Saturday, February 25, 2012

I saved my marriage for $11.99 plus tax



Remember the bacon?




And my fabric shears?


And this dude?





And the wailing and gnashing of teeth when he decided to introduce them to one another?




Momma got smart.


She found these at the grocery store:




And she’s sure they’ll work for her redneck.


Because she knows one thing those city girls don’t…


A country boy cannot resist the lure of a tricky tool.  And this baby is gonna slice bacon like nobody’s business.




Now… to find me some cute fabric shears.





You’re welcome for the marriage advice.

Now that’ll be $11.99 plus tax.


Mom of M&Ms said...

rofl....oh what a great start to my day

Floortime Lite Mama said...

oh my goodness how I love starting the day with one of your posts

Allenspark Lodge said...

Bacon bits from slices, bacon slices from a block.



Bethany said...

Those are awesome! Where did you find them at?
Hope you can find some good fabric shears soon. I remember the time we got my mom's to cut construction paper. It was not pretty.

Mr. Daddy said...

I was going to leave a comment, until I realized that's when the fight would start....


just doing my part DEAR!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice FOOD shears she-she, triple threat!aren`t you gonna get a set of quadruple FABRIC shears to show mr.daddy who`s boss?!love, lil` jo!!!!

Presley family said...

LOVE it!!! Oh, and I loved your last post too. I needed a good laugh. I hope that all is well. You are always in my heart and prayers.

Saimi said...

Mama knows best!

robin said...

LOL!!!!! :)

marie said...

I ruined so many of my moms good scissors growing up. I feel bad now that I have good scissors and yell at my kids not to use them. My mom really didn't stand a chance with 9 kids though.

NaomiG said...

Haha! Genius, my dear, genius. :-)

Me said...

BWAHAHAHA Awesome!!!!

Big Mama Cass said...


angel shrout said...

Well now I will need to keep my husband off here because he will want those scissors. I have no idea why but he would know one lol.

Anonymous said... is free, but a good marriage evidently costs $11.99...good to know :)

Foursons said...

Now what is Mr. D going to whip up with those handy, dandy scissors? It best be something blog-worthy to make up for not only ruining your shears but also for YOU fixing the problem.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

You are one funny gal!

Kameron said...

My husband used my fabric shears to cut something of the non-fabric nature some time hasn't happened again! :) Cool scissors!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Your worship signals (in my Reader) disappeared. Just wanted to tell you ... most of the time I fall in the middle but once in a while ... I have a touchdown moment! Maybe even a Rocky!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!! My wife does a lot of crafts and I tell her that it IS important not to cut paper with the fabric shears...

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