Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Rocky Mountain Sigh


At this very moment, I am supposed to be on my way here:



With this chick:


(how does my mom look younger than me?  how?  how?)

To hang out with this cowgirl:



And to enjoy the amazing company and food around Bill and Juanita’s table:


(I didn’t edit that glow in the picture… it really feels like that).


Nearly peeing my saddle watching Bill’s antics atop his mortified steed:



And giggling like a 5-year old who has just discovered they can leap from the sofa to the brick hearth and only give himself a concussion one out of every eighth jump.  Not that I’d know or anything…

Okay, maybe giggling more like a girl who has never convinced her horse at home to actually GET HER FEET WET.  Oh the horror…



Last year’s High Country Rendezvous craziness is here.  This year’s is this weekend… more info here about all the fun I’m missing!

With everything going on right now, we’re staying close to home.  But guess what?  Colorado came to US!

Anyone familiar?


Or maybe this couple looks more familiar surrounded by a few of their treasures?


(Yeah, ummm… sorry – that weird painful smile on my face is because I am trying mightily not to drop a squirming kid whose feet are swinging into my shins.  It is much more fun to observe Miss Elizabeth posing like a pro.  That girl squeezes the most out of every minute!)

50,000 OnceUponaMiracle points if you guessed DW & Linny from A Place Called Simplicity!

I like to brag that we followed them before their Follower widget blew up and it was INCREDIBLE getting to hug them in person!  And to see those kids in 3D?  The ones who we prayed for and God miraculously opened the doors to bring them home?  Priceless.

Totally hoping I didn’t come off stalkerish because the kids might have been a wee bit overwhelmed by the crazy stranger who knew their names.  But in all fairness, Linny had one of the all-time classic mistaken identity True Story Tuesdays, so I kinda feel like kin :)  Seriously, go read it… I’ll wait.  And you might need some dry undies afterward…


So a quick sidebar for a minute here:

Mothers of Curious Children (capitalized because we need a support group) already know this:

If they are wondering about it, they are gonna say it.

And right now, my kiddo is in a “why are you black?” phase.

(Many apologies to the guy at Panda Express)


But you can see why I’ve asked Itty Bit to talk to me about things in private, no?

So we meet up with the kiddos… who all hit it off instantly in a playground.

Until the moment where Itty Bit tugs on my arm and says those words:





“Momma?  I hafta go poop”.



I have never been more relieved to hear those words in my LIFE!


I excuse us and we head to the facilities.

I kid you not…


The kid drops trou, jumps onto the seat, and says,


Yes hon?

“I get a smiley”

For what honey?

Because I didn’t say, “Hey!  You’re black!”


Lord, I apologize.

I might be deaf, but I’m certain I heard snorts from several occupied stalls.


And guess what?

The playdate ended with Itty Bit inconsolable about leaving their littlest princess.


Truth be told, I was already wondering when we could meet again.


Thank you dear friends, for making time for us in your busy trip.  Thank you to your soldier for letting us borrow you for a few hugs.  I smile every single time I see a pink ribbon:


(Yeah, read that again… and imagine it said in a church service, hee hee!)


Continuing to pray for Karl (updates here), knowing God can do these miracles.

Now… wouldn’t you be scared to meet us if we pulled off a bloggy road trip??? :)


Saimi said...

I so want to go on that ride! My girl loves the water and always takes a moment before crossing to paw and play...

Itty Bitty never disappoints me with his funny stories!!

stephanie said...

that looks so fun!! and itty bit? what a hoot!!

MrsMann said...

That amazing couple's oldest daughter is one of my lifelong very best friends <3 That family is such a huge part of my life. I wish the west wasn't so very far from the east. I miss them tons. So glad you got to hug them all!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

what an amzing time... and we sure would meet ya on a bloggy roadtrip.. coming to Texas anytime soon??? i can get ya a horse to ride, and our supper table glows too, especially if surrounded by people. Ya know the early church was all about eating together!!!!!

sara said...

It is SO fun to meet bloggy friends in person!!

Sorry you can be in CO, but what great memories and pictures you have!

Kmama said...

How fun! What a great reason to miss the annual trip.

Itty Bit is so funny!!

Brandi said...

Oh girl, Itty has me rolling this morning! ;)

Furry Bottoms said...

The cowgirl's pants? Tell me that is just because the horse was all sweaty and needed a rubbing down?

Love your post, like always!

Anonymous said...

May we all love like Linny & DW...

NaomiG said...

Oh, bummer to not be able to do all that fun stuff!!! Good friends are such a blessing. I'd meet you in a heart beat if you came through my town. :-)

(Hahaha! I'd rather be with Itty-Bit than with one of my sets of grandparents... geez, a wheez. They're not aware that some names for groups of people are no longer acceptable to use--it's completely and utterly horrifying. No matter how much I try to explain it to them, it doesn't work, because they're stuck in the 60's, or whenever.)

Danielle said...

How fun!! Sometimes its painful what kids say in public. My mom likes to remind me of the time I was about 4 at the grocery store, and there was a heavy set woman in front of us and I said, "Mom, why is that lady so fat?" I'm sure my mom wanted to melt into the floor!

Foursons said...

Again? You met more blog friends? How is it possible that everyone travels to you? So jealous.

Itty Bit cracks me up. I think we had a short time when one of my boys noticed skin color but it didn't last long.

I know you're disappointed that you aren't on your trip, hopefully you'll be back there next year.

Sarah said...

There is no way I'd be scared to meet you. Especially if I came to you ;)

Beth Zimmerman said...

I'd meet you ANYWHERE! And as bad as I'm going to need a vacation SOON ... it could happen! Even if I have to sleep in a toddler trundle with cowboy sheets!

Jess said...

Well, nice to see your lovely face pretty lady! Cowgirl's pants cracked me up.

Holy cow, what a story she had! I wonder if the poor guy had a heart attack!?

Diane said...

That warm glowing picture of you all around the table just looks like heaven on earth.

Unknown said...


I'm done yelling now.


Amy said...

Wow, wow and WOW! That is an amazing post my friend! It makes me think that perhaps someday we really will get to meet too! I read their blog from time to time and it is neat to see you all together!

Emmy said...

Sorry you are missing your trip but it sounds like you are having an incredible time!
And I totally snorted when I read what he told you in the bathroom. Yep he did good :) Too cute.

Buckeroomama said...

Oh my, Itty Bit sure knows how to shell out those gems! :)

Sure wish we could've met up this trip. But hey, there's always next year. We always fly out to your neck of the woods every year. Should you ever find yourself in ours, you know who to call!

RaD said...

I had to take a double take when you "announced" who you had met. I don't always follow the blogger others meet but this time I do. You are so very priviledged!

On a side note my little girl kind of went through a similar phase. Only we knew someone who was African American and whenever she described someone she had met who was also African American she would say they look just like Marvis, only not as tall, or only not bald, or only she's a girl, or only different. It use to crack us up!

Kelly said...

Thanks for your comment. Your blog is lovely. Glad you had a fun visit with your friends even though you had to miss your cowboy vaca.

My middle son went through a racial awareness once too. He actually thought that when he grew up his face might change color. Weird!

Unknown said...

Ok I am doubly sad. Not only are you not in my state, making the joy of a weekend roadtrip completely unneccessary, but I couldn't even sneak myself in Dw and Linny's luggage. Sheesh.

I am, however, grateful that y'all had a wonderful visit!

Unknown said...

I think you'd be an AWESOME bloggy meet up. It looks like ya'll had a great time!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Best pictures ever. I am glad they came to you, if you couldn't go to them!

Joy Graham said...

THAT'S YOUR MOM???!!! Wow she really looks young!

I LOVE THE STORIES THAT YOU SHARE ABOUT YOUR CHILD! Really- he needs a talk show! Blessings-Joy

GunDiva said...

You know, I was feeling all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings about you and missing you and Momma P something fierce.

And then...

You posted that picture.

Rach, you owe me big for that. Wait 'til you see all the pictures of food we took just for you!

@Furry Bottoms - that wouold be because I did the ride bareback and my horse is a pig. There's a reason I ride a dirt-colored horse.

Kameron said...

Don't ya wish you could control what come outta their mouth in public?? It is one thing to ask questions, but loudly and where everyone can hear is too much for me!!

Shana Putnam said...

I would never be scared to meet y'all. it would be like meeting our twins lol.