Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catching up is hard to do



First order of business - which will make the rest of this post seem really unimportant…





Thank you is not enough.



Update on May-May… the chica is healing well.


I could not agree more with the commenters who talked about how important it is that kids know how to behave around dogs.  May-May did all the right things and this was not a normally dangerous dog.  Make sure the little ones in your family know what to do, and please do the right thing if you are an owner.




And since my dearly beloved 50mm/ f1.4 lens is now officially “in the shop” (or rather in the estimating so we can find out whether it will cost $7 less to repair it than to replace it, or whether I should just go cry into my Cheerios right now department), most of this update will be brought to you courtesy of some super sekrit phone camera ninja skills.


Y’all remember the craziness that was Itty Bit’s birth, right?  He was born one day before my birthday, and then Mother’s Day whacked us both upside the head the next day.  (Bonus points if you can remember why the hospital staff was still talking about his birth months later).


So every year the middle of May is insanity.


We got knocked out with that crazy bug, so the kid missed his own school birthday party.  Pitiful, no?




(And I am completely not apologizing for him being in a 5-point harness.  Y’all saw the pictures of the wreck he was supposed to be in, right?)




He made up for it with a Mother’s Day/family birthday party.


Oh wait… I had to wake him up at Grandma’s house to blow out his own candles.

Here he was either falling back asleep, or listening to whatever the chocolate was saying to him.





(if it was the chocolate, he is definitely his mother’s son)




But we could tell he was finally feeling better after he cracked this smile:




Itty Bit would like you to know that his team name isn’t The Crappers.




And in the meantime, yours truly was kidnapped for her own birthday adventure.


Once I realized that the event involved a four-legged critter… and that my husband had helpfully packed my SKINNY jeans… I decided y’all should only be exposed to a photo that showed us at warp speed.




You’re welcome.




The skinny jeans really didn’t help after we hit up a local bbq joint.  If it makes any difference, my mom and I split this plate.  (Correction:  we split about 1/3 of this plate, then rolled ourselves away).



And yes, the corn above is the same corn referenced below.




No I didn’t want to rub it anywhere.  That chocolate cake however…




My captor and I giggled off the calories at a local shop.








A few days later, we regrouped for a “friend” birthday party at the famed bounce house where ahem “someone” tested the liability policy last year.







Afterward, there was the little matter of:

Toys That Grandma Buys Always Land On the Roof”.





Then as you already heard… my body decided to wait until Mr. Daddy was working out of town – to catch Itty Bit’s bug.


Body, you suck.



But it meant that my mom could play superhero and she literally showed up in her pajamas and spent the night painting our bathroom.

What?  Your mom doesn’t randomly finish DIY projects while taking care of you?


The paint ended up in some interesting places – including all over Itty Bit’s outfit, all over Grandma’s dog, and umm… seriously? HOW?!?!






Mr. Daddy returned home just in time to enjoy that awful bug himself.  Somehow when guys finally cave into it, the world stops, right?

(I love you honey.  Aren’t you glad I’m not grumpy when I’m sick? :)




So I made us some comfort food.


No, not creamed corn.


And would you believe I actually followed instructions because I was tired of butchering the brownies every time I tried to get them out of the pan?  Except, God thinks it’s hilarious when I try to follow instructions.


For ease of serving, use a plastic knife and cut with sawing motion.


So I did EXACTLY that.

And couldn’t figure out why my poor brownies still looked like someone had taken a chainsaw to them.




Well, it didn’t say I had to WAIT for them to cool down before digging in.








And suddenly, that holy cow where has time gone event was upon us.  Itty Bit’s (sob) Kindergarten Graduation.


If I could tell you how much I love Itty Bit’s friends – you’d understand why I want to hug the stuffing out of this one.  He convinced Itty Bit that wearing glasses is cool.  AWESOMESAUCE, this kid.




I must refrain from speaking about the actual graduation – otherwise you’d get retaliation pictures of all the people who broke rules and got into the building early to reserve 14 seats each so that the actual parents had to stand in the back and get craptastic shots like this:




Yes, my baby, the “N” had a solo and my poor lens couldn’t keep up from 2,391 feet away, thanks to all you seat hoarders.

The staff and teachers ROCK.  Seat hoarders do not.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.



To get us back to happy - here’s a shot of Itty Bit’s Mother’s Day project.


Yeah, I totally bawled.




See his answer?

“If Mom could have one wish come true, she would wish for a baby”.


How that kid knows me.


(Though to be fair, HE talks about wanting a baby brother or sister far more often than I mention it aloud).


I’m still trying to piece it together, but the drawing is a pregnant me, with a baby on the conveyor belt at the grocery store.


I’m a little concerned about his understanding of babies… especially since Mr. Daddy told him how they are born.







And in closing, I’ll leave you with my new favorite:





What about you?  Is May as crazy for you too?


Tamar SB said...

Glad to hear what you've been up to! Congrats on the big first grader!!

Kmama said...

I love your catch-up posts.

Happy birthday to you and Itty Bit. Sorry you all got sick though. What a bummer.

Unknown said...

Ok this post was just all kinds of fun! You know I love me some randomness!

Happy birthday to both of you! Even though it was filled with sleeping, and various icky bodily functions...

I love all those signs - I would fill my house with them if I could.

And I think Itty Bit has the right idea. That's this Mama's greatest wish too!

Angel Shrout said...

Ok sickness on a birthday should be totally against the law. I loathe seat hoarders, and of course he got paint on him mom duh you can't paint right unless you get something on you..

stephanie said...

bahaha your posts always crack me up! and his 5 point harness? I'll take that and raise you. My oldest stayed rearfacing until she was nearly 3! my friends jokingly {?} refer to me as the car seat nazi. what can I say, I'm a safety girl!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Wow! I think your kid and I went to the same art school! Looks like he graduated with honors, though.


GunDiva said...

Wow. May has been crazy busy for you. Thanks for the update.

I think Beel's right - Itty Bit's artwork, definitely honor level stuff.

Pam Bowers said...

Getting sick on your birthday is no fun at all. That chocolate cake would have healed me up real quick.

The melted knife is hilarious!!!

My mom is the type to come over and finish all your diy projects. Sometimes that's handy...sometimes!

Glad May May is okay. Here's to hoping you get your 50mm back soon FIXED!!!

Candance said...

Holy crap, Lady, you're post made me want a nap. Fine, ANOTHER nap. That's not the point. And, I'm thinking your little dude's idea of baby's getting here on a conveyor belt is kind of genius. Unless it goes to fast and then it's like on Lucy when she and Ethel were shoving chocolates in their mouths and tops. That would be weird with a baby.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

It looks like you've been busy! I hope you're all feeling much better. Congrats to Itty Bit on his graduation!!!
No apologies on the 5 point harness...Dylan was in one until he was 6...then he outgrew the height limit!

Krulls in Haiti said...

I think you did a pretty bang up job of catching up! May is totally crazy, and we don't even have any birthdays this month! Congratulations to your now FIRST GRADER! Holy cow, doesn't that sound so much older?!?!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I managed to sprain BOTH ankles (don't even ask) so May is not my favorite experience at the moment but I'm kind of enjoying the forced leisure! :)

Delightful to hear an update from your neck of the woods! Hope you have a fabulous summer!

Unknown said...

k, first off. gotta go back to the dog story. DID.NOT.READ.THAT.ONE.
glad to hear the little maymay is ok!

once one gets sick we all do right!? like ya said...ACK!

and that sweet little pic he made you for momma's day! brought tears to my eyes girl! love that boy!

take care rach and hope ya all have a wonderfully smooth and peaceful june :)

sharon said...

I discovered your blog from my friend, Jane Anne's blog. Now I can't wait to read of your hilarious exloits. Life and all it's craziness seems more fun at your house. My May was just as whacked out as yours. I have decided May is our new December with the level of activities going on - my husband's high school soccer teams in the playoffs and my girls' piano recitals and play dress rehearsals and performances on top of homeschooling are insane, but this year I decided to make my 7th grader go out for track and sign my 4th grader up for swim lessons just to see if I could notch up the craziness a bit. God laughed at me when my 7th grade got pneumonia after the performances and while she was auditioning for the next play. You don't know angst until your almost 13 year old can't go to her first homeschool co-op teen formal that she has been looking forward to finally being old enough to go to. When her fever was only 100 something, I got blamed for not letting her go. When it was 103.6, she was too weak to blame me anymore. Well, I am now embarrased by how much I've written. I tell myself that you asked if May was crazy. Now you must be sorry you asked. Really, all I needed to say was that I love your blog and my 10 and a half year old is still in a booster seat! Oh, I am originally from Oregon and I think that is where you are so I would love to know the name of the BBQ place so I can get some of that cream corn! Seriously.

Kameron said...

Are you sure you didn't rub the corn on your thighs and are just saving it for a True story Tuesday post? lol That's a lot for the month of May. I will not complain about how busy I have been because noone has been sick around here!

Anonymous said...

OK - So's ya'll know - just to add a little amazing coincidence to the month of May: Itty-bit was born on the actual day that his Momma AND her only sibling were BOTH due - yeah that's right - both of my children were due on the same day, and my daughter's only son was actually born on that day, ANNNND then both of my daughter's were pregnant at the same time - with Itty-bit's and May-May's due dates only being 4 days apart! When I got pregnant with my 2nd daughter my gynecologist told me I didn't need any birth control, my husband & I just needed to take separate vacations in the month of August!

Anonymous said...

Wow..never type faster than your brain can think...I meant July... (menopause moment...menopause moment...)

Unknown said...

Yes, May is crazy.
Your kid rocks.
Your mom TOTALLY rocks!

Brandi said...

May has been crazy for us with company! Looks like June will be more of the same. It's fun though. :)

I'm glad you had a great bday. Sorry, Itty wasn't feeling well. :/

HA! Toys that grandma buys always land on the roof?! Do you find that they are insanely noisy as well, or is that just my parents that think that's funny? LOL.

And, on a final note, Bubba was in a 5 point until well after he turned TEN. My SIL joked that I was going to drive him to prom in a car seat. The kid just recently broke 60lbs though and he's going to be 12 in August, so I didn't offer any apologies to anyone who thought I was nuts for doing it.

Buckeroomama said...

May has been absolutely full-on crazy...

I had J on a five-point harness up until his 7th birthday!

Angie Vik said...

Always fun to hear your take on whats been going on in your life. I enjoy your updates. Hope everyone is over the crud and now fully able to enjoy summer whenever it arrives.

robin said...

Wow! That's a lot! I love the birthday cake! Chocolate! Mmm!!! And the brownies, I don't wait until they're cooled to cut (or eat) them either! I'll try to remember that about the plastic knife though. I keep my kiddos in five point harnesses too! My older one is 7 1/2...I bought the biggest one possible! Love the little signs, lol!

Katie said...

Lol about the plastic knife, I'm so glad you learn these things the hard way for us! ;)

My little kindergartner was the "N", too. I got an okay shot of him; I can cut and paste itty bit's face on for you.

Furry Bottoms said...

You have to admit, your mother is uber cool. My mother would have completely and totally flipped out... gotten mad or angry or confused about anything related to the net. She thinks it's a terrible place to air ANY piece of laundry, clean or dirty. I always love your mother's comments, she's awesome!

Emmy said...

Wait you don't buy babies at the grocery store? Dang- had it wrong all this time ;)

So sad that he was sick on his birthday but glad he is all better. And yes it is so not fair that the world stops when the men are sick but definitely not the moms.

Foursons said...

I read this when you posted it and for some reason I never commented. Well, I'm sure I had a reason- their names probably start with a "J" or "N", but anyways...

Your mom's comments above...oh my word. Bwhahahahahahaha. Yes, avoid all vacations during those months. Hahaha.

The plastic knife with the brownies- classic Rachel right there.

Parents who reserve seats at school functions irriate me too. I just make sure I am REALLY early and then I grab a front row seat and look at everyone as they walk in the door and laugh quietly inside.

But, a TEACHER at my boy's school would take a front row and put programs all the way across it so no one could sit there. As though she had special privileges just because she's a teacher. PSHAW. Whatever teacher lady. Your kid isn't any more special than mine is.

Foursons said...

Oh and I forgot. Happy Birthday to you and Itty Bit!

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