Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Mushy



An hour into his school day on Monday, I got four text messages saying I needed to pick Itty Bit up.

He was running a fever and fast asleep in the library.


We battled that sucker back and forth between 100 – 103 degrees and it gypped him out of a his own class birthday party on Friday.





I’m pretty darn sad that his yearly “last day of being this many” photo is him trying to smile while falling into a sniffly sleep and holding up a “FIVE”.



I’m so glad you’re here kiddo… the docs told me I’d never get a Mother’s Day, but I’m glad God laughed at them.




I was a Mother’s Day baby too.  A two weeks overdue present… (yeah, sorry about that getting stuck pitocin hurts emergency caesarean not breathing thing.  Glad it all worked out)


I am so blessed to have had two amazing moms in my life.  This is our first Mother’s Day without Mr. Daddy’s mom.  Say a prayer for him today, would you?


DSC_5952 copy

{Dana Suggs}



Thank you Mom, for teaching those rednecks of yours how to love others.





In honor of today, I’d love to repost this… for all of us who have moms who have sacrificed for us.




When they placed me in her arms, it was us against the world.


I don’t think she could have imagined how far we’d travel or just how much harder and better things would get.








Who battled through my silence to give me words again.

She was Mommio.




Then along came Walla-Bip-Boo.


(shockingly, that is only part of her actual nickname)


When I was old enough (and brave enough) to whine, her fingers would tap my lips until an honest-to-goodness Indian war whoop escaped.


While Mommio filled the grocery cart with organic peanut butter and soy milk; Mommio’s fun twin got a running start and rode the grocery cart all the way to the car.


And while Mommio taught Sunday School, Walla-Bip-Boo fastened the giggling kids to the wall with duct tape.


Mommio sang in the church worship team… Walla-Bip-Boo rocked the toddler drum set after the service.





While Mommio is grossed out over a certain daughter’s public burping skills (ahem), Walla-Bip-Boo has no problem embracing the humor.





Walla-Bip-Boo does nothing halfway.


While Mommio entertains one kid with puppets…



Walla-Bip-Boo wins the Grand Marshal prize by entertaining thousands more.  There may or may not have been several Super Soakers involved…



(We look like sisters?  You don’t say!)


And though Mommio was more than willing to pull Grandma duty at the pumpkin patch…




It was Walla-Bip-Boo who stole the spotlight with her Julie Andrews impersonation.




(You have got to love the random confused kid behind her)



To be honest, I love both of my mothers.


Because both Mommio and Walla-Bip-Boo love Jesus.



Here’s her comment on my last post:


Anonymous said... this one may be my favorite of all time posts - the only reason I say "may be" is that it is still in competition with your "Gramma-over-there" post about her wonderfully lived life & how deeply she is & will be missed.
So, as your Mommio, who has NEVER viewed you as handicapped - I want to say that I luv u and I am so very proud of you at this moment... PS me & Itty-bit ran into that little girl in the wheelchair (who by the way is now a grown woman) when I took him to see the movie "Hop" and introduced him as your son - she still remembers you... wonder if she noticed that he looks enough like you to be your clone? :)



I don’t know that you could understand unless you’ve walked it… what a huge thing it is to watch someone sacrifice for you – for decades.  Going more than the extra mile – and doing it cheerfully.  Knowing that the limitations of your life have transformed theirs as well – yet not sensing any kind of bitterness.  Realizing that they’ve taken your hardships on themselves – and at the end of the day, can tell you, “I have NEVER viewed you as handicapped”.  It’s motherhood times 1000.  It’s Jesus.

It made me cry.


So if someday someone doesn’t say,


“You look just like your mother”,

and instead says,

“You are just like your mother”.


I’ll know God has made some headway in me.




Thank you Mommio Walla-Bip-Boo.  I love you a bushel and a peck.



But I’ll still burp.

Excuse me.




And Happiest Birthday to my little big miracle.  We love you Itty Bit!


GunDiva said...

Happy Birthday, Itty Bit.

Happy Mother's Day, Rachel.

And Momma P - Happy Mother's Day to you to - we love your family ;)

danette said...

Happy birthday to Itty Bit, hope he is feeling better.

Happy Mother's Day to you (and to your mom)!

Saying an extra prayer for Mr. Daddy today.

Saimi said...

That's the saddest face EVER!! Poor lil fella hope he gets to feeling better!!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE the picture of the Redneck boys kissing their precious is that!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

Happy Birthday Itty Bitty!!!! So sorry that you are under the weather... And God gifted you with such an amazing family...I thank your Mama for a sneak peak into your lives... and you are always in our prayers... Even mr. Daddy! :)

Buckeroomama said...

Re-reading this post made me cry... in a good way. :)

Hope Itty-Bit feels much better.

Happy Mother's Day!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy Birthday to the (not so) little guy! I want to be like your mom! Love you, Rachel!

Kmama said...

Poor Itty Bit. I hope he's doing much better now.

I just love that post. Thanks for reposting it.

Emmy said...

Happy happy Birthday Itty- Bitty!! And what a beautiful tribute to your mom. Love it. And yes you are truly amaze me and I am always so in awe of your wondeful attitude and all that you do

myletterstoemily said...

i'm so happy for your mom's miracle (you)
and your miracle (itty bit). isn't it grand
being a mom?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, yes it was a great post!BUT, What thrills me to no end is that you see that you're mother has multiple peronalities, it's NOT JUST ME.:-)) You knew I couldn't let that one pass.

Landers said...

Ahhh what a beautiful post and stunning photos - this really is such a touching story of motherhood.

Happy happy mother's day and 'get well soon' to your boy.

Love and light to the whole lot of you :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Papa - you're a very bad MAN!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Honey for the sweet, loving God be the glory!

Angie Vik said...

Maybe you can give Itty Bit a raincheck on a birthday celebration. I love reading about your Mother. Her outlook on life is amazing. Yours is too. Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy Birthday, Itty Bit! I sure hope he's feeling better.
I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

awwwwwwww love this post
Hapy happy birthday sweet guy
and happy mothers day to your mum and mr daddy's mum and to you
saying a prayer for the fabulous ((((((((((mr daddy)))))))))))))
Thank you Rachel's mom for giving us the fabulous Rachel

Dyann said...

I knew that I hadn't read your blog for quite a while, but I just re-read back to OCTOBER!!!'s almost like I'm busy or something!

So I just wanted to tell you that I love you. So much that I'm up until after 2:00!

Have a good day, and NOW you'll be in my prayers. :-)

Foursons said...

OK, so I know I am way late in commenting but Rach- you ARE just like your mother. You are unselfish, giving, loving, embracing, and God-fearing. You ARE her.

Poor Itty Bit- that first shot of him missing out on his party absolutely breaks my heart. I hope he had a make-up party.

Melissa said...

Awesome story about motherhood. As someone who has yet to have kids (I want them) this story is great. Thanks for sharing.

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