Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Redneck Dance Contest



In which I feel the need to compulsively apologize for my Minnie Mouse voice and apparent lack of volume control

(in all fairness… the BULLDOZER is what my lone hearing aid picks up and amplifies 1000x… so the silly deaf chick assumes it’s that loud for everyone else too.)




And since I just embarrassed myself by hysterically screaming,


on my own blog… would you mind consoling me by knocking this giveaway out of the park for the new Etsy artist who offered a sweet prize to one of you?  Closes tomorrow night!


Seriously… we tried to make it so easy you wouldn’t even need coffee to get ‘er done!

Comment, tweet, Facebook, blog… all right here :)  Thanks y’all.


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Angel Shrout said...

Ya KNOW why I love ya?? Cause of your honesty and the fact that you don't care to go 'YEP I DID THAT' without a care in the world. Even if you think it is mortifying, we laugh with you not at you.. Because ya know once it's over and the sting has worn off, we look back and crack up.. This is just another reminder of why I love you, and how AWESOME Itty Bit is going to be because like his mom and dad he just isn't gonna give a hoot what other's think. He is just going to find JOY and laughter and know that in those peace and healing can be found.

Kmama said...

You are such a hoot. So were you actually running backwards, because if so, you can run backwards pretty darn fast!

stephanie said...

oh no you didn't, I just laughed and laughed while drinking my coffee!!

Bethany said...

I love you! This was the just the funny I needed today. Itty and Bubba are should start an act. :) Itty Karate chopping you and grinning was hysterical. (Of course it's not my leg....) Good luck with cleaning up the horse poop.

btw, I'm not sure I entered right on the GFC entry. I don't even know what my "name" is.

robin said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I'm impressed with your ability to videotape AND run at the same time, albeit into horse poop, lol! I would have had a wipeout trying to even attempt that!!! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

They've got the rhythm & the beat & they just can't stop!

GunDiva said...

Either the speakers on my computer have just died or I, too, have gone deaf.

No kidding. No sound whatsoever, not even with the bulldozer. Can I borrow your hearing aid?

Even with no sound, it looks like a good time.