Thursday, July 28, 2011

Letters of Intent–Doesn’t get it from Mommy!


Dear Itty Bit,




What on earth possessed you to think that this would be even a remotely good idea?

I’m thinking equal parts bravery and foolishness…



What’s that?

Yeah – Mommy couldn’t get her camera settings right.

What are you swinging?




Oh fratterratterpegaloomer!




In the HOUSE?!?!


Not cool little dude.  Not cool.


(I apologize to all you excellent photographers… my mental faculties dropped to my bladder and I was too freaked out to switch my poor prime lens from 1.4 – there’s no stinking way I was getting any closer)


Bravery?  I love that your BRAVE Daddy is keeping his eye on that wriggler…




I know Daddy especially enjoyed the lesson on how snakes poop.

(And I wonder why I keep getting spam comments – POOP POOP POOP).



You are such a weirdo… they never bite you.  Strike at me over and over again, but are content to be lugged around in your hardworking little hands.



But have to draw the line somewhere… the whole, “take a picture of me Mommy!”…



“No wait, Mommy… take another picture"

“Another picture?  Why?”



“Cuz look Mommy… he wasn’t smiling!



Kid, I love you.

But you’ll be putting me in that nursing home sooner than you think if you keep scaring the snot out of me…



Your Weak-Bladdered Mommy


p.s.  Not in the house.  NOT IN THE HOUSE!

p.p.s.  I blame Aunt Ju.





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Unknown said...

Geesh mom it's just a harmless green snake.. and I noticed it didn't smile in that one either I am glad you took the pic over. I don't mind them as long as I see them first lol.

Shana Putnam said...

I would be ok with it. Chris on the other hand would scream like a girl and run off to hide lol. I love the photo story. Just adorable. Now you know how to get him to let you take photos without being sneaky. Just throw a snake at him haha.

Tina said...

Haha..that's too funny! Reminds me of the days of when my sons were young. They brought in all sorts of bugs and animals! I miss those days. You will day.

Liz Mays said...

I don't think I could have remained calm enough to take photos!!! Wow, he's one cool kid.

sara said...

my brother used to find snakes like that and keep them in his room. one day it got loose and he couldn't find it....we all knew my mom found it the next morning when we heard her blood curdling scream!! :)

and for the record...they always bit me too

Kmama said...

I have chills. Ugh. I'm with you, NOT IN THE HOUSE!!

LOL at the snake not smiling!!

Aunt Crazy said...

OMG I nearly vomitted at the sight of that! I can't do snakes. I'm shocked you could even take a picture, I would have been passed out in the living room floor.

I'm still shivering...

Unknown said...

OMG. He cracks me up. Seriously...and so do you. pooppooppoop.

Kelly said...

Oh my...I love the look on Mr. Daddy's face In. Every. Single. Picture! Wide eyes....

Bethany said...

Hilarious! and *shudder* I HATE snakes. And claim Biblical authority to do so. You're a good Mama. Taking pictures over and over. *shudder*

Unknown said...

Oh Im so proud of him! Our girls think the baby bull snake in the back yard is adorable. Thats my boy!


Just for good measure!

Unknown said...

I would've been too busy having a heart attack to take pictures! My husband thought it was the funniest thing ever though.

Furry Bottoms said...

ugh ugh ugh!!! I applaud you, though, for being able to keep your mental facilities long enough to record memories. I would have dropped my camera and run!

Susan said...

How. Stinkin'. Funny!! And perfectly told, because snakes and weak bladders go together in MY world. I won't harm them, but I wouldn't pick one up, either! I had to sigh when I saw how much Itty Bit has grown since the time I started sneaking over from ThinkPink to follow you. And he just keeps gettin' funnier all the time!

Foursons said...

Um...ok,moving plans may have changed. Sorry.

I'm ok when I see a snake, but I certainly don't want one brought in my house and waved around my face. And oh my goodness, isn't he holding that thing a tad bit to close to his face when he's posing for the picture? *shudder*

Thanks for linking up, although I may be house hunting in Oregon now. :)

Emmy said...

Oh I would have screamed! I don't think I even would have had the sense to grab my camera. Love it!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Brings back so many memories! Thanks for the smiles, Rachel! Needed them today!

Shana Putnam said...

Hahahaha, poop!

Angie Vik said...

One of the benefits of having girls is that they were never inspired to bring reptiles into the house.

Jennie said...

Oh, ewww. I hope that John wisely turns his nose up at all things scaley.. and 8 legged, for that matter!!! Only time will tell :)

Danielle said...

OMG!!! WHY did I wish to have a boy first?!? I HATE snakes and bugs. Now I have the heeby-jeebies and am going to a corner to cry and pray my child has a fear for snakes and bugs....

Yeah, this may be funny years later...but for now...just cringing.

RaD said...

My daughter is fearless like that too! And would totally love to play with your son if that's the kind of "toys" he keeps around the house. :)

Jess said...

Hahahahah!!! See, Mom, he had that dang thing by it's head. No way it was gonna bite anyone! Completely harmless, I tell you.

LOVE that series of blurry, weirdly focused photos. I think it matches the mood of your story incredibly well.


Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

( thanking the Lord that I have girls that like bugs and not snakes)

Allenspark Lodge said...

Beel brought a snake home once - a long time ago. "Can I keep it?"

"Get that thing out of the house."

Bill disappears to his shop for a couple of hours, reappearing with a glass case and locking top. "Now can I keep it?" Retread (the 4 ft. bull snake) lived with us for many years - in the dining room! He was way worse than any of the kids when it came to bringing critters home!!!!

@Dayngr said...

What a cool mommy you are - and brave too! I would have fainted for sure. Not because I'm afraid of snakes but because I would freaking out that it would bite the kids.

Thanks for swinging by my blog. SO nice to see that I'm not the only one reading. LOL!

robin said...


That would have definitely taken some years off of my life!

Buckeroomama said...

In the house? That would totally freak me out, too! When we were vacationing in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) when they kids were much younger, Chris held a similar snake and both kids touched it and it was all I could do from dragging them away to the nearest washroom for a thorough scrub.

You gotta admit that those were really great pics of Itty Bit with the snake, though --especially those last two!! =)

stephanie said...

oh my gosh, I would have died. DIED, I tell you. I don't do snakes or rodents. I'll probably have nightmares just because of the pictures. so thanks. :)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Haha! Is it weird that him holding the snake in the house doesn't bother me, but the snakes in the bucket do? Ewwww! Something about a pile of snakes freaks me out!

Anonymous said...

He's a 100% boy. :)
Miss ya bunches.

trooppetrie said...

my daughter is always catching things in the backyard and wanting me to let her disect them. gross gross and double gross

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

oh that Itty Bit and I...we are kindred spirits. I must say I am impressed with how well he is holding that little guy!

HeatherOz said...

YUCK! I would be scraming and completely freaking out!! Oh my gosh! But that picture of him holding it up to his face is so adorable!

scooterpie said...

P.P.P.S.-Don't hate on the snake-catchin aunt sis! Without me how could he appreciate God's more slithery creations? I don't imagine theres much snake huntin happenin when I'm not there!!!

Dyann said...

love Love LOVE Mr. Daddy's facial expression in the first pic. So awesome.

And it's just a little garter snake, Rach. They barely even have teeth! The worst they can do is pee on you, which smells really bad.

Hmm...maybe you and the weak-bladdered snake have something in common!

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