Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the right thing



So I’ll probably catch some flak for this from family – but I’m writing this because the story is so personal to me.





See sweet May-May at Itty Bit’s belated birthday party?  (Yeah, at the same bounce house that led to a certain ADULT getting injured in a freak accident last year…. we’re either brave or stoopid).


See the bandage and splint on my little niece’s thumb?


The promise of coming to Itty Bit’s party was the only thing keeping her mind off her injury.  So my sister packed up the girls and brought them, in spite of the poor girl’s owie.




My heart broke as I heard the story.  My mind rewound 20-something years to a hospital waiting room.

To my dad walking in with my little sister laying against his right shoulder.

Her eyes half-closed with a bandage covering the right side of her face.

She was still in her bathing suit.  Her favorite one.


She cried when they cut it off.




Ignore the kid on the left who apparently butchered her bangs.  See that little fuzzhead on the right?  A dog bit her in the face.



I had never seen my mom panic before that day.  Until we got the phone call and raced to meet them at the hospital.


The bite was literally a fraction of an inch within taking her sight.


It was a dog we trusted.  That belonged to someone we trusted.




Fast-forward to last weekend.


The dog owners? They did the right thing.


The dog was pulled away instantly and secured.  May-May was treated immediately.  They did everything they could to make her comfortable while blood streamed down both her arms.


They apologized.

They paid the medical copay.

They apologized some more.

They bought her clothes to replace the bloodstained dress.

They apologized again.

They offered to pay for every expense.


And they told my sister,


“If you need to report this, do it”.


That simple statement tells me they care.  It takes the blame off the little girl.  It means that everyone is concerned about the right things.

My point wasn’t about whether a dog needs to be put down.  My point was about doing the right thing as an owner.  About taking that weight of conflict off of a parent with a hurt child.  About immediately responding compassionately.


Do it.


If (Heaven forbid) ever it happens to you… do it.



Grateful.  That a bad situation wasn’t made worse.

Grateful for the smile on her face last weekend.

Grateful that she’ll be okay.


Even though HOLY COW, have you seen how much trouble these two get into?






Beth Zimmerman said...

Well that ended well! LOL!

She is precious! And the owners of that dog are a rarity in this world we live in! Such a blessing that they are!

Tamar SB said...

So happy for you that this ended well and that the dog's owner's stepped up and took responsibility!

Kmama said...

When you become a pet owner, you take on a HUGE responsibility. Yes, your pet is like family, but in the end, they are animals.

We had a rottweiler/pit bull mix for many years. We mostly kept her in the house. She was excellent with us, but I knew that if she ever felt threatened, or felt that we were being threatened, she would fight back...and that knowledge made me keep her in our house.

I'm glad May May is okay.

Angie Vik said...

That must have so scary for your niece. So glad she had a party and a time of getting trouble with her cousin to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

May may is doing much better now - Praise God - Thank You Jesus!

GunDiva said...

Poor May May. Dog bites are scary, but I'm thrilled the owners took responsibility. A friend of mine did a study for her Master's degree on lawsuits...80% of them could be completely avoided if people did three things: take responsibility, apologize sincerely, and make it right.

Not so hard to do, yet people don't do it. I don't understand.

Pam Bowers said...

Wow. So glad the dog owners stepped up. Hope May May feels better soon!

Bethany said...

Oh, so scary. Dogs can be so great and yet, they are still animals. I've seen both sides of that equation. Thank goodness that May May is doing better and hopefully the response will help her heal all around.

Mom of M&Ms said...

What great dog owners... and praying that the owie heals fast....

Emmy said...

Good for those dog owners. As I always tell my kids accidents do happen but if you don't apologize and help make it better it is like you did it on purpose.

NaomiG said...

What awesome dog owners!! Sadly not so common in today's world. I got bit twice as a kid... so scary and horrible, I was terrified of dogs for years.

Your little niece is adorable!

SHANA said...

A responsible pet owner takes responsibility for their pet's actions. Period. But, on the other side of that coin, a responsible parent teaches children how to behave around and treat animals. I am not talking about your situation, just in general so don't strangle me lol. I think more people should teach kids how to act with animals and teach them not to rush a strange dog, horse...etc. And if we could pay attention to the animal's body language, we can usually tell when something is off or the animal is uncomfortable. But on another side, sometimes, freak things happen and nobody could have seen it coming you know. Haha, as you can tell, this is a big issue with me. I think too many people make excuses for their pet's and their kid's behaviors instead of taking responsibility for not teaching them right. Make sense? Holy moly, sorry I got on my soapbox. Like I said, this isn't about your situation, just in general.

So anyway, that last photo.....AMAZING. I love it so much and laughed so loud when I saw it I thought I was gonna wake my rednecks.

Tiffany Bleger said...

So glad May May is ok. That is terrifying. And Shana is right - we all have a responsibility to ensure both that kids and pets are kept safe.

angel shrout said...

Bless her heart I am glad the owners were responsible. Any dog can have a bad day, ANY DOG. Knowing their signals can be key. As an owner I know when my dog has had enough. I am on top of kids in the house who may like to chase the littler ones. I am glad she will heal and I hope she doesn't have a fear of dogs now.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

How scary! I'm so glad she's okay!

melissa said...

so glad it wasn't any worse...sweet little lady!