Saturday, September 15, 2012

So I’m just full of apologies



#1.  Sorry for the delay in getting the giveaway winner posted.


#2.  Sorry for being a dork trying to figure out the Rafflecopter thing.


#3.  Sorry that you have to read through the apologies to see who won.


#4.  Really sorry if the winner wasn’t you.  But seriously… remember she has a 10% off code: GIVEAWAY.  Go get yourself some happy.


#5.  Sorry… but I just can’t publish a post without a picture.




#6.  Sorry if your mom gave you underwear in front of your boyfriend many years ago.

(Thanks Mom… I’m still traumatized).


#7.  And I’m sorry for the awkward pause here now.


#8.  No apologies to this chick:  Kandi, you won the Atticus&Cole giveaway!  Congrats!  Would love to hear back from you after you pick out your prize!


Thanks for playing!  Don’t forget that 10% off code here!

And now for more awkwardness… someone *ahem* JULIE posted this photo on Facebook, and the conversation turned to insanity pretty quickly.


squirrel costume


While everyone else was nuts about the picture, it nearly triggered a kung fu smackdown later in our house over the debate of whether or not acorns were nuts.


Help me out here?



#9  I’m sorry I subjected you to that disturbing squirrel picture.





Saimi said...

Wikipedia says Acorns are of the Oak tree and also are called Oak Nuts. There lies your answer, do I win something now? Ha!!

Congrats to Kandi!! And yes that is a disturbing picture of a man squirrel holding his nuts!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of nuts, when Rachel was little if a cake or bread had nuts in it, she would say "Mommy, can I have some cake without BONES in it?" So acorns just might be bones! Just some random info for ya!

stephanie said...

that picture! I have NO words!

Pam Bowers said...

Rachel, I don't think you can trust your family on here. They will leave anonymous comments giving away your secrets. No bones about it!!! ;-)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That squirrel costume is FANTASTIC!