Tuesday, August 21, 2012

best served cold



So my husband has pretty much given up hijacking my blog.


But that doesn’t keep him from marital hot water on The Facebook.


(I tell him he must only use The Facebook for good… but the power is too tempting).


Remember I posted this little zinger of Itty Bit in his steampunk pilot goggles?






My husband took one of those never-to-be-shared photos of the wifey.


And promptly posted it on The Facebook.






I’ll let you bask in just how alluring I look in those Chitty Chitty Bang Bang goggles.


I’ll even let you chuckle a little.


As long as you leave a comment describing an appropriate revenge for this gregarious breach of The Facebook etiquette.



And in light of that sheer attractiveness above:


side effects


Remember… revenge!

Thursday, August 16, 2012




The bouquet of roses is slowly wilting on the kitchen counter.

Bittersweet evidence of a brutal week that contained far too many petty disagreements.


I can feel it sucking me in.  Making me grumpier with those I love.

The daily situation that receives constant evaluation…


“is this worth a day of my life?”



And as ugly as it gets, and as pointedly personal as it gets… the answer is still yes.


Yes because it’s wrong.

Yes because it needs to be made right.

Yes because no one should ever have to go through this.

Yes because someone WILL have to go through this if I don’t.


And when it’s not about you, your perspective resets.


It is amazing how many insignificant things create so much consternation and worry.  Where is God in this worry?


It’s so much easier to focus on those insignificant things, than to deal with the heartache of “that thing I can’t talk about”.





And then?  A family whose blog I’d been following for years suffered the ultimate heartache.  I read the post and couldn’t breathe.


Their sweet Bubba was gone.




(I’m sorry for stealing the photo – how he makes me smile)


I love how this kid showed Jesus in his JOY of living.  I love that gift he had of being happy in any circumstance.  And this hero had more “circumstances” in 11 years, than most of us will have in a lifetime.


I adore this picture.  I adore that his mom took so many amazing happy photos, that I had a terrible time picking one.  Thank you for sharing him with us Julie.

My boy has known Bubba since he was three years old  - through the computer screen.  He says Bubba is his friend.  Somehow, I always thought we would meet someday.

And we will.  But it seems so strange to miss him even on the other side of the internet.


And that thing I can’t talk about?  God’s got it.  I don’t want to waste this hard stuff.  But I refuse to let it steal my joy.


And in finding those things that God grins about until you notice them?




Itty Bit and his pilot goggles.

Entertaining every single pedestrian downtown.


So thankful.




What are you thankful for today?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Etsy confessions



I need to write this.

I know I’m breaking a cardinal blogging rule by posting on the weekend, but I need to get this out onto the screen for my own sanity.


You see, I’ve been favoriting and pinning certain Etsy items for a while… building a collection for a blog post.  Except that these were kind of interesting and unusual items that left me wondering what someone would do with one of them in their home.

Not a problem, except that Etsy creates a profile of suggested items based on what you’ve Favorited.  Which means that someone at Etsy headquarters is probably very confused by my apparent eccentricity.


Now, please, please do not take offense.  There are some amazingly creative people and everyone likes different things.  I have the crafting skills of 14-month old who eats Elmers glue sticks, so my take is definitely subjective.


Here are some things that made me go, “huh?”

(please click on images for links)


First up… this one confused me because it said,

“knit hat with bread”




knit hat with bread


Ahh, BEARD.  Knit hat with BEARD.


Now this actually probably looks pretty cute on a kid, but mine would have been panicking like a dog in a cone.

And let’s all admit that dolls for models are creepy.  Every time.




This one is totally not about the product… I ADORE this girl’s face! 



This almost makes up for all the skeevy doll models.




Are these not the cutest?!?!  These are little egg warmer hats!


They crack me up!




So, how’s this for random?




So many punch lines.

Must resist typing them.




Now this little girl seems perfectly adorable.

tree hat


And slightly disturbed by the oversized holiday display on her head.

I just want to scoop her up and hug her.


And I kinda want that hat for myself.




And this one I am totally confused by.



Awesome picture of bacon, right?

Y’all remember my bacon problem, right?


This is not what you think.  It is a listing for (I kid you not) 1 oz of

bacon fragrance oil.


I found it while looking for scented dryer balls.

I suppose there are worse things than being licked to death…




And in proof that people don’t read the captions on Pinterest… two people repinned this under “Indulge” and “Yummy”.  Good luck with that.




How’s this?  A polaroid of two strangers looking at a polaroid.



I am completely baffled by the fact that this sold on February 6, 2012.  Hopefully to someone who knew those lovely ladies, or to a salon looking to replicate those awesomesauce hairstyles.




This one – the girl is totally stealing the limelight from the product.  She kinda makes my ovaries hurt.



And she really makes my hamstrings hurt.


Is she seriously doing the splits?  At 7 months old?  Ladies and gentlemen, Baby Pom Pom Scarf for the 2028 Olympic gymnastics gold!




While I see my fair share of elk antlers around here, I apparently having been missing out on styling myself with them:



(No, Mr. Daddy.  Just NO.)






got your back




So I like hoop art.  Glad to have friends that get my humor… big props to Julie for laughing when I sent her this after her surgery:




And yeah… I didn’t have the guts to post the uterus one…




Along those awkward lines… here’s more hoop art.




No words.


(helpless snorting laughter, but no words)





And this my friends?  Is bravery…



I can get down with the pink mohawk.  I can survive the nose piercing.


But I cannot figure out the sudden sense of modesty as he stands outside being photographed in a lovely floral infinity scarf?

I cannot help but think this guy must have a hilarious sense of humor.




And I guess when you have a lot of money, you might get bored with the usual types of items to buy.  For your $3200 (plus $300 shipping) pleasure:


a life-size felted clock.


felted clock


As in made out of wool.


As in six feet, four inches tall.




Sooooo two-thousand eleven.





And while this one is not technically an Etsy item, I could not help laughing my squirrel off.

cat hair





Again, no offense meant at all… and I would be tickled if one of you found something here that is perfect for you!


What Etsy fun have you seen lately?


(I promise, we have some real Etsy fun coming up soon… as in g.i.v.e.a.w.a.y!  As in super-cool and not made with cat hair!)

Sunday, August 05, 2012



So when I complained that we weren’t really getting a summer (weather and vacation wise), I really meant that we were trying to squeeze one in at every chance.

And hilariously, the weather finally hit and they ordered a heat advisory for the area.   “Hilariously” because the temps were expected to exceed 90 degrees, and I know a whole lot of you would be scoffing at such weenieness.


So some bits and pieces from our pretend summer – because I’d be lost without the photographic proof on my phone:

Driving Itty Bit and my nieces home from that epic slip n’ slide… Apparently putting Toby Keith on the radio makes them kinda sorta pretty much lose it.



No worries.  Itty Bit is not having a seizure.  Apparently he just wants to talk about ME, talk about I, talk about NUMBER ONE, OH MY ME MY.

Then the kiddos hit up the local fair.


You would think that this picture would be proof that these kids have never been happier.  You would be wrong.  Apparently, the FREE playground was waaay more fun than the not-so-free fair.



See my mom pushing the spinning Christmas tree thingie at the playground?  When I’m with someone who signs, I realize just how much I miss from the daily world around me.

My mom completely lost it when the kiddo in the green shorts behind her jumped on the ride and screamed,




Just for fun… guess how many times my kid has now randomly yelled, LASAGNA! at home…?




Oh, and hey… what’s more summery than your kiddo painting your toenails in patriotic colors?

Hint, it’s not him begging you to return the favor, and then daddy finding out…


Ask me how much Mr. Redneck Daddy loves it, go ahead.




Wait a minute… who stole my phone?






And then… some completely unexpected wonderful news… Our beloved K, her Dear Husband, and their beautiful R were coming to visit.


And then disaster…


And a pretty awesome kid who just couldn’t keep his eyes open.












Y’all know what a complete crapshoot it is when a kid takes a midday nap and wakes up in an unfamiliar place, right?

And then you hope the sleepyhead doesn’t give a top-notch demonstration of The Whiny Voice to everyone in the nice restaurant you’re meeting at.


blog friends

(photo shamelessly stolen from Floortime Lite Mama’s blog)


Thankfully, he was already excited to meet R (which was only affirmed when they arrived with an ENORMOUS Nerf gun). 

IB and R

(Another one of K’s pictures.  Really, I’m shameless…)






Me?  I was crazy excited to get to meet K.  Can’t you see the chipmunk oversmile going on?

K and R


Please note… the woman looks like a Hollywood star – and she is absolutely as drop-dead gorgeous in real life.  Unfortunately, the sunglasses were not for show… my lily white skin was dangerous.


Apparently she had read my last post where I may have referred to myself as a weight-challenged elf.  When we finally got within hugging distance, the first thing out of that supermodel’s mouth? 

“You’re not chubby!”



I kissed her and told her I loved her.  Then I introduced myself.

Not awkward at all, right? :)


(And yes, I totally put her comment in BOLD and Size 18 font.  Because my stupid brain makes me so insanely nervous when meeting other bloggers and I can’t photoshop myself in person, ha!)



The conversation was wonderfully seamless.  Frequent laughter and many smiles.  Knowing looks while each parent tried to cajole two busy boys into eating their respective cheese pizzas.  A feeling of knowing each other for much longer than a few moments.  So normal, and so beautifully enjoyable.




We couldn’t seem to pry the men from their animated conversations…  I think this photo was the only time either stopped.  Talk about instant friendships and connections.

And the love of an almost 8-year old?  Man, I hope my kiddo still thinks the world of me as he grows… their mutual affection is unmistakable.




I am so very thrilled that they are moving nearby… and not just because Itty Bit needs more targets :)






So grateful for these breaks of sunshine in what has been a very hard time.  If you think of it, could you please keep us in your prayers?  That Thing We Can’t Talk About… this week is an opportunity for people to do the right thing and to fix some of the insane stress that has been unbloggable for the last few years.


Like Mom always said, “stay blameless, stay blameless.”

believe it