But don’t leave yet – the best is still to come!

Who can resist?


Especially one so handsomely dressed?

(this falls into the “I can’t make this stuff up” category)



But then Itty Bit wanted to check out the rest of the petting zoo and I spent 20 minutes asking him to please not hold the birds by their butts.






But then it was time for work.

Any ideas?



Haying season can be brutal… thank goodness we only have these little hogs to feed :)



Holy Alfalfa – this stuff gets into every single crevice you didn’t know you had…



It was going swimmingly until the infamous “my shoe fell off” moment.  IMG_2204

At which moment a certain auntie volunteered to pack Cousin Bubba around piggyback.  Hey – you need MUSCLES to actually flip bales.

Gratuitous Mr. Daddy bicep photo:



Doesn’t this make you want to move out here to play in the Pacific Northwest sunshine?  Hint hint, any blogger friends?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When parenting sucks


He’ll beg for the latest Cars 2 toy.

Whine for the eleventieth excavator to add to his collection.

Plead to watch Tom & Jerry.

Negotiate for more time on the trampoline.


But he hardly ever, ever fusses over an owie.

He’s either tough or busy.


The hot burner on the stove won tonight.


Instant blister.

Wails and tears.

Urgent prayers.

“God why is it burning?  Make it stop!  Please God heal my finger!”




And as minor as I know this will be in his lifetime… his mother’s heart breaks a little to watch him succumb to exhaustion two hours later – still clutching the frozen ouch pack.

No one told me that parenting would include the kind of heartache when they hurt and you can’t somehow spare them.


Praying for Karl’s mother tonight.  And mothers who do this everyday.


Because this is when parenting sucks, but when we’re most needed.



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and then, she {snapped}

Sunday, July 17, 2011

That just ain’t right


Let’s be honest here…

I changed my blog settings to allow Anonymous comments, because I knew that my mom picked some 84 character login and a random password that would ensure she wouldn’t remember it… but I still wanted her to be able to be involved.

And boy howdy I’ve been getting all kinds of crazy anonymous spam about certain medications Mr. Daddy doesn’t need and even someone thanking me for finding their dog (I didn’t).  For some reason, I’m constantly deleting them off this innocent post:  Rachiana Jones and the Cabinets of Doom(Would someone please go figure out why that one is getting attacked?  Sob!)


Anytotallyrandomtangent… the last “ahem* Anonymous comment mentioned the fact that Itty Bit was once again missing from a blog post.  The horror!



My family mocks my undying love of local fairs, but I figured at least I’d get some photos at one today, while trying to avoid any ca-razy blogworthy moments.


(love how the other kids totally make the shot too!)


And it was fun, except…


that’s not just bokeh… those are RAINDROPS!


Which led to my hair looking rather attractive for our bumper cars whirl.  Mr. Daddy is especially proud of this shot because it shows my not-easily-rattled nature:


(First and last time I let the man post an awful picture of me… I mean, even the carney guy is freaking about the impending collision!  The double chin was self-defense via extra padding.)


Don’t worry, Itty Bit loved it…


(See?  Wallflower am I.)


But then he decided that it was the perfect time to work on traffic signals and actually tried to direct everyone.  Not.even.kidding.


(Tell me how funny it is when your kid does that in the grocery store aisles.  For some reason, busy executives don’t seem to see the humor in a kid chiding them with a ding-ding-ding as they’re trying to squeeze past).


So we headed to the in-law’s to this view…



And this sound… (and the reason the deaf girl is telling you about the sound, is because the in-laws jumped in surprise when I opened the door and they got a good listen ;)


It’s not even funny


July 17th.

That just ain’t right.


And to kick us while we’re down?

Last year on the same bumper cars.  Sunburn anyone?


(Holla if you spotted his double eyebrows :)


There, Anonymous… you happy?




How cool am I?  I even covered up the girl’s butt with my professional editing skills!  Oh no… the word BUTT is going to bring all kinds of fun anonymous stuff here now, isn’t it?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Parent Fail: 360 Degrees









(You know it’s bad when you don’t need a narrative…)