Saturday, July 28, 2012

the summer that isn’t



Working parents know this.

It’s sometimes hard to really feel like you’ve gotten a summer when your routine stays the same.  When you can’t take a vacation because of that stinky thing you can’t talk about.  And especially, when the rest of the nation swelters and you are still wearing jeans and have no idea where the sunscreen section at the store is.


We’re stealing pieces of summer this year.  (And giving crazy-eyed looks to those of you who are posting about your kids starting school again in two weeks.  Y’all are NUTS!)

We got some welcome news that one of the first bloggers we ever met online, was actually visiting nearby!  Any guesses?




Stacy and Brian and their towheads from The Land of K.A. were passing through and we thought some redneck bbq and a game of miniature golf would be fun.


Please note in the picture above, that I look like a chubby elf in a BEFORE picture for matte powder.  Stacy looks classy and completely un-jetlagged.  We both have dimples, so I’m calling twinsies on that :)


And for the record… the putt-putt golf girl took two pictures in rapid succession.  Which meant that Itty Bit spent 17 minutes on my computer hitting the forward and back arrows making us move…




You have gotta love that Kai’s sucker goes up and down and Itty Bit looks like he’s just run a marathon.

(Hooray for me – I created my first GIF and only wanted to punch the computer 42 times!)


We had fun.  The kids were better at it than I was (try to contain your shock)… and Mr. Daddy had to show us all up with a hole-in-one…

















See Stacy demonstrating proper form as she sinks yet another one?  I’m not sure what Itty Bit’s style would be called?

We were sad to see them go!



Then Itty Bit’s church camp ended with an oversized slip ‘n slide celebration.  In 60 degree weather.  Brr.




Little stinker tried to sneak up on May-May and Grandma with hands full of bubbles.



The chick in the grey was totally onto what was happening…

Love how innocent he looks.






And then the photographer had to intervene before two 6-year olds wound up in hand-to-hand combat on the church lawn.




A ride out to inspect the winter storm damage was overdue.  Itty Bit is still perfecting his driving skills.  I yelled “SMILE” and this is what I got.

IMG_9790 copy



When I grumbled that Mr. Daddy hadn’t smiled, he shot me this:



(Which was actually pretty understandable, since Itty Bit ran into a stump shortly afterward)


You have got to laugh, that 40,000 acres out in the country, someone thought to put some directional signs out.  And a handy plastic chair.




And this is just for reference.  See the Rhino tire in the wee stream?



That, my friends, is what my prissy mare turned her nose up at and walked 38 more steps sideways to avoid getting her feet wet.  GOOF.


(Who me?  Yes you!)


The trails are overgrown with daisies and I squeezed myself through the roof of the Rhino.



And it was worth the bruised ribs to see those contented faces.

IMG_9888 copy



How is your weekend?  Ours can only get better!  We’re meeting MORE blog friends tomorrow!  Heck, I think we should make a tradition of this and do it every weekend!  Who’s next on the list? :)


sara said...

If it's that cool...please let it be ME!! I'm seriously melting down here!!!

I love that everyone moved somewhat except Mr. daddy in that picture!

When I looked at the picture of that BLACK slip n slide, my first thought was...3rd degree burns! ha!

Tamar SB said...

He is getting so big and so cheeky! Love it! Enjoy your time with friends!

Mrs. Mom said...

Lookin good there Mr Daddy! ;) Rach I can not BELIEVE how fast Itty Bit is growing up. Yikes. Lil stinker is adorable too :)


Angel Shrout said...

OH man I would love to come up there and get away from this heat, AND get to hang out with ya'll. Love the pics. Itty bit cracks me up. Just a warning my hubby and I are born smart alecs and have 3 just like us. They will never be as quick as we are, ya know cause we are the masters and all, but they are close...

GunDiva said...

Me! Me! Me!

Well, one of these days... 40,000 acres behind you, yeah, I'd love to ride those with Kona's twinsie. Itty Bit would think he was seeing double if I showed up with Her Highness :)

RCC and I want to take a road trip up your way...we just have to find a time when we can both get vacation together.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm thinkin' Mr. Daddy is looking pretty darn good, too. You know, a lot of little bits of summer are often times better than one big lump! You can enjoy every one of them - and we would love to be one of those bloggers comin' a visiting!
Bionic Cowgirl

stephanie said...

ohmygosh the gif cracked me up!

danette said...

That would be awesome! :)

Love Itty Bit's bubble prank, and the smiles in that last picture are the best!

only one week of summer left for us before school starts... sigh. definitely seems too soon.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

luv the last picture :)

Kmama said...

I LOVE that picture of Mr. Daddy cheesing it up.

Buddy starts school on Wednesday...but of course, he's going to a year round school this year. The rest of the district doesn't start until September.

Susan said...

Loved the whole post, but especially the picture that moves and your comments about the sucker sucking kids. It left me wondering if I've got a duo of pictures I can entertain my young 'uns with like that. They'd think I was really cool if I could pull that off.
Mr. Daddy is looking good. Prayers continue that he feels good too and is making positive progress against that thing you can't talk about.

Stacy said...

Hey, a picture of me from the trip! I think that is the 2nd picture LOL! Gotta love being the picture taker.

First off you do NOT look like a chubby look wonderful! Secondly, yes I agree on the twinsies for the dimples. :) :)

The kids style was pretty much baseball, I think. Hit as hard as possible and see how far it can go LOL! They spent much time getting their ball back to the course.

We had a great time and hope to see you again soon! Maybe it will be warmer next time! I totally didn't pack enough warm clothes for the kids. It was 90 degrees here, so I will still in full summer mode instead of Spring/Fall-ish weather.

Krulls in Haiti said...

Echo Testing Site... awesome.

Unknown said...

Me! Me! Me! I wanna ride the prissy mare!

Emmy said...

How fun that you are meeting up with so many blog friends! If it wasn't so darn cold where you live I would have to come visit you ;)

Anonymous said...

Missin' my Angel-boy!

Nancy said...

What a great post -- so awesome to meet people that you only know through blogging. :)

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Oh I LOVE these pix and stories
I am sooo glad I got to meet you last week darling Rach

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Come to Canada for a meet up!!!!!!!!

Our horses avoid pavement with darker lines....weirdos

Anonymous said...

My sister's horse used to be afraid of little boys - no kidding!

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