Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Because I haven’t slept


otherwise titled: Insomnia makes things funnier.


I already outed myself as one of those “devoted” bloggers…, but you know it’s bad when I have a bunch more pictures that I forgot I had.


And because I’ve slept approximately 3.7 hours each night for the past two weeks… these are probably far more hilarious to me than to the average well-slept person.

(is that what you call them?  "Well-slept”?)


Please tell me I’m not crazy for thinking they might be… well… off?




I think they are confused.

I know the sophomore behind the counter was definitely confused by the weird girl taking a picture of the sign.





I do not think that word means what you think it means.

(quick!  50,000 OnceUponAmiracle points for the movie reference!)




Does this stuff just happen to me?

Or is this totally normal?




See it?

No worries… I’ll zoom in so you can enjoy it too.




Someone please tell me that they don’t put this on their face?

Because the horse version is definitely not a glamorous beauty routine.





Pop quiz hotshot… here’s another funky online ad:

children for sale


I wonder if Mr. Daddy would mind if I bought Itty Bit a sister?


children for sale


By the way… what’s the going rate for them these days anyway?





One last crazy ad… which seems totally normal at first:



Perspective is everything my friends…



Apparently bad taste is expensive.  Who knew?




Holy smokes you guys…we’re in the homestretch of the Morning Star Foundation voting… and we’re up to 96!  Just four more votes and y’all get a chance to throw some crazy double dog dares at us!

I am so grateful for everyone who took the time to vote.  Can you imagine that those babies could get an early Christmas present from blog friends around the globe?  Amazing to me.

Lynsay is halfway around the world with her husband and two girls… holding these babies, caring for Timothy at his hospital bed.



Thank you for voting here.

And for more information on what that Double Dog Dare is all about… :)


Unknown said...

Ok the price on the ornaments is what blew me away I kind of HOPED with that price tag they were HUGE.. is there a way to find out if you are ahead in the contest..
OH I still have to do my ninja shots from the cell phone..ya know following in the footsteps of my super ninja sneak shot friend..

Diane said...

You crack me up. What is up with the chicken poop thing?! Tell me they are joking!


And those ginormous, insanely expensive golden ornaments for the front yard? No words. I have no words.

MrsMann said...

I was vote #100!!! Do I get like a triple dog dare for this? LOL. I am enjoying these random photos. I need some humor in my life right now. So please, keep it coming. However, not at the expense of only sleeping a few hours a night. And if you try out buying Itty Bit a sister on there, let me know how it works. Buying a baby would really take away my troubles right now. ;)

Lynsay said...

I had to skip down to make sure I won real quick...I haven't finished reading the post! Princess Bride...Thank you. Now back to reading. :)

Mr. Daddy said...

Well DEAR!!! We will definitely have to look into buying one if you keep staying up all night...:o)

just saying....... *grin*

stephanie said...

chicken poo? NO THANKS! and I got hte same OKL email and was like 20K so my house can look like the fanciest house at the park? no thanks ;)

Bethany said...

Inconceivable! You are so cracking me up with the movie references. That was on at least monthly as a kid.
I couldn't figure out why ornaments were $19,999! That's just crazy.

Mr. Daddy's comment cracked me up. Your house has got to be one of the coolest. Love the laughter.

RaD said...

The Princess Bride! The second I read it I laughed out loud at the movie reference.

I've posted on stuff like that too. One time I took a picture of an advertisement for a restaurant that said kids were free. I said really you can get them free? Why'd I do it the hard way then?

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

AHHH!! Ilove PRincess Bride.... and no matter how many times I see it,, i laugh uncontrollably...

Those are Texas Size ornaments..for sure!

Kmama said...

No, those are hilarious!! Love them. Especially the $20k lawn ornaments. LOL

You are now at 106 votes!

Unknown said...

So funny! Talk about gaudy Christmas ornaments!

Stacy said...

Well firstly, I hope you get some sleep, because that is just not enough for a normal person to function well (normal?? ;) )

Those ornaments are hilarious! Yes, bad taste has no price tag. It would be the red neck that won the lottery putting one of those on his front lawn, right??? LOL!

Hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving!

Danielle said...

Princess Bride. :)
Love it!
Those are great. And who doesn't love a little chicken poop in their beauty routine?! RIGHT?!?
You're still funny no matter how well-slept you are ;)

robin said...

Ewww! Chicken Poop?!? Just Ewww!
It says 107 now!

GunDiva said...

#108! Woo Hoo! Which double dog dare....

Anonymous said...

ROFL! One of the funniest posts ever. Thank you for a good laugh. $20K ornaments? Nothankyousire... I'm sure they can easily get stolen off somebody's yard. I would rather spend the money on something a tad more useful such as donating it!
Now I want to watch The Princess Bride tonight. :)

Unknown said...

Chicken Poop!
I love my girls ya know but gack!!! Not their poop!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I love you my darling
Sorry its been so sleepless - I too get inspmnia when I am stressed ( Bailey's Irish cream - one shot is what really helps me )

Jess said...

Chicken poop? Obviously I've sitting (figuratively, of course) on a gold mine here. How did I miss this?

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