Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Winter Preparations



The wood is split and stacked.


Flannel sheets on the bed.


Wool coats and sherpa-lined hoodies.


And coffee.  Lots of coffee.



Packing on that extra 15 pounds.  You know, in case we starve out here.


Horses growing out their snow-repelling shag.


DSC_5731 copy

(kindly pretend you don’t see that extra 15 pounds… or the gray strands)



But how you know you’ve really prepared for the winter?


When your darling son looks quizzically at you and carries on the entire following conversation with himself:


Mommy, what are those bumps on your face?

(with genuine concern)



Oh wait… they’re hairs.

(nods wisely)



(taking my face in his sweet little hands)Itty Bit2403




They keep your head warm.



(Mommy madly stifling giggles)




(innocently and earnestly)



You can shave those…





Lord I apologize.

I laughed until I cried.

And then I went out and told Mr. Daddy.

And laughed until I cried again.


Apparently the horses aren’t the only ones getting the winter woolies.




stephanie said...

oh my goodness, I would have laughed and then given him until the count of three to start running ;)

GunDiva said...

Kona's got some catching up to do - Estes is one giant furball.

Love that Itty Bit.

Janie Fox said...

haha dang the truth hurts! 15 lbs...where? I cannot see it!

Singedwingangel said...

I don't see any extra weight.. they are not gray hairs they are stress highlights and we earn every one of them. Bwhahaha at a child's honesty, I would hate for him to talk to me on a rough day..cold wax and some cloth strips take care of it for me though. I got the curse of facial hair from the women in my family.

sara said...

the honesty of children....gotta love it!!!

robin said...

Welcome to the club! My mom used to take out her tweezers at stop lights and pull out her chin hairs saying it was the best light. (Her mom and grandmom did similar things.)As a teen, I'd die of embarrassment. Of course, my kids followed the same path as I learned that it actually was the best light! Now, they borrow my tweezers! I've even graduated to a full-blown razor in my car! That's one family tradition I'd rather have not had passed down! I wish I only had an extra 15...but that's another story!

Anonymous said...

You have a better sense of humor about it than I think I would!!!! It IS funny, though! :D

Shana said...

Oh my gosh, i must be so ready for winter lol. How funny that kid of yours is. I do hope that is an older pic with snow in it. If not I am jealous for real haha.

K- floortime lite mama said...

and you are beautiful as always
Yesterday R told us that DH was old and I was young LOL

Kmama said...

He is just too much!! He totally cracks me up.

Brandi said...

Oh. no. he. didn't. LOL!!! That kid!!! :)

Also? The gal above that made the comment about stress highlights? LOVE it! I'm so using that! HAHA!

P.S. I had no idea horses did that... learn something new everyday!

Anonymous said...

So now that you've dyed your hair, can we call you blackbeard?

scooterpie said...

Well, at least we ARE sisters. I just went to the store yesterday for one item & ONE item only-tweezers. Need I say more?

Stacy said...

Out of the mouths of babes, right?? LOL! Well, at least you will be warmer this winter. ;) I am already in my nice warm clothes and am preparing for another cold, snowy, wayyyyyy toooooo long winter. It hasn't snow yet, though. *crossing fingers and toes* There are dire predictions on snowfall levels this winter, though.

Foursons said...

Like Brandi, I had no idea horses grew winter hair either!

Itty Bit...what a stinker. He just cracks me up with every post you write.

Oh, and I found a gray baby hair growing at my hairline on my forehead this week. It sticks straight out, I can't flatten it. Nice.

heather said...

someone give this kid a sitcom!

Mom of M&Ms said...

okay, so that is more laughable then my girls, upon seeing a commercial for some antiaging cream, saying, ( in tandem, no less) "You should buy that Mamma!"

Jennie said...

This made me smile - your little guy sounds so adorable :)

danette said...

Itty Bit is too funny :).

btw, you look great, I don't see any greys or 15 lbs. Warms my heart to see the picture of you and Itty Bit laughing together, so sweet!

Danielle said...

OH my gosh! *palm to forehead*
Not looking forward to that with my child!!

HeatherOz said...

Hee hee. He is hilarious. My kids must be being nice to me cuz they haven't mentioned anything about my beard. I use vaniqa on the mustache! ;)

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

That is too funny! He is the cutest little guy!

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