Sunday, January 29, 2012

Part One: Snow, Surgery, and Support



I know.


I have a massive amount of catching up to do.

But OHMYLORD the hits just kept on coming.




We got an insane 14” of snow overnight.  So we drove to a hotel near the hospital to avoid the icy roads in the morning.  Wait ‘til you hear what that snow did.  What that ice did.  Bad snow.  Bad ice.





Obviously before surgery. 

(And obviously I’ll be spending the night on the couch for posting this)




The dude was brave.

I pretended I was.

Until he handed me his wedding ring and my chest felt tight and my stomach started flip-flopping and I felt like I was at the top of a high dive platform and someone took away the ladder.


The nurse was kind.  Realizing I wouldn’t hear if they called my name in the waiting room; she wrote, “Wife is deaf.  Has black hair”.


The mile between the anesthesia hallway and the waiting room was where I nearly lost it.  But I knew I couldn’t.  Not because anyone was around, but because no one was around.


The snowy roads meant that no one else could make the drive to the hospital to wait with me.  I walked to the edge of panic and didn’t want to jump unless someone was there to catch me.


Ironically, in the middle of my entire family being snowed in and being unable to simply call someone up to talk for several hours… it was YOU who was there in that waiting room with me.




It started with a few text messages.  Linny had coordinated a day of fasting and prayer for that husband of mine.  Each buzzing of my phone reminded me that people (YOU!) all around the world were praying for him and us.  Amazing.  Humbling.


I was so thankful for the prayers that you took the time to tell me you were praying.  For the words of encouragement, for the perfect Bible verses for that moment.


And then…

My facebook blew up.


It started innocently enough the previous week at Mr. Daddy’s last-minute biopsies.  I’d posted a picture of Mr. Daddy’s lovely medical bracelet and my sister asked to ensure that I also posted a photo of his lovely hospital garb from behind.


Stay with me… it’s gonna get hairy.












Oh come on now… it looks pretty darn real don’t it?!?!


The man was totally cracking up as he told me to post it. 


And just so y’all truly believe me when I tell you that this is an ELBUTT (or as Brandi says, “guns, not buns”), here’s the SOOC shot:




A little creative cropping and you’ve got yourself one genyouine certeefied redneck derrière.


Fast forwarding to surgery day… the one-and-only GunDiva outdid herself:




She remarked that when someone was praying, the clasped hands create two elbutts (Lord, I apologize, but that’s funny right there).

Her Two Elbutts for Mr. Daddy touched off the most amazing perfect campaign of prayers to speed up this man’s recovery.



See for yourself… but beware of someone coming around your computer and having to explain the images Winking smile


from Beth:






from Shana:





from Tiffany:

Tiffany Bleger



from Tiffany’s Ty the Super Dog:

Tiffany Ty the Super Dog



from Mrs. Mom:

Mrs Mom




from Mister Mrs. Mom:


Mr Mrs Mom




from Mrs. Mom’s Lutin:

Mrs Mom Lutin



from Brandi’s little one:

Brandi youthful toddler




from Brandi’s wedgified little guy:

Brandi wedgie




from PamD:

Pam D




from Cari Berry’s little girl:

Cari Berry




from Mrs. Mann:

Mrs. Mann




from Pam Bowers:

Pam Bowers




from my sister Ju:





from my Ju’s Little Jo:

Little Jo


(shame on my sis for refusing to blog and be linkable ;)




from Angel’s family:





And then I realized that I would have to withhold these from Mr. Daddy until he could safely laugh without tearing out his stitches.  This realization came with Angel’s son’s submission of his “gutbutt”:


Angel gutbutt




It got crazier and crazier… here’s Brian’s:





(I loved Julie telling him he should get that checked)





from Brian’s wife Julie, also in the hospital:

Julie wifemomnurse



I was cracking up over how many of you started out saying, “I would NEVER do this for anyone but you…” (seriously, how could you not be touched that someone would do that for you?)  And how many of you actually sported ink (love the “kiss me”).  And it was ridiculously funny seeing so many people say, “OHMYGOSH, mine looks REAL!





Didn’t I warn you to watch for people seeing this on your monitor?

Our sweet 70 pound fun-size nurse walked in while the laptop was facing her and I was oblivious to what was on the screen.  Go ahead and blow up the above photo and you can understand the awkward expression on her face as she probably tried to figure out why on earth someone had an IV on their rear end.  And better yet, why I had a giant picture of it on my computer.




But I couldn’t help but giggle every time a new picture popped up.  They probably thought I was the crazy lady laughing to herself in the waiting room. 

The crazy lady with BROWN hair, apparently.


Because they walked around looking for me and never once pegged me as a raven-haired deaf chick.  (A little toldyouso to my husband).


Stick with us… the ride got crazier.  Much crazier.  So thankful for your support.  Even in the form of some much needed laughs.




Oh!  And after the adventure of escaping the hospital… my Dad sent me an extra special bloggable gift.


Oh Lord…





Bethany said...

Oh. My. Word. That is the most hysterical thing I've ever seen. I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends!

Mrs Mom said...

Oh geeze... All I can hear in my mind now is "... There's a Moooooon Out Toniiight...."

You sure got loads of elbutts there Mr D~ hehehe

I figure it wont be long before you are back up and shaking your booty ;)


Floortime Lite Mama said...

only you my love can talk about something serious and have us in splits
Still praying for the wonderful marvelous Mr Daddy and the beautiful Rachel
Love and kisses

stephanie said...

my 3 year old walked by and asked me why there were popos.... hahahahs

Foursons said...

Darn work and its ability to get in the way of elbutt pictures. While I sat in a room full of teenagers, everyone else was whoopin' it up on FB. *sigh*

I hope Mr. D is healing nicely and that Itty Bit is feeling better.

Brandi said...

Oh no ya don't, Jules. You can't get off that easy... it's never too late to post up your elbutt!!! We're waiting.

And, Rach, the elbutt wedgie was MINE! I told ya I didn't have much of an elbutt... it's more like a Barbie elbutt. LOL. ;)

robin said...


lifebythecreek said...

No Robin... LMEO... hahahaa! And I wish I had taken a picture of my boy's face when I showed him the original elbutt pic. Priceless. Only Rach and Mr. Daddy can make US feel better when they're the ones who need the encouragement. Love you guys...

Susan said...

Oh, for Heaven's sake, if this isn't the funniest thing I've read in such a long time....! This morning, I started catching up on the few blogs I follow. I had been worrying over what you were going through because there hadn't been many recent posts, but then I opened this one up and realized you haven't lost your abilities to find the laughs when and where you need them. You started a trend with this one! I'm pretty sure Mr. Daddy is going to appreciate all the elbutts on his behalf! The prayers will certainly continue, but I'm guessing the elbutts will too!

Mom of M&Ms said...

tears..... flowing down my face... and still praying. so wish I face and I have NEVER said that before....

Danielle said...

That's just too awesome!!
Hope you're doing good. Me and my 2 year old continue the prayers.


Jess said...

I think I just peed my pants...

You are surrounded by thebest people in your life!

Shana said...

I still think mine totally looked real lol. I think besides the surgery and storm part that was one of the best days on Facebook with all of us praying and fasting and the elbutt pics were awesome. I do hope things are getting a bit better. Love you guys!

Saimi said...

Oh my I'm butt-CRACKING up her Rachel! This is the funniest post EVER!! I can just see you laughing in the hospital and people wondering what's going on!!

Those pictures are hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

All these responses just prove that no matter our age, we all still have some Elemantary/Jr. High humor left in us!

Cindy said...

what a great post!!! loving the pictures....good thing you posted this so your son can have this laugh when he is older!! LOL

xo, cindy

angel shrout said...

EEk ummm ya mighta warned me you were linking me ahem. I told my son he was blog famous now.. He cracked up and is glad he could make ya'll smile. I am still cracking up at those hours on FB I was hurting from laughing so hard and heaven knows I needed a good laugh more then anything after the previous drama in my life.

Marley's Mama said...

Oh, I've been waiting and waiting for an update- in agony! So glad you had God and elbutts with you during those tough times!!!

Marley's Mama said...

Btw- I'd LOVE for you to friend me on Facebook, if you can!

Angie Vik said...

Wow. Just when you think you've seen it all. That's a great example of thinking outside the box.

julie in memphis said...

If laughter is the best medicine... that may be an overdose! ;)

Impulsive Addict said...

Angel sent me over here to send some prayers and an uplifting message but all I can do is LAUGH! Elbutts are EVERYWHERE!!! What a cute idea. You have a great support system over here. I'm sending you some prayers anyway.


Two Normal Moms said...

Just got to Angel's post, who sent me here. What an amazing, supportive world this blog world is. My heart and prayers go out to your Mr. Daddy. I hope things are improving as this week has gone on.

Emmy said...

Lol! That is too hilarious and too wonderful! Glad you didn't have to be "alone" while waiting.

GunDiva said...

I really need to catch up on my blogs more than once a week!

Part of me is really proud of my artwork on my elbutt, and part of me wants to cover it up :)

But for you and Mr.Daddy...anything. I'm glad you weren't alone through his surgery.

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