Sunday, August 07, 2011

The summer I lost my toddler


Remember when he used to hate getting his head wet?



Where’d that kid go?



Oh wait, he still hates getting his face wet.

You gotta love his determination:

(second from the front, in case anyone was wondering ;)





Then we hit the county fair… and I wondered all over again where that little kid went?

See how much he loved it his first year?



And sat in awe the second year?



And Mommy couldn’t find pictures of the third year… what the heck happened?  Did we not go?

Ahh well, I can see why he was not enthused about water:



But the fourth year?  Definitely finding the fun.



His fifth go at the fair season… flying high.



And doing that ridiculous thing called growing



But nothing prepared me for this year…

when my tiny bespectacled boy grabbed Grandma’s hand and clambered aboard:



Seriously? THAT thing?!?

That tower that goes up eleventy stories and DROPS people at 291 mph?

I won’t show you the video because I get a funny feeling in my tummy each time I watch it.


But really?  Who let that little kid on the big kid ride?


This was much more my speed for the little adrenaline junkie:



But let’s be honest here… doesn’t Grandma look far more excited about it? hee hee


(And that neck cooler-offer thingie?  Because it hit a whopping EIGHTY degrees!)



We interrupt the “what happened to my baby?” dramatics for some Mr. Daddy comic relief.




Tell me you didn’t see THAT one coming. 

Why Ariel, you’re looking quite buff enchanting today!



Then the kiddo went and tempted fate with the llamas alpacas ROUS spitting thingies:


As Mr. Daddy always remarks, “Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?”


And after surviving those beasts, Itty Bit clamored to try these four-legged ones.



And giggled and giggled as he went around.  His grin is due to the fact that he said the words “horse poop” every single time he passed by.  Look how mortified his steed is…The snickering and outright laughter of everyone within earshot was more than enough encouragement.


They don’t outgrow that, do they?


But I really realized he was a big kid when they called his name for the tractor pull.

My kid blew his competition out of the water in the first heat.

Then they loaded him up with ONE HUNDRED POUNDS for his second heat, and he pedaled with all his heart.  And walked away with a ribbon.


100 pounds?!?  Something tells me the kid hasn’t been carrying his weight during haying season…


Somebody please tell me where my toddler is?

And if you point in the direction of a very high, super-duper fast ride… I might just cry.



Allenspark Lodge said...

Look. You have GOT to get that kid down here to see us before he starts high school.


RaD said...

Well apparently he's becoming a very adorable "all boy" kinda kid. Look out, you may need a baseball bat to keep the girls at bay real soon!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Love this post. He will be one heartbreaker when he grows up. :) Abby also HATES getting her face wet too.

Tamar SB said...

The fair sounds so much fun! He's for sure getting big - and i love the look on his face in the pool tryin to not get wet!

Mom of M&Ms said...

that merry go round shot is one for a frame. right???? so sweet!

stephanie said...

I love how he scrunched his face up when he was in the water- too cute!!!

sara said...

well apparently he is becoming a "boy". But don't worry, he still has preteen,teenager and man-boy to go through before he is a man!!! I know that made you feel good, didn't it?! :)

Kmama said...

He is so handsome.

Thankfully, although Buddy will be SEVEN next week (CRY), he's not a daredevil at all, so I can still cherish the fact that he would rather ride the little rides with me, than go on those monster rides.

Bethany said...

I can't believe he could/would ride that thing! You're going to have tons of fun when he's a teen. Should I start praying now?

Love the train of friends (cousins?) in the pool. That looks like good memories.

Foursons said...

I adore the shot on the carousel. He looks so handsome!

The pictures of him keeping his face out of the water during swim lessons cracks me up. He was successful though!

No, they never grow out of the poop jokes. Those will continue until he is an old man and teaches them to his great grandchildren.

Our county fair is coming up in a month and it will be a LOT hotter than 80*. We'll be melting piles of mush by the time we head home.

Singedwingangel said...

Your lil one and my youngest are one in the same.. Faster, higher, scarier is just his speed... not mine so I force Daddy to watch..

Danielle said...

How fun!!! I'm sure my boy will be loving all those rides too! Especially since before he's even 2 he's launching himself off all our furniture. :P
Boys will be boys....

Anonymous said...

So funny how Mommy didn't tell you that the llamas didn't like Mr. Daddy - growled & everything - clearly they didn't appreciate his llama humor...

Jennie said...

Oh my gosh - that toddler picture of him is just so cute! What cheeks :) And congrats to him for the tractor pull - that seems so heavy!

Furry Bottoms said...

They do grow up fast, don't they? My nephew freaks me out because I remember him as a cuddly tender heartened little boy waddling around in diapers and now he's taller than me. He's only 11! Your toddler is going to be a heart-throb.

He & Me + 3 said...

It is so hard to sit back and watch them grow up...Gorgeous pictures Rachel. What a great post. I have a feeling this year at Cedar point my baby boy might be tackling those rides too. *sigh*

Jamie said...

He is adorable - what character and spunk

Beth Zimmerman said...

Just be glad Grandma goes with him so you can stay on the relative safety of terra firma and take photos! :)

Tara said...

He is adorable! He looks like so much fun! :)

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Kameron said...

Growing up is hard to watch that's for sure. Nate just went on his first real ride tlast weekend and I almost cried. I was happy he didn't puke on me really! He looks so much like his mama too! <3

Emmy said...

Awe he really is growing up- but look how much fun he had! That looks like a fun fair.
My son is definitely anti getting his face wet

Jess said...

He may be growing up (bittersweet, I know) but he's every bit as darn adorable (possibly even more so) than he was. Be proud, Mama.

Anonymous said...

awww! I loved this post! everything about it. (LOVE fairs!!) and he is just so cute! (the smiling, squinchy face in the pool made me giggle!) :)

Shana said...

Oh my goodness, your kid is awesome!! I can't wait till our fair comes in October to take Blaze. He will love it. I told Chris I think Blaze will want to ride this year too. I hope he doesn't puke though. He gets a little green around the gills with lots of different movements. :-/ I can't believe how big Itty Bit is though. He seems like a big kid now. Kind of sad but really cool too. I also cannot believe you said 80 degrees....sigh. We finally cooled down to the low 90s. So not fair.

Shana said...


Aunt Crazy said...

Both of my kids are adrenaline times and many a heart palpatation for this momma.

Itty Bitty is turning into a Little Boy!!! He's so handsome and oh my goodness 100 lbs, he's STRONG!

HeatherOz said...

OH the tractor pic with a proud Daddy in the background. Excellent pic. Seriously, what kind of camera/lens do you have. The roller coaster shot is amazing too!
I hope none of you got heat stroke in that 80 degree heat. Sheesh!

Presley family said...

They do grow WAYYY to fast! He is getting big and becoming such a handsome young man... Keep him away from Regan.. wink! He will surely break hearts!

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