Sunday, July 17, 2011

That just ain’t right


Let’s be honest here…

I changed my blog settings to allow Anonymous comments, because I knew that my mom picked some 84 character login and a random password that would ensure she wouldn’t remember it… but I still wanted her to be able to be involved.

And boy howdy I’ve been getting all kinds of crazy anonymous spam about certain medications Mr. Daddy doesn’t need and even someone thanking me for finding their dog (I didn’t).  For some reason, I’m constantly deleting them off this innocent post:  Rachiana Jones and the Cabinets of Doom(Would someone please go figure out why that one is getting attacked?  Sob!)


Anytotallyrandomtangent… the last “ahem* Anonymous comment mentioned the fact that Itty Bit was once again missing from a blog post.  The horror!



My family mocks my undying love of local fairs, but I figured at least I’d get some photos at one today, while trying to avoid any ca-razy blogworthy moments.


(love how the other kids totally make the shot too!)


And it was fun, except…


that’s not just bokeh… those are RAINDROPS!


Which led to my hair looking rather attractive for our bumper cars whirl.  Mr. Daddy is especially proud of this shot because it shows my not-easily-rattled nature:


(First and last time I let the man post an awful picture of me… I mean, even the carney guy is freaking about the impending collision!  The double chin was self-defense via extra padding.)


Don’t worry, Itty Bit loved it…


(See?  Wallflower am I.)


But then he decided that it was the perfect time to work on traffic signals and actually tried to direct everyone.  Not.even.kidding.


(Tell me how funny it is when your kid does that in the grocery store aisles.  For some reason, busy executives don’t seem to see the humor in a kid chiding them with a ding-ding-ding as they’re trying to squeeze past).


So we headed to the in-law’s to this view…



And this sound… (and the reason the deaf girl is telling you about the sound, is because the in-laws jumped in surprise when I opened the door and they got a good listen ;)


It’s not even funny


July 17th.

That just ain’t right.


And to kick us while we’re down?

Last year on the same bumper cars.  Sunburn anyone?


(Holla if you spotted his double eyebrows :)


There, Anonymous… you happy?




How cool am I?  I even covered up the girl’s butt with my professional editing skills!  Oh no… the word BUTT is going to bring all kinds of fun anonymous stuff here now, isn’t it?


Unknown said...

you know i bet you get spam on that one because it seems a lot like Rashida Jones who is an actress, and spammers can't spell. They go after topics that are popular, and she's pretty well known. I'm guessing if you change the title they will go away.

Shana Putnam said...

You know I get all kinds of spam on the winner of the judy moody and the not bummer summer giveaway. Go figure. I love the photos and think it is hilarious about your mom being anonymous. Mine does post with her name lol.

HeatherOz said...

Darn spammers! LOL
Please send your rain this way! We are shriveling.

Tamar SB said...

Hilarious, as usual! I get super random spam about super random medication I will never need and my future husband better not ever need! Hope some more summer weather appears soon.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

love this and not sure why that one post isw the target of spammers.... i love the impendidng crash scene.

Diane said...

Love that he was trying to direct traffic in the bumper cars. Hilarious!

And I get those ridiculous comments all the time too but they go right into 'Spam' so they never even show up on the posts.

Kmama said...

Don't you just love the spam? And what makes one post so much more enticing to spam than others??

Love the pictures. Sorry about the rain. We're dying of heat stroke over here and praying for some rain today.

Bethany said...

The title is funny! Spammers go after weird stuff for sure.
I had never noticed the double eyebrow. God is certainly creative. :) Love the picture of him directing traffic. So funny.

Unknown said...

Google has a spam filter thank heavens where I can quietly delete them and no one is the wiser heheheh

Anonymous said...

My Wordpress blog has a good spam filter, but since I don't post much of anything besides photo contest pics, I don't really get much spam anyway. I bet Ostriches is right about the title of that post. And you might just be right about "butt". I wonder just how many people actually ever respond to a spam comment anyway? WHY do they do that on blogs? (and then I think of Brian and how his whole BLOG got hijacked... ugh!) ANYWAY... love the carnival pics (what was the person in the black hood and makeup in front of Itty Bit on the roller coaster supposed to be? A Death Eater? The Grim Reaper? What kind of festival WAS that, anyway?) And I love your anonymous grandma... she rocks! ")

Liz Mays said...

Your expression cracks me up on that ride.

I can't believe how hard it was raining. It was streaming in thick rivulets off the roof!

Those anon spammers are unbelievably annoying!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

you are killing me with laughter on this one
I ADORE the pics

Jennie said...

You guys look like so much fun :) And your cute little guy looks so different just a year ago!!!

Unknown said...

I am still impressed that your mama not only reads your blog, but comments as well. I tried explaining what a blog is to my mom once. It did not go well. We are currently celebrating the fact that she has FINALLY figured out how to use the scanner at the office all by herself. Baby steps...

NaomiG said...

Yeah, I get spam on just a few posts... that I would have reconsidered the title on if I had been a more savvy blogger, but it was back when I was not, ha. :-) Oh well.

My whole family posts as anonymous. I wouldn't ever get comments from them if I took that away.

This weather is CA-RAY-ZEE! Driving me nuts. I'm on the east-side!! I shouldn't have to preface my plans with "if the weather is good" EVER, but especially not in JULY, of all months. So weird.

Great pics!! Love the double eyebrows, that is SO cute!

Tina said...

Luckily, I don't get spam comments. I guess I'd have to blog more often first!!! :) I have recently been getting emails from ransoms that claim to read my blog, not sure where they are coming from. Maybe twitter?
And I love the coaster photo, it is full of fun!

Foursons said...

Oh how I wish we had that sound down here! Send it on down, we'll be dancing in it!

Love the pictures. The difference between you and Itty Bit's reactions in the bumper cars is classic.

Glad you had a good weekend!

Presley family said...

So sorry about the spam.... stinks! Ok, I love that your mom signs in as anonymous and wants to know where the pics of Itty bitty are. My mom is not that suddle. I will get phone calls..... You haven't posted in a couple days... is everything OK??? I need to see my grandbabies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephanie said...

you are so cute! and spam comments generally crack me up- except when they're in chinese which I've gotten a handful of times!

Emmy said...

Yea you should have said but(t) then you don't get the creepers :). But really who wants to take the time o do that?? Looks like you enjoyed the bumper cars :)

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

oh goodness...your expressions in those pics had me laughing so hard my cubicle neighbors all looked.

Tommy loves to direct traffic, especially in grocery store parking lots...with REAL cars!! I'm actually kind of relieved to know that he's not the only one (don't worry we usually only let him direct the traffic long enough for us to shop - any longer would be dangerous)

RaD said...

Your pictures on the bumper cars cracked me up! Such good shots. And the one on the roller coaster was great too, and yes the other kids do help make the photo, but your boy still steals the show.

Sandra said...

I loved this post! I loved the pics of you! And I laughed when I read that someone thanked you for finding their dog...some people have all the fun. The only anonymous comments I get are mean ones. Love your editing skills as well..."anonymous grandma" perfect!

Anonymous said...

So you KNOW what everyone would REALLY like to see? - a picture of Mommy and Son about the same age side by side looking like twins! (you may even even have one with matching double eyebrows, who knows?!)

Kameron said...

I just let anonymous posts back onto my blog too and the first post (after slacking for the last month) was filled with "buy steroids" comments. Idiots.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I may just put a couple of words like BUTT and Weenie in this comment to help you out with the sick spam...I am a giver :)
Oh, and your face in those pics? Awesome!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

The first bumper car picture is hilarious! I love it!

GunDiva said...

Just tell Momma P to set up her own easy-to-remember profile with an easy-to-remember password (something like GunDivaROCKS would be okay) and turn off the anon comments. (Love you Momma P!)

Sorry you had lousy weather, but you DO live in the PNW *evil giggle*.

Gonna miss you this year at HCR :(

Tara G. said...

I LOVE the bumper car photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

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