Monday, September 12, 2011

Pushing back


I know everyone got their summer and y’all are ready for pumpkins and cider.

But our summer started late… and y’all, it was NINETY-TWO DEGREES today.







I’m pushing back.

Because fall doesn’t start until September 23rd.

Google told me so.


So bring on the sunshine – because I’m holding on to these last golden moments.


And this is how you do that in a small town:


Another day at the quarry…




(where the water really is that color, and my husband only shoots my best side)


Where we stayed past dinner and sunset and came home with wrinkly toes.



And there is nothing like a county fair:



Where your kiddo finally gets to take the wheel all by his little bad self.




And you get a heart attack realizing he’s in a REAL one in nine years…

We’re screwed–aren’t we?


After the myocardial infarction, we passed up this awesomeness:



Because NOTHING beats a big ol’ tractor:



Except about 20 big ol’ tractors…





Umm seriously… see his face???



And I don’t know why they even put those “do not touch” signs out there…


Because my kid is more than willing to lose a finger or two just to TOUCH THEM.


But no county fair is complete without the HAY competition.




And it wouldn’t be a fair without some motorized entertainment, no?

Doesn’t this sound reassuring?



I have approximately 26,000 photos of my kid inspecting fair rides.

Not even kidding.

I can hardly get him to wave because he is so engrossed in all the moving parts.

Still think I’m kidding?






(blurry pictures brought to you by I Never Said I Was A Good Photographer)


Love that I’m still cool enough to hang out with.



Yay for a kid who is not afraid to spin the snot out of a weenie ride!


I mean, that teacup was about to come loose, yo.


The intrepid Mr. Daddy couldn’t even stomach the swings.

I was deeply upset.




Our four legged friends:




(it did too make you laugh)


And the sheep dressed up as…

nevermind.  Even just typing those letters gives me the heebie jeebies.



Bet you never saw an equine busted for Public Intoxication?



What better way to end than with fireworks?



School or no school… I’m grabbing the last of summer with both hands.

Because it ain’t over yet!



Joey wants to know what you’re up to?

And if he can have any of that award-winning hay?


Tamar SB said...

SO glad you finally have summer temps! My sister said it's ben amazing, warm, but so nice to have warm temps! These pics are great and it looks like you had a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Ha... I LOVE Itty's face in front of the tractor! Priceless. And Adam was definitely a "ride inspector" when he was younger, too. And, a ride STARTER.. he pushed the "go" button more than once. Embarrassed much? Me? *sigh* And I love the cow pic... I could say something about Mr Daddy, but I just don't think we need another 1000+ FB thread, do you? enjoy your summer... we are excited for cooler temps here!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Omg love the pics and description .. Sitting on a plane waiting fir the day to start .. Some Starbucks oatmeal and OUAM ... ( that is ur blog acronym) .. This is the life
Love all ur conmments but today's was ESP gr8 .. Love u

Kmama said...

You do the best photo stories! I love reading and viewing what you guys are up to.

sara said...

what?! No funnel cake, caramel apple or corn dog?!!! It obviously wasn't a REAL fair OR you are just plain crazy and passed those things up! :)

I am doing the same thing....trying to eek out as much summer as possible!!!

Aunt Crazy said...

Hay...y'all have HAY???? Uncle Bubba tried to bale hay all day Saturday, it's so dead and dry that it turned to dust before it could be rolled and spit out of the baler. We need hay! and rain!

Bethany said...

That sounds like so much fun! We have a fall festival in a few weeks but it's kind of icky. Not a nice county/country fair.

Itty's face is priceless in that picture by the tractors. Ty is "ready to be a man." Enjoy your boy. It goes too fast.

myletterstoemily said...

looks like you have a little engineer
on your hands! how convenient is
that? he will, however, have to take
every appliance you own APART to
figure them out. hee hee!


robin said...

OH, that quarry looks heavenly to swim in!! I loved the pics at the fair! Itty Bit seems to really be enjoying himself, as do you! I love seeing you guys smile while having fun! He's a pretty good driver too! My kiddo would be stuck at the tractor area too....probably for the whole time!

Diane said...

Now I'm sorry I didn't go to the fair this year!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Joy given in every photograph and paragraph.

Best. Post. Ever.

Thanks for sharing.


Would it be the "UUU"?

Anonymous said...

So. Do y'all know how I used to put the "coliccy" author of this blog to sleep at night?(pronounced call-ick-ee) (that may not really be a word, but I guarantee you, any parent who's had a child with colic has used it)The only way I could get her to stop crying and sleep was to sit in a chair and spin (don't ask me how I thought that up, but when your newborn has up-all-night, crying-constantly, I-think-I'm-going-to go-insane colic, you will try anything) Hence - she still loves spinning rides at the Fair (and so do I :)

Foursons said...

I agree with Kmama- your photo stories are better than anyone else's.

Love the pictures, especially the ones with you in them. I had to laugh at Mr. D taking a picture of your best side. I'm sure that is all in his plans.

Honestly though? 92* sounds downright pleasant compared to what we've been having this summer. So I am totally going to complain AGAIN. Ha.

How did the rest of Itty Bit's 1st week go?

Amy said...

Bwahahahaha! That boy is going to be a good mechanic I bet. He really is interested into how things are working. Not a bad quality at all to have. I hope my kiddos are that fun loving and adventurous at that age! I am so excited to do things like that with them! You two are ADORABLE!!!!!!! I could just squeeze you both!!!!

new url is
hugs to you dear!

Jennie said...

I love how excited he is about those trucks... the look on his face is priceless! And I'm totally impressed that you can still ride those rides. If I tried to get on one of those things, it would Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Pam Bowers said...

Your fairs seem like a blast. Girl, I'm all about fall coming. It's stinkin hot in San Diego. Enjoy your sun while you have it though. As we all know it doesn't last long up there.

Emmy said...

Okay those are the best and most hilarious animal pictures ever! Though your comments is what made them even better. Our boys are two peas in a pod- he totally is always trying to figure out how everything works.

Shana Putnam said...

Oh man, I know, Fall starts on my birthday! Also, i swear we are sister and our husbands are brothers and our kids must be some kind of different DNA twins. We are all so much alike. Blaze would be doing the same exact thing Itty Bit was, looking at all the moving parts and the tractors would have been too much for him (or Batman) to bear without touching. Chris also cannot ride anything without turning green, much to my disappointment as I love rides of all kinds. Our county fair isn't till October and I hope it doesn't rain like it always does. But this will be the first year we take Blaze, God help us. He may have a ride disassembled before we notice he is gone lol.

Liz Mays said...

Woohoo, that's the way to round up summer!

Brandi said...

I love, love, loooooove your fair posts!

In the 90's??!! Heat wave, y'all!!!

My. word... if Itty had long, curly hair - HOLY COW! Speaking of cows, YES I did laugh! ;)

I would have had to snatch that sign from the ride! HILARIOUS!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

I love that picture of the two of you on the swings!! What a great day at the fair. Our summer is late starting here, too, and we're going to a fair this weekend. Woohoo!

stephanie said...

he clearly had no fun! nor did you obviously!! I am wishing for some cooler weather and maybe a little rain too please. glad y'all are enjoying the warm weather!

Michelle Pixie said...

That looks like the absolute best way to enjoy summer! Itty Bit is so dang cute I can't stand it! I just can't get over how much he has lost his baby look and is becoming such a big boy. I love his curiosity!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I wanna come live in your little town! The fair looks awesome and Itty Bit always reminds me so much of my boy! Love you girlie!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I love the pictures! Itty Bit is so cute (must take after his mom)! ;)

Jess said...

You make me laugh every time. What a fun post! Do I say that every time?

Sunday was warm here. Frost tonight. Ugh.

Dyann said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Fabulous post!

Every little bit was great! And what a fun fair!

So glad I wasn't drinking my ice water when I saw the cow. Never had ice cubes in my sinuses and don't want to start now! said...

What a FUN post!!!! Love it!



Stacy said...

Very glad to hear the summer finally decided to arrive for you guys! Looks like you took advantage of it, too. I sure wish summer was longer. It didn't really start here until July, so we had two months of warm weather. I hope we have a nice long Indian summer. It was 90 on Monday and today it is in the 50's, though. Hope those temps go back up.

RaD said...

Great pictures! I don't blame you for grabbing hold of that last bit of summer and holding tight with both hands. Love every second of it!

That cow with it's tongue sticking out made me laugh, but he/she looks sick!

At least your boy has to know how things work. That's a good thing right? He's gonna be good with his hands!

NaomiG said...

Wow! Love the crazy cram everything summery into september times. That pic of you and itty bit on the swing is awesome. And, how do you get such great animal pics? Seriously, I never get them with such personality--no tongues hanging out for me. Very disappointing.

Buckeroomama said...

That Itty Bit is super lucky to have such a fun mommy like you!

I love going through your photo stories, R. You always make me laugh (and cry)! =)

HeatherOz said...

I hope you are still getting nice warm summery weather! We had some below 100 degree temps this week. Dreamie!!

Reddunappy said...

Thanks for commenting over at my blog Rachel, Another Washintonian Blogger!!! Yay!

danette said...

Looks like ya'll are having a BLAST!! I hope the warm weather holds out for a while.

We are finally getting some fall weather and loving it... although my boys must have read the same thing on google or somewhere because they also informed us that it's not actually fall until Sep 23. :)

Anonymous said...

ooooh! I loved the pictures! All this looks like so much fun! It's in the 60s here...

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