Wednesday, February 01, 2012

So we left off with the elbutts…


I cannot resist.


I warned you about this ridiculous curse of messing with song lyrics…


I like elbutts and I cannot lie

You other bloggers can’t deny

When a nurse walks in with little dinner plate

and a shocked look on her face…



I apologize.  But that really did happen.



And an apology to Brandi.  See, I thought this was her little boy’s elbutt.

When in fact, it was her.


Brandi wedgie


Skinny little thing… I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.


Though I am still wetting my pants with her “LMEO”…  I am annoying everyone by saying, “laughing my elbutt off” constantly.  They think I’m weird.  You internet pals are the only ones who get me :)




So we were last in the waiting room… being distracted by parade of cheekiness that was blowing up my phone.


After 4 hours, finally…

He's out. He did good and is in recovery. With the nutso snow... we may not get a room for awhile (less staff here). Logging off for a bit while I wait another hour to see how he wakes up. Please pray for a quick and easy wakeup and fast healing!
Oh... and his surgeon isn't big on hugs. Ask me how I know.




I have a hard time putting it to words – feeling helpless when I finally found him laying in pain.

They’d had trouble with the breathing tube and he was pretty banged up.  Each time they asked him to rate his pain, he’d hold up two fingers (seriously macho dude?  TWO?) then slowly fingerspell to me.






He couldn’t even speak.  This wasn’t a TWO.


I pulled rank and asked for painkillers.

Morphine went in.





A second round of morphine.





I ached every time I saw his fingers sign it.


Apparently the man is one of the 7% of the population that morphine does not work on.

Morphine abandoned, the next medicine finally gave him sleep.




I could finally breathe.  And knew we were just surrounded with prayer.  I watched that stained glass window glow brighter and brighter through the evening until I finally nodded off in the wee hours.





As we slept, that snow gained a sparkly layer of ice.  I began to worry about our return trip home.




When he finally felt well enough for a meal… they committed an unpardonable offense.




But how could I not laugh at GunDiva?


You can NOT give a redneck a veggie burger? Is this the surgeon's payback for the hug?




We realized quickly that we were going to be snowed in.  You know it’s bad when you’re on the top of an icy hill and kids are SKIING down it.  And when the news keeps showing your entire county without power.  And your family sends you pictures of your newly renovated property.

As in:


Reports of trees down on our property. Praying they don't hit the fenceline & free the horses. Next door trees on house & truck. Tree just fell on power lines right in front of our house :(




Umm yeah… that line across the middle of the picture.  Not supposed to be there.  It was uber freaky having three power lines down at the house.

A niece’s car was moved to the other side of our property right before a tree fell where it had been 20 minutes earlier.


And the fenceline?  Wrecked.


But hey… on the bright side, the flooding covered it and my prissy horse won’t make a break for it through the water.





Then we got a call.


Mr. Daddy’s father was in the ER, being admitted for emergency surgery.


Seriously Lord?  One more thing???


Then they told us to stay at the hospital one more day.






And if this all seems neverending, it’s because it really and truly felt that way the whole week.


We were finally released on Friday… some of the nursing staff had been snowed in and bunking in patient rooms since Tuesday.  When we left to check out, there was only one other patient there.


While they searched for a doctor to clear Mr. Daddy, we were suddenly yanked back from the finish line:

Really?!?!?!! Fire alarm at hospital forced us all to evacuate out into snow. They couldn't get him down in wheelchair so he had to go down 3 flights of stairs. No coat & hurting. Then back up 3 flights.



I was DONE by that point.  Walking down those flights holding his elbow, then out into the snow… I wanted to cry.  I missed my kid, we needed to get back to my father-in-law, we needed to be HOME.




When we finally posted bail, I braved the scary hill.  Then the freeway with chunks of snow flying off other vehicles at us.  Ten minutes into the drive, a soft chuckle…


“You’re gonna wear the skin off my hand if you keep that up”.

“Oh sorry”, as I released my deathgrip.




Even gas pumps were without power.  We found one lit up and waited 30 minutes for the privilege of filling up.

Cars abandoned along the road.  Traffic lights dark.  Complete carnage.


The trees – I still want to cry – just sheared.  On a scale I never imagined.  The snow completely covered with green boughs and broken trunks.





My mom told us they lost power too – they lit a fire to keep Itty Bit warm.  I’ve never been away from my kiddo three days.


She didn’t tell me until later that they couldn’t even leave the house… snowed in the driveway and a tree across the road.  Then this:




What you don’t see… is that only the right side of the tree had broken at first.  After the dust had cleared, my mom and Itty Bit were out sawing it into smaller pieces.

When they heard it begin to crack again.



Not knowing where it would fall, my mother threw herself on Itty Bit (and I’m sure she prayed).

My heart stopped as she told me…


In the aftermath, the tree split into six pieces, and the last came crashing down onto the barn my grandfather had help build before he died.



(Mom, I love you… thank you for protecting our son).





We bundled up Itty Bit and finally arrived home five hours after leaving the hospital.


Our beloved Cutie Left and Cindy Lou Hoo were also without power and no source of heat.  We asked them to camp out by our woodstove.

(no pictures of that night, but aren’t they ridiculously cute?)


Except that poor Cindy Lou Hoo was sick.  Fever, cough, and ultimately throwing up.


No running water + throw up = lots and lots of paper towels and cuddles.


The next night? Rinse, lather, and repeat.  Without power still.


Husband recovering from surgery (defying orders and carrying in firewood), lipreading by Coleman lanterns, sick girlie, stir-crazy boys, and father-in-law in hospital.


Five days later… power was restored.  And I praised the Lord for hot showers and kids not asking, “which one is the poop toilet again?”




Then this:







Is it crazy to think that LA laughed at us for calling this “Snowmageddon”?

I feel like a survivor and I should have a t-shirt to prove it.


Thank you to those of you who joined the “Two Elbutts for Mr. Daddy” campaign.  For those of you who joined in fasting and who sent messages, cards, cookies (Beth) and even CHOCOLATE! (My big fat elbutt thanks you, Tiffany!)


You deserve a t-shirt for making it through this post…


I promise we have some fun coming up.  Stay tuned for a bit of competition!




Tamar SB said...

So sorry you are going through all of this! I am glad to hear through it all you are finding what to smile about, you're in my prayers!

Stacy said...

Yes, I do believe you can call that Snowmaggeden. Lord! What a time you all had! It's like you were getting thrown curve balls all the time. Glad you have made it through all that and everyone is feeling better. Hope your FIL is getting better, too.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG what an ordeal .. only you could make it have a funny side
Thank goodness the magnificent Mr Daddy is recovering
It is so horrible to see your DH in pain :-(
I am just eating a veggie burger while reading this post :-)
and we have the same thermometer
How is itty bit doing
Hugs and kisses and hope the ordeal is behind you
Did they find out if the thing was carcinogenic

rachel said...

holy moly. I can't believe all the crap you have been going through. so glad mr daddy is home and recovering from hospital. praying for a full recovery for him. xxoo

MrsMann said...

I totally wish I could send all of you on a long cruise to somewhere magical! If I could, I would! You guys deserve a break! And pronto!

Unknown said...

I'm thinking God wants you guys to make a movie out of your lives, because seriously, who goes through stuff like this???

Still praying, but so glad to see your sense of humor hasn't failed you yet!

God is good.

NaomiG said...

Um... Wow. I'm so glad you made it through.

My husband says quite often that the best adventures start and the best stories happen when things go awry. I think you got a quadruple dose of that out of this blog post.

Still praying...

Kmama said...

Holy cripes. When you guys do it, you do it BIG. I'm so sorry for all that you've been through...but you've been THROUGH it, and now you can move on to better things.

Jess said...

Unreal. Someday... someday. You will be glad you have this all recorded here. Sending prayers for continued healing for all of you.

Tara G. said...

mercy-I'm exhausted!! Hope you guys are getting back to normal!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. speechless! I hope you're all better soon. wow.

Shana Putnam said...

Sometimes we just don't see the end or how in the world we can make it through but HE always knows. That does not sound fun. None of it lol. So glad things are better for you guys.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Oh my! You MUST be up here in the northwest! (I live in Kent) That storm was something - I can't imagine all you went through in it. And FIVE days without power. I thought our three days was bad.

Angie Vik said...

You win. I thought my last week was bad but yours was worse. Now you have a new benchmark for hard weeks. Hope this next week and the ones after go way better for you guys. Hang in there.

Presley family said...

Ok, first off... this LA girl was not laughing one bit. There is no way that I would have made it one second with all of that weather. You my sweet friend are a warrior and yes... you need a shirt NO a badge of honor to prove it! You are all constantly in my heart and prayers. BIG HUGS my friend.... here's to a better week next week. I mean it has to get better ... right!?!?!?! :)

Emmy said...

What the heck! Wow- so so many things at once. But yet you remain opptamsitc and finding the good in everything. You are amazing!
Glad you are all home and together.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

once while living in the midwest, we were without power for 31 days....thinking maybe I do not want to return to the "simpler times" never been without a generator since.

We keep praying....and sending love

GunDiva said...

In my next novel, *you* are going to be my main character, but I can't put all of this in it, because no one would believe it. Seriously, one hit after another and you can still find some humor.

Your family is a bright spot in the world, Rachel.

He & Me + 3 said...

Following you on FB & reading it now...your week was so long my dear. I am so glad I prayed for your family. Sorry I didn't post my elbutt. Praying that everyone is doing well now.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Glad to hear you sounding more perky! Prayers continue!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Oh my goodness, that all sounds like an incredible ordeal. I just caught up on all of your posts. (I've been without internet for over a week!) Thank God Mr.Daddy is home and everybody is okay! Praying that the remainder of 2012 is stress free for you!
Oh, and I wanted to let you know that you won my My Memories giveaway. Please email me, and I'll get you your code for the free software!

Unknown said...

just the last event is rough...I've been there...throwing up kids with no running water, but on top of everything is amazing what the human spirit can endure with the help of our Lord Jesus.
HOpe all are on the mend.
Keep up the God work.

Julie Ball said...

Oh my word!!!! The hits just keep on coming, don't they? Well, all I can say is that the love, hugs, and prayers just keep on coming, too! I wish I could give you a REAL hug - sounds like you need a few!

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness, could ONE more thing happen?? (we shouldn't ask that).
Still praying nightly with my 2 year old for you guys.
Can't beleive that weather.
Grateful for the desert right now.

Anonymous said...

So does Mr. Daddy smell like Italian Food?

danette said...

Wow... praying that ya'll have some smooth sailing for a while after going through all that. Seriously that is well beyond "when it rains it pours" ya'll deserve a break! Made my heart ache to read about Mr. Daddy in so much pain :( so glad he's home and recovering. Love and hugs to all of you!

Jennie said...

Oh my! I hope that his recovery is going well and that you guys hit some peaceful times soon! (and I absolutely can't imagine a sick kid without power and water... how horrible all round!)

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