Saturday, June 30, 2012

aaannnnd repeat



I feel like all I ever do these days is throw out random updates.  Like when you run into a friend you haven’t seen for a loooong time and you try to catch them up on all the major events since high school – except you have minus twenty seconds to do it because you’re in the grocery store and you can feel your husband’s death ray stare from the produce aisle because the 6-year old has just knocked down an avalanche of baby tangerines again.


Yeah, that kind of warp-speed update.  Except you guys get pictures too.  And I’d say you’re lucky, except that the pictures are the only way I’d even remember what happened in the last couple of weeks.






Sooo… about that pink elephant in the room.




Not even going there.


Suffice to say that this week’s treatment follow-up scan sucked.  We get to come back for another one.  And because they sent us home to sit worry through the weekend, I’m just going to say that not knowing entitles me to pretend that I didn’t see what it looks like I saw.


Oh wait, I went there.



So I’m just going to give you the fun stuff.


They let me and Itty Bit stay in the room while they did the scans.  Over and over again (hence the worrying part).  This was Itty Bit’s chief activity:



That bugger can power through goldfish crackers and Star Wars books like nobody’s business.


Ever seen a nuclear medicine scan?  The detector screens show moving dots.  Do you figure I surrendered Mother of the Year when I told Itty Bit that the dots were stars and that Daddy had a galaxy inside him?  He got slightly freaked by the possibility of a droid/starship battle right there in the Radiology unit.



It was a long day.  Compounded by the hospital sending us home, then calling us to tell us to drive back.  Then sending us home again.  Hours and hours on the road and a certain little dude was not happy about abandoning the Science Center plans.


He cried.  Then crashed so hard he slept through lunch at Red Robin.



So while we’re waiting for more testing next week, lets torture you with pictures from last week.  Please note that pretty much ALL of the photos are less than tack sharp.  Would you please join me in rolling my eyes at the guy from the camera shop who said my sweet 50mm/f1.4 lens was DEFINITELY broken, but that my dropped camera was “fine”. Yeaaaah.


This little darling had a birthday.  Against pretty much everyone’s wishes, the stinker turned six. 



We celebrated my mom’s birthday too.  We’d also like her to stop aging, but she apparently agreed to that approximately 18 years ago.



And this is about .03 seconds before the panic about Grandma catching her hair on fire…




See those amazing little butterflies all over May-May’s & Mom’s cake?



We might have sort have totally turned them into the kind of entertainment that routinely finds itself on our blog…





(For all those crazy people who keep saying I have black hair.  Ummm…no).







Seriously… do I not have the coolest grandma ever?




I however, am the UNcoolest aunt.


Never listen to a Lego-crazed 6-year old who tells you he wants to pick out his cousin’s birthday present.  “Because she will love it.”

This is what you will get.





There may or may not have been some growling associated with that last scene.  I’m deaf, so I couldn’t tell you definitively.  But I think I’m picking up clues on the body language…



And when it’s all done?  Pick up your broken camera and try to capture your son’s reaction to learning those butterflies were edible…








You gotta love that the kid who will barely eat macaroni & cheese, bravely soldiers on and puts the other half of it into his mouth.  Please note: no one made him do this.  And he had approximately 2.4 gallons of chips and salsa, so he wasn’t starved for a photo op.









Don’t you dare feel bad for him… he thought he was hilarious :)  And I’m pretty sure potato starch tastes waaay better than a real butterfly.




And because I love linking up to some Etsy goodness, here’s the link to where you can find those little beauties:


{Sugar Robot on etsy}


They have no idea I’m writing this. But they’ll be glad to know that I broke all the rules… didn’t store them properly, used them past the recommended freshness date… applied them to numerous family members, etc.  And they were still completely amazing and even better than the pictures.




Thank you for praying for us.

Thank you for keeping in touch.

Thank you for sending cookies to us.  (Ahem GunDiva).


(I can neither confirm nor deny if those YUM chocolate Aztec cookies survived the drive home).


So while we wait and try not to worry, I can tell you that God has answered one big prayer.  That fatigue that was knocking my husband out?  I finally feel like I’m getting Mr. Daddy back.

So keep ‘em coming – God is listening!


(Thanks.  And many apologies to any butterflies offended by the eating sequence.)


Taking Heart said...

Twitter suggested I add you to my follow list... glad I did! You seem like quite the hoot!

Great post! Love the butterflies...

Will say a prayer for you and yours... not sure what about... but HE knows...

I like you (says like Forrest Gump... but without the same affection... I'm married for cryin' out loud.)

Take care!

Tamar SB said...

So sorry the worry is ever present! Gad you are finding moments to laugh and enjoy!

Brandi said...

Ooh! I know TH ^!! She's so nice!

Okay, I stopped at the picture of the cake and thought 'wow, that is amazingly beautiful...' and then I thought 'yuck, but I don't think I could eat it.' LOLOL! SO realistic! And then to scroll down and see you crazy peeps sticking them on your noses! Y'all are just so much fun! :)

NaomiG said...

Aw, praying for you all right now, so very hard.

Itty Bit is SO cute, love the butterfly eating sequence. I think you might have to rename him for your blog though, he doesn't look so Itty Bit any more. Perhaps Itty-Big-Bit?! Haha!

robin said...

Still keeping you guys in my prayers. Hope the next scan shows nothing else to worry about.

Loved the pictures, the butterflies, and watching your family in action!

Unknown said...

Ugggggghhhhhhh is all I have to say about this post.

Still praying.

Oh, and the butterfly pics are hysterical.

Furry Bottoms said...

Butterfly pictures were awesome! I need to do something like that with my family. Cut through the tension somehow!

It occurs to me once again, that I must have seen you in person at some time 12 years ago. Before Itty Bitty, for sure. You mentioned Red Robin, and suddenly I was taken back to a red robin in Lynnwood when I first moved here and I saw that curly haired, bespectacled lady with a cowboy of some sort. You signed a little to the guy, I was petrified and hid in my booth. Im such an idiot! You would have been a pleasure to meet in person.

Saimi said...

I'm cracking up over the whole "She's gonna love it" present! HA, my boys LOVE, LOVE LOVED playing with lego's, I could have tipped you off had I known you were shopping for a GIRL!

Love that kid, especially his butterfly eating pictures, he's definitely all BOY!

thanks for posting, good to have you back...even for a Itty Bit!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

thank you for posting this lovely post
Praying for the amazing Mr Daddy
Love you guys

Bethany said...

That STINKS! Hopefully the tests went better this week. My computer has been weird lately and I'm having trouble commenting on blogs. Know that I'm praying even when I don't get it written over here. Lots of hugs to you!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

i can tell ya that I just keep praying and that I have ever one that I can think of praying.. and as I left the Great State of Texas, to drive through Oklahoma, and then Kansas, and then Nebraska and back again.. I prayed and prayed and prayed....

danette said...

Glad the fatigue is starting to ease. Still praying for ya'll.

Love the pics, you always capture the funniest expressions :).

Emmy said...

Oh I don't like pink elephants. So sorry you are still having to wait and so many darn tests! Ugh.
Those butterflies were so cute! And yes Itty Bitty's reaction was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, May-May did luv her Lego set - and any growling was because the giver of the gift (Itty-bit) wouldn't let the receiver of the gift (May-May) play with them much- due to her obvious inexperience with Lego's, Itty-bit felt that he had to keep "showing her how" - It was a classic case of "Leggo my Lego!" But they are still, both, of course, Gramma's Angel-children!<3 :)

GunDiva said...

I hate the waiting. Gah!

Love the butterflies, though. Who in the world has the patience to make those?

And...those Aztec cookies...pretty much the best cookies on the planet (along with the magic window ones). You guys come visit, and I'll make sure we never run out...(what's a little bribery between friends?).

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