Thursday, December 08, 2011

A little Etsy under the tree



I’ve had this post in my head for a long time… without enough actual minutes to sit down and write it.


Something about the state of the economy and how we can do our part to help small businesses and moms who work out of their homes.  And the words never made it to the keyboard – but it didn’t keep me from actually purchasing a few Christmas gifts from these artists.


Like many families, we’re reining in our holiday spending this year.  Not that we went overboard in years past; but that we have a deeper appreciation for the good we can do with the funds we spend.  And our focus has changed from MORE, to MORE MEANINGFUL.


I have something up my sleeve.

But let’s have fun with it for a bit, want to?


Etsy is my go-to source.  Am I the only one who says, “I can do that!”, then remembers the glue gun scar on my left arm, and that my art teacher asked if I was sure I didn’t want to take horticulture instead?


You might be able to do them… you might be inspired by them… but if you’re anything like me; you’ll drool over them, know you don’t have time to make them, and you couldn’t possibly do them as well.


(Well, unless you’re Brandi, but she’s got that crazy Martha gene)


Here are some favorites… some old, some new, and some already under our tree (shhh!)




Who doesn’t need a silhouette of their offspring?  (I’ve actually given these as gifts, and trust me – they are a hit!)  OutOfAlabaster draws these professionally, then sends you a digital image to print however you want.  Love the detail!




For a piece of jewelry that is whimsical and sentimental, I adore this:




Mandipity sold me on this perfect quote.  My great-grandmother used to sing that song to me before I lost my hearing.  This makes me smile every time I see it!




If you’re more about practicality… this one is a winner in our house:





Greenbubbleshome sells this laundry detergent.  Like knockyoursocksoff stuff.  Seriously, I have been using this for months, and it takes a TABLESPOON per load to get those stains out.


I was hesitant to use something new with our front loader, but this works perfectly in the High Efficiency machines – to the point of outperforming my liquid stainlifter.


I use a mixture of 1/4 vinegar to 3/4 water as a softener, and I am doing laundry el-cheapo.


Now… I need a cute jar label, cute spoon, and cute container for the vinegar :)







With all the money you save on laundry, you could spring for a superhero zebra for your favorite little!







Love this from easterstudios – lots of sock monkeys, puppies, and hippos too!




If you have a wedding gift to plan for, I adore these!




jessicaNdesigns… amazing work and perfectly personal!

(She’s super nice too… just saying)




And if you’ve got a wee one to dress up this Christmas, I cannot think of anything better than this package of adorableness.


I exaggerate not.





(As the rest of you are reading, Brandi has now left and is already sewing the second bootie)


AnimaliaRepublic crafts these goodies.  And they make my ovaries hurt.  Someone please go buy this and send me a picture of your little reindeer?  I mean, there’s even a hoofprint on the bottom of the bootie!




And last, but not least… anyone up for a good old fashioned game of Pirates vs. Ninjas checkers?




Goosegrease makes these wonderful little characters – and you can totally get sucked into their Etsy shop.  Insanely jealous of the creativity!




I promised I had something up my sleeve.


And I do.


You might want to just keep an eye out on our little blog as we share some more Etsy fun in the next few days.




Thank you so much to those of you who are voting in the photo contest to raise money for the Morning Star Family Home.


Bill and Lynsay are blog-friends-turned-real-life-friends ministering to babies who have some severe health issues – sometimes showing them the only real love and care they will receive in their short lives.


Please help me. If every single person voted who normally reads here, we would be in the lead.  A few clicks and you’ve just helped get us one step closer to making a difference halfway around the world.



My heart breaks seeing the pictures.  But reading the captions


Morning Star

Morning Star Family Home

It never, ever gets easier to hold a baby who is dying, or to hear news that one of the one that we were supposed to help died before she could get here.



Please, if you can, help us by clicking over daily to vote here.  The $1000 prize would go to Morning Star Family Home to help give these babies a Christmas miracle.

They matter.



Much love… and stay tuned!


Leiah said...

Yep. I've done my daily voting duty. Now you've made me want to get that Etsy shop set up that I've been contemplating. Hmmm...

PS: Still praying for only good results from that test!

Pam Bowers said...

This post made me smile! I disagree! Brandi isn't sewing her second bootie. Ladybub has already worn it and grown out of it. tehe

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

great etsy stuf!!!!... and still voting

robin said...

Oh, I just love that little reindeer thing for 'lil ones! It's a shame I don't know any!!! It's precious!

I posted your link on my FB page yesterday hoping to help with more votes! Just voted again for ya. :)

scooterpie said...

Super cute! I voted!

Stacy said...

For some reason I can't gives me an error every time. Urg! I hope you win for them.

We have cut down our spending this year, too. Some of the family can't really afford it, so we are just gifting for the kids. I am making stuff for the kids, the dog and the teachers. I ordered some homemade soap to go along with the teacher gifts I made, and laws it smells good! Definitely trying to buy from the small business this year to help them out, too.

Unknown said...

Super cute stuff!

And the caption with the picture...Sigh...breaks my heart. Big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.


Bethany said...

Yeah, Brandi makes me green. I'd love to be able to hem my own pants!

I love that little reindeer outfit. That' almost enough to make me want another little one.

Anonymous said...

I luv u a bushel an' a peck, an' a hug aroun' a neck!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Voted. :)

Rachel ... I have to tell you ... I thought that was the front of the onesie and was trying to figure out why a BABY needed a ... ummm ... boy opening with a flap over it! I clearly need some sleep!

Carrie Saindon said...

I absolutely love the little reindeer about adorable!!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Carrie Saindon said...

Oh and I've tried voting a couple of times but I'm never able to access the page. I must be doing something wrong???

Brandi said...

Thanks for the shout outs, you nut! ;)

So... ooh are you doing a 'Rachel's Favorite Things' giveaway? 'Cause I already won me some Christmas cards and I'm totally up for winning some more stuff. HAHA!

MrsMann said...

I am voting every day dear. When does voting end?

Emmy said...

As I was reading through your post I was like, I remember some of these pictures- but I realized I saw them on pinterest when you pinned them :)

Saimi said...

Those are all great gift ideas!! I also have a homemade laundry soap recipe, haven't actually tried it but I hear it works really good!

Way to cut back!!

Nancy said...

If I wasn't making all of my own Xmas gifts, I'd be visiting one or more of these sites. Good on you, Rachel, for pointing them out. :)

stephanie said...

I love the wedding flatware- what an adorable idea!!

Unknown said...

Umm... It's my turn to win, Brandi already won!

And I am totally cracking up at Beth and her lack of sleep, cause I totally thought the same thing!

I love handcrafted Christmas. Almost everything we give is handcrafted or locally made. Just seems to mean more - and if I have to spend a few extra bucks to keep a neighbor in business, then it's worth it.

Jennie said...

I love Etsy too - I'm off to check out that detergent!!!

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