Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Town



Welcome back to another episode of Sekrit Ninja Photo Girl!

I thought I’d introduce you to our redneck town.  Or more accurately, crazy stuff as far as two counties north”.


As if that is somehow better than only being in our town.


I must warn you that many of these shots may be disturbing to viewers who have Norman Rockwellian towns and cannot fathom why anyone would ever write the words “pig on a poke” on a sign.


No really.





Meh… it’s somewhat acceptable considering the State Fair environment.

But who on earth thought this was an appropriate environment?!?





A lovely chapel-turned-gun-shop.

With classy year-round icicle lights no less.






A bit less sacrilegious is one of my favorites at the Farmers Market:




But nothing really beats this classic:






At least I can say those were some ha-ha funny people.


This dude?


Earned himself a “ohmygosh Honey, go back!  I gotta get a picture!”




What?  You don’t see anything amiss in the Target parking lot?

See the corner of the inside of my car?  That’s how sneaky I am…





Okay, now the dude is just acting like nothing is up.


No really honey, I saw him!  Keep driving!


(and if you’re really tricky, you can spot my reflection in my side mirror ;)





See!  I told you!  The guy has a full on bbq happening here!




Don’t be fooled… he’s pretending it’s not his.


Quick honey, grab one with pickles for me.




Got anything crazier than a random Target bbq chef in your town?


Pam Bowers said...

Well, your town takes the the stick (pork included)!

Emmy said...

What the?? Why is he grilling there? Weird. The ducks are cute

NorthernArkie said...

I think we should have a county show off. I've seen crazier things living here than when I lived in Arkansas, no lie there. However, the Target guy...well did he offer to share? If not, totally creeper. ;)

Tamar SB said...

The duck crossing just made my morning! And a target bbq - love it!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG you made my day
love ur posts

Kmama said...

That's too funny. Grilling in the parking lot?? That's just bizarre!

Kameron said...

Um, water on a stick? He should rethink the sign. ;) I love the duck crossing too. Just look at the randomness as, ahem, character!

robin said...

LOL! Target grillin'!!
Love the duck crossing!

I forget you guys say 'pop' for soft drinks, aka, coke (for anything soft drink related.) Down here, many people also refer to it as...soda water.

angel shrout said...

Bwhahah this cracks me up and inspires me to take you down some of our backroads. Seriously I KNOW we can top this.. well maybe not Target BBQ guy but pretty close.

Bethany said...

That church is just too funny! Gun Shop on the steeple is so wrong. I can't wait to show Doug.

You rock the secret picture world. Hope things are going well in your crazy corner.

Jenny said...

Wait, Water and Pop are $3.25! Holy Cow on a Stick!!!

Anonymous said...

what the!?! hes dressed a lil TOO fancy for a simple old target parking lot bbq, she-she!!! lighten up dude!!

Mom of M&Ms said...

the fact that he had the kahoonas to cook kroger burgers is the parking lot is really the shocking part to me! heheheheh

marie said...

A church turned into a gun shop, priceless. I am into recycling so I guess this is a good thing.

julie ball said...

I love how Murph felt the need to explain that pig on a poke is pork. Hopefully not an entire pig, though, like the one on the sign. The church-turned-gun shop... oh. my. word. But the Target grilling man... What on earth? He looks normal, he's dressed pretty nice... is he camping out at Target to be the first to get Larry the Cable Guy's new CD or something? Seriously, I might have had to ask him!

Amy said...

Oh my WORD!!!! The last one is AMAZING!!!! WOW!!!

Although I like the air guitar one. LOL

Brandi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Rach, you kill me! OMW... I am so taking my camera out to see what craziness I can find. LOL!

We have a new restaurant called Stinky's Fish Camp. It's in a nice building, but... um... would you want to eat there? About a year ago, we had a huge billboard that said something like 'they are coming' and it had a flying saucer on it. Apparently this area was known for UFO sightings at some point. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that. HAHA!

Angie Vik said...

The duck crossing is really cute. I love your outlook on life and you're ability to see funny in everyday things. Thanks for a good chuckle.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Your town looks like a fun place to live! I have to say, the duck crossing cracked me up!!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Yep ... homeless people camping by the highway complete with bonfires. I guess the bonfire got them in trouble though because they moved on. I still wonder where they went. They had a cozy little home going under that evergreen tree!

I'm glad you finally revealed that the guy was BBQing. I figured he was peeing! Some people do that in public here too! I would be scandalized except ... what are you going to do when you live under a tree?