Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yippee, Bummer, and Confessions


All kinds of randomosity in the last couple of days…and I’m starting to get disgruntled at the lack of time to properly take pictures.  Or at least try to pretend I properly take them (read: LEARN HOW TO EDIT).


YIPPEE:  Itty Bit’s Show & Tell was a smashing success.  Except that I couldn’t get the kid to really chat about it.  But the squeal and giggles from the TEACHER when I asked about it… totally cracked me up.


BUMMER:  Itty Bit didn’t want to talk about Rocky, because he was traumatized by one of those Kindergarten milestones:  when your friend says something mean to you.   We had a long talk about how people sometimes say things they don’t mean when they are grumpy and that we can say, “I like you, but that hurt my feelings”.

Because even friends hurt our feelings sometimes.


CONFESSION:  It really is true.  All I need to know in life, I learned in Kindergarten.





RANDOM FACT:  Rocky’s buddy “Randolph” is for sale!  Go get him here!






YIPPEE:  I finally decided to cover up that gray.


BUMMER:  Medium Ash Brown is the new Black.  Elvira anyone?

(you’re welcome for not posting a picture of this one)


CONFESSION:  I washed and washed and washed my hair some more.

And the darn color wouldn’t lighten.


And then I had a sudden realization this morning.

I was washing my hair with that darn “Color Shield” shampoo.




YIPPEE:  We didn’t have soccer tonight.


BUMMER:  Well, actually we did.  We were just too exhausted and beat up to go.  Itty Bit and I fell asleep reading on the floor at 7:30 tonight.




CONFESSION:  I kind of sort of have a thing for Scholastic books.



And I may have sort of gone overboard.


But it’s educational.  (What?!?  Mater is educational!)

Because the kid needs all the help he can get with such a brilliant mother (see Hair Color Fail above).




YIPPEE:  We took the kiddos out last week – and they HAD A BLAST.

Cutie Left and Itty Bit



BUMMER:  Will someone please burn that Jazzercise class smell out of the McD’s playground?


CONFESSION:  Cindy Lou Hoo’s superpower is impressive.


She charmed yours truly into going into that forsaken germified structure.  I risked eternal mortification (HEADLINE: LOCAL DEAF WOMAN TRAPPED INSIDE YELLOW SPIRAL SLIDE, EXPERTS SAY BUTT IS TOO BIG) to see that smile.



RANDOM FACT:  Lysol and Clorox don’t even touch the smell that is now engraved in my mind.




And because I love y’all and no post would be complete without some BOY humor…


YIPPEE:  We took the same kids out to a hibachi lunch.

Where they fuh-reaked out…


Yes, that’s a yippee.  Because they had a blast once they wet themselves a couple of times.


BUMMER:  We couldn’t tear the boys away from the fountain afterward.


CONFESSION:  They totally looked like they were peeing.IMG_5674



RANDOM FACT:  You would have climbed into that McD’s playground for them too, you know it.



(Linking up this shot to Rachel at and then she {snapped} – because this is totally a personality snapshot of :)


and then, she {snapped}



What are your Yippees, Bummers, and Confessions this week?


Tamar SB said...

I have a serious love affair with Scholastic too!! Love how preppy and adorable Itty Bit looks at McD's!

Unknown said...

HOping that Mr. Daddy is doing well. I so want a picture of the hair color ha. Love the fountain picture that is too flippin funny.. Those babies are adorable..

Anonymous said...

You always make me smile!!! I love Scholastic books too! :D

Kmama said...

We love books in our house, and I go crazy during the Scholastic book fairs (both at school and Buster's daycare). I don't do the monthly ordering sheets much, but the book fairs are awesome.

Those are some adorable kids.

Mrs. Mom said...

Awww!!! The kids are so dang cute Rach!!
I'll have to email you my it'll give you and Mr Daddy something to laugh about ;)

Love you guys!!!!!! Squeeze Itty Bit from us!

Mr. Daddy said...

Butt DEAR!!!! I don't think you Butt is to big,,,,, really I don't :o) maybe it was just the distortion of the cheap plastic bubble.... YEA!!! that's it... It was the plastic bubble thingy.......*snort*

gotta love me:o)

stephanie said...

ohmygosh the hair thing made me snort my coffee!! and now I'm singing Elvira while I type this. thanks! :)

sara said...

oh my gosh, I did the SAME THING the first time I dyed my turned jet black!!!!! Mine was even supposed to be "temporary color". I did learn that I don't look good in jet black hair! I also learned that I just need to bite the bullet and have it professionally worth it! :)

EMily said...

Loved this! I haven't dyed my hair since I was in my teens, there was something to do with blues and pinks and my hair ended up green...

Saimi said...

Yippee: I love this post!!1
Bummer: I now have to WAIT for your next one!

Confession: I'd rather stay home and read blogs all day but I have to go to work instead.

robin said...

LOL!!! Trying to wash the color out with that shampoo was too funny! My girls often change the color of their hair (even though there's nothing wrong with their original color, whatever it used to be) and it's crazy sometimes waking up to different colored haired (adult) children!

My hair has lots of gray...I haven't gone that far yet to color it...I'm just too lazy, lol!

Of course, now I'm curious...and really want to see you it looks! :)

Shana Putnam said...

First of all I am still sending up prayers for Mr. Daddy! Next, color shield shampoo?? You kill me lol. And I am telling you, there is no such things as too many books, ever! So sorry Itty Bit had a moment at school but kudos to you for teaching him the proper way to react.

Furry Bottoms said...

I totally love this post!! I am still chuckling! Color Shield shampoo, hahahaha!!!

I once tried to dye my hair... to red. I wanted red hair. I got one of those dyes that is supposed to wash out after 12 or 14 shampoos? Well, I colored my hair. It turned out PUMPKIN orange. I was horrified. And I could NOT wash it enough to wash out.

Perfect shot of the boys by the duck fountain!

You just gave me a couple of good ideas of things to say to my nephew Alec... who is still being bullied at school. "I like you, but that hurt my feelings!" that is a very good one.

Allenspark Lodge said...

You know, we could use a lot more Rachels in this world!!! with all the cool laughs, great pics and gentle smiles.

Janie Fox said...

you crack me up.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

adore the pix
love the boys picture
and I am totally mad for Scholastic books as well
Sending good thoughts to Mr Daddy and u

Presley family said...

You make me LAUGH girl!!! Ok, I am with you on Scholastic... I am the book fair chair at our school. I make sure that we ALWAYS have one and that EVERY child get's a book! :) (Don't tell Regan but I got her the Junie B Jones series from scholastics for Christmas.) Bubba has the same hat as Bitty!!! LOVE him!!!!

Emmy said...

Oh the "ash" was your problem. I had a friend who is a pro-stylist help me pick out color as I have lots of gray too- and I can't remember why but she said to stay away from ash.

Kameron said...

It doesn't help that they send those Scholastic Book things home every month! Besides, if I have to read the same story one more time I might lose it! Cute kiddos....but no one gets me into that disgusting play place!

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