Monday, July 25, 2011

Andale Andale I’m desperately behind!


In fact, it’s nearly impossible to avoid one of those mishmash catch-up posts, since I’m actually seated for longer than 11.4 seconds and it’s somewhat awkward to jump into a post without at least saying “hiya!  I missed y’all!”


Itty Bit would like to thank every one who prayed for his poor little burnt fingers.  And remind all the other kids to listen to their Mommy when she says not to touch something hot.  Because Mommies know their stuff.


Oh, and guess who started swimming lessons?




We are finally having that gorgeous summer that the Northwest is perfect for… as demonstrated by the water a certain someone squirted right in her kid’s face…


Aren’t you loving the double glasses?  Think his Momma should spring for some prescription shades for the poor kid?

Anyone else getting a hit of deja vu from last year’s small town parade?



What can I say?  I love the hat and the sunglasses kinda survived.

This year’s parade included my favorite motorcycle drill team…


(Okay, so they might be my favorite because they are nice to the kids and give them flyby high-fives… does that not ROCK?!?)

Then they brought out THE MOTORCYCLE.


This kid has the best seat in the whole event.


I loved this year’s humdinger of a Jeep.  Yeeaaaah!



And it’s not a small town parade until the high school baseball champs are pulled down Main Street on a flatbed trailer towed by a quad.  We’re classy like that.

(Shana, I know you are laughing at me, but I can’t get the image of your mom saying, “can you go see if my teeth are in your driveway?”)



Totally random tangent:


There’s a very real chance that these guys were the responders to my accident.

So as I sat in shock in my totaled car – ears ringing, engine smoking… these heroes showed up to strap me to a gurney.

“Ma’am, do you know this man?”

“Yes, he’s my husband.”

“We’re sorry.”

The joys of living in the town your husband grew up in…


And this year – a fish tank for the kids!



Poor Cousin Bubba lost approximately 17 fish.  And he made this face every.single.time.

Love that kid.


Then Itty Bit’s turn.


Yee haw.

Except, no one warned me that these weren’t catch-and-release… the city girl’s preferred method of fishy exposure.

Would someone PLEASE warn me to shield my kid next time the unfazed worker calmly bashes the fish's head against the table and throws it into a bag?









50,000 OnceUponaMiracle points if you’ve made it this far.  Especially since I’ve done nothing more than initiate you into the secret world of redneck entertainment…

But don’t leave yet – the best is still to come!

Who can resist?


Especially one so handsomely dressed?

(this falls into the “I can’t make this stuff up” category)



But then Itty Bit wanted to check out the rest of the petting zoo and I spent 20 minutes asking him to please not hold the birds by their butts.






But then it was time for work.

Any ideas?



Haying season can be brutal… thank goodness we only have these little hogs to feed :)



Holy Alfalfa – this stuff gets into every single crevice you didn’t know you had…



It was going swimmingly until the infamous “my shoe fell off” moment.  IMG_2204

At which moment a certain auntie volunteered to pack Cousin Bubba around piggyback.  Hey – you need MUSCLES to actually flip bales.

Gratuitous Mr. Daddy bicep photo:



Doesn’t this make you want to move out here to play in the Pacific Northwest sunshine?  Hint hint, any blogger friends?


trooppetrie said...

these pictures are amazing, it looks like a fun family time

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Actually does make me want to go live out there....although I don't know if I could handle the whole bash the fish on the head thing :)

Brandi said...

Bwahahahahaha!! While reading this post, my son said about 5 times 'what's so funny?' I don't know if I'm redneck enough for this... I mean, I call my kid 'Bubba' but fishing bashing and farm animals wearing shoes??? DB would fit right in, though.

Saimi said...

The days are far and few between but when the sun shines you can't beat it anywhere!

Looks like you guys didn't waste a single ray of sunshine!!

Love the pictures!

Kelly said...

The pictures are amazing!!! I love them all!

I forgot to tell you got added to our "herd" we have 2 more horses and picking up another today that will be bringing a bundle of joy to us in a few months!! That will bring out total to 5 horses (well 4 full grown half sized one for now)

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

awwww i used to help with loading the bales. ..and as a teen ager was pretty good at throwing them... as a 6 year old, I pulled the wagon across the field. Daddy but the john deere in neutral and off i went...

Hey, we are short on Hay down her in Texas... bring some down!

Unknown said...

Yep Love small town parades, mainly cause I am in a small town.. and it isn't complete until some man decorates his semi cab in christmas lights (so not kidding)..I love petting zoos and all of this stuff, except for hay. Hay and I have a distinct issue with one another. It makes me itch and hard for me to breathe so we stay away as much as possible

Furry Bottoms said...

Those donkey shoes!!! I burst out laughing at that!

I always love your pictures, Rachel. You're just so good at taking pictures!

Bethany said...

Apart from the fish head bashing *gross*, this sounds pretty familiar. Small town Pacific NW and Small town Hoosierville sound about the same. :)

I had never read about your accident. I'm so glad everyone was safe and that God gave you those words. You have amazing grace!

Kameron said...

I think the small town parade is cute. I hope they were all going slowly. Manit would hurt to fall off a flat bed trailor. lol Those shoes are the funniest thing I have ever seen!!! LOVE that picture!

Emmy said...

I loved this post! It did make me almost want to live in a small town :). And the donkey with shoes! Hilarious!!

Unknown said...

this might be one of my fave ouam posts! that donkey = amazing. and yes, i'd like to come visit. i'll drag amy's rear end out there too...drugged.

RaD said...

It's a good thing I just visited home a few weeks back or you'da just made me homesick. :)

Love your pictures and story telling talent.

GunDiva said...

What? No pretty girls in your parade? Just fighterfighters? Sounds like my kinda parade :)

You are so right about hay getting places you never even knew you had. Ugh. Miserable. But there is something very satisfying about looking at freshly stacked bales and being able to say, "I did that".

Gonna miss you tons in a couple of weeks. :( Maybe RCC and I will have to take a road trip out your way.

Angie Vik said...

Great pictures. Love the donkey shoes. I've lived in a small town before and their parades are the best. I love the way you describe your adventures.

Jennie said...

It looks so cute and fun! Except for the fish head bashing... that is a little bit too much for me!!!

Killlashandra said...

Well you can't be any further behind then I am. ;) Cute pictures at the parade, wish we could have seen that one the kids would have LOVED it. And we know about some burnt fingers too, E went and grabbed the wrong end of a sparkler this 4th of July. ;) Oh well. Hope you guys have been good otherwise.

Foursons said...

I can't believe they just banged the fish on the head to kill it and handed it over in a plastic bag! What was Itty Bit's reaction? I would have FA-REAKED out over that.

The horse shoes crack me up. That is just crazy.

And is everyone wearing long pants? *sigh* I wish....

I'm mentally packing my house room by room now.

GunDiva said...

Is that a sombrero brand on Joey's butt? Looks a whole lot like the brands we have on our dude string.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Poor Itty Bit! Those fish in a bag pictures were awesome though! Definitely told a story!

I'd move to Ruralville in a heartbeat if I could! I love the Pacific Northwest ... and its people!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I love the pictures...they just show how much fun you and your family have!

Amy said...

I would love a chance to get out there to be with you and your wonderful family for a while! sigh. Someday perhaps. Someday.

Oh, by the way.... I HAVE MISSSSSSED YOU!!!!!!!

That donkey was looking sharp. He would put me to shame ;-)

Glad Itty Bitty is healing from his boo boo. No fun!

Mom Daughter Style said...

beautiful pictures! I love the one with animal shoes lol

I just came across your blog and I am your latest follower.

Would you be interested in joining my latest giveaway? Very low entry.

robin said...

Awwww....looks like such a great small town parade! Loved your descriptions! Itty Bit is such a cutie in his hat and shades!

He & Me + 3 said...

I want to attend a parade. Gosh, I miss them. Loving the shoes on the donkey. So tiny. Looks like fun to me.

Tamar SB said...

I just about lost bladder control laughing at that donkey in shoes! HILARIOUS!! Glad summer finally found it's way to you!!

Jess said...

Ummm... yeah. Mommies do know their stuff. So glad his little fingers are feeling better.

That series of photos of itty sticking his head farther and farther toward the bag with his fish. Killed me. :D

stephanie said...

the donkey shoes made my day! and I LOVE parades. I am so sad to be missing my alma maters homecoming parade- fact: Baylor has the largest homecoming parade in the US. fancy.

Shana Putnam said...

Oh my Gosh Rachel, I almost peed. Warn a girl before you bring up her Mama's teeth getting lost in her driveway lol. I love it and will totally get her to read this too so she can see she lives in infamy haha. Umm, Blaze would have died if they had bashed a fish head in front of him. We lost our little black banty last week and Blaze kept insisting we take Black (her name thanks to Blaze) to the doctor she was sick. Ummm, how do you tell a kid when they are stiff and stinky a doctor ain't gonna do it?? Love all the photos as usual! Hay does get in every crevice you never knew you had!!

Shana Putnam said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. The donky shoes are awesome. How hot is he?? By the way, I agree with Julie, I wanna move there if ya'll are able to still wear pants. We are dying, sweating it out with 95-15 temps and about 90% humidity here in GA. I am OVER it.

Stacy said...

I hope Itty Bit is feeling better after the burns. One time Anya touched a hot pan not 2 seconds after I told her not to. Luckily it didn't burn her, but she looked at me totally stunned. Guess I wasnt' a total liar LOL! Ugh...those kids. NO wonder we worry about them so much. They DON'T LISTEN.

Hope you had fun haying, too LOL! Oh, I don't miss that part of summer one bit. Nothing is worse than being in a 90-100 degree barn hayloft with chaff floating up your nose everytime you breath. I still would have helped you out, though. :)

HeatherOz said...

How about we all spend winters in AZ and summers in yer neck-o-the woods? I think we have some of those donkey shoes around the house. They belong to the Build-a-Bear animals!!

Unknown said...

Yes. Yes it does. Or at least come for a visit!

Dyann said...

Is it terrible that I was at my parents house twice in a week's time & didn't call you either time?

Why yes, yes it is.

It was a bit of a whirlwind stop on the way to & from camping on the coast with friends. I'll getcha' another time.


And seriously? A donkey with shoes? Please tell me that they were photoshopped.

Anonymous said...

Yup, yup, yup! I know that town! I went to school at the high school there for exactly ONE semester and then got my snobby T-bird butt back where I belonged. My mama was the school district accountant person though. And our house was the house on the corner headed out of town at the "Y" headed east. My grandparents also used to live at the last condo on the left on Wherrett, across from the house with the turret. Small world!

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