Monday, October 01, 2012

in which the randomness makes it pretty clear where the kiddo gets it



but in my defense, y’all don’t get to hardly ever enjoy my husband’s randomness since he kind of disappeared from blogland.

I’m fine with being blamed for what happens when I’m behind the clicking end of the camera though…


See this?  Is just normal weirdness.




Itty Bit hanging out with Cousin A (who really needs an appropriate blog name… the guy is an absolute crack-up… and pretty darn good with kids.)




Please ignore Itty Bit’s freaky foot (Remember? the doc says is “perfectly normal”…  bite me), and the fact that he is apparently shooting at me.  “Pew pew pew” bullet noises aimed at anyone are strictly verboten. Booger.

All was copacetic during our beaut of a 72 degree day… until this face:




While you would be forgiven for thinking I meant Cousin A’s “I think I just put my hand in poop” face, it is really poor Itty Bit’s.  The morning cough he’d been fighting for three weeks turned into a daylong “cough until you throw up” adventure.



So this morning it was off to the doctor.  Who took one listen and diagnosed croup.  Then asked if we wanted a Whooping Cough test.


So I asked him what the test entailed.


And he flinched.


(trust me… if the doc flinches, just say no).


Then he said something about “into the nasal cavity” and I had visions of holding down a screaming/coughing/throwing up Itty Bit.  The Good Mommy said, “well, you’re pretty sure about that croup thing, right?”



And this should tell you how awesomesauce Children’s Hospital is.  Because he was TICKED that this place didn’t have Mickey Mouse cough-cover-thingies.  Can you tell?



So we’re home today… watching superhero movies and trying to survive Legos on the floor.


And this shot is coincidentally why the “pew pew pew” shooting isn’t allowed in the house:




But really, the worst thing about today was going through the pictures from this weekend.  My sister was visiting, and shockingly… I have no pictures of her face.

This might be because I was severely traumatized by what her appendages were doing…




Apparently our grandmother can grow some kick-butt spiders.  As in, “so that’s what happened to Fifi!”.  And my insane sister t-t-t-touchedddddd the freaky things. Not once.  Twice.





This one courtesy of my parents’ house.  And is one time I am NOT grateful for the resolution on my phone!  Would you believe my mother was on her way to squish it and my sister chased her off?


be nice to spiders


Umm yeah.  This was on our bookshelf as little kids.





All would have been lost if not for this bit of welcome mail:


And honey, don’t worry about the cropped out part.  It said “TO RACHEL”, it didn’t mention Mr. Daddy…


Tiffany (aka Saint Poopicus) sent us an amazing care package.

One item.  One guess.




And one guess who got to it first?






And this is where I’ve failed as a mother.

The kiddo actually left enough to be licked in the bowl.

(Don’t ask me how I know.  Just don’t).





Thank you Tiffany & Co!  I have the best blog friends!




And in other news… I had a bummer experience with a company.  So I kinda asked them about their customer service.


They may have sent four times the number of replacements.


Which (duh) spells GIVEAWAY, right? :)




And even though my husband is till being terribly absent from all things bloggy… just to prove that my genes aren’t ENTIRELY responsible for the therapy Itty Bit is sure to need:


Outta Juice

Tightie Whitie Fright

If you like poop, you eat it


You’re welcome honey.




This is what life has been doing to us lately.  But you just have to laugh.



What craziness has been going on in your lives?






Unknown said...

I hope everyone feels better and Mr. joins you again in the blogging world. My husband only wants to get on the computer to prove facts he's sure he knows and to check the winning lottery numbers, so don't feel bad.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Praying Itty Bit feels better fast! Did the doctor put him on antibiotics? Josiah has had Whooping Cough twice in the last 5 years. Some folks are just lucky like that I guess. Doctor said that the test is very unpleasant, tends to be inaccurate, and they prescribe the same med they would for Bronchitis anyway! (They did the test the first go round. Second time we just accepted the probably and the script!)

Love to you and the whole crazy family!

GunDiva said...

I'm *certain* that Mr Daddy will be re-entering the blogging world, say, around October 21st when you return home from your trip!

Anonymous said...

One of the funniest parts of that movie!

Angel Shrout said...

Mr. Daddy is definitely missed on my end as well. Perhaps if we started a protest, or a sit in although I do not know how we would accomplish that last one via computer. When I was about Itty Bit's age I kept croup. I spent so many night in a hot steamy shower or out on a cold porch. Got to love fall. Finally mom took me to alocal doctor who had some concoction he made and one dose of that stuff and mom said I would throw up one more time adn that was the end of that. Hope he gets feeling much better real quick.

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

The croup sucks!!! Praying itty bitty well...and quickly...

Mr Daddy has been absent, but He has been in our thoughts and prayers continually, We pray in Sunday school for Mr. Daddy, it always cracks me up, because I had to tellthe story of Mr. Daddy and now people refuse to say his name.. Ya'lls whole family is prayed for. A couple of guys even said they would be praying for Mr. Daddy while at their hunt camps this week, which seemed so perfect. And you, Miss Rachal, are prayed for as well.. For strength, and decernment and for the wild sense of humor...

Kmama said...

I hope Itty Bit is feeling better soon. Croup is awful!

Those spiders are HUGE. Eek.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I hope he's feeling much better!

Saimi said...

Yeah, don't feel bad about Mr. Daddy leaving the blog world, heck my husband will have nothing to do with blogging he doesn't even read my post....which actually is a good thing...kinda leaves me open to post what ever I want!!! hehe

Hope Itty Bitty feels better soon!!

Dyann said...

Ummm...your video doesn't work anymore.

But I'll imagine the punching, okay?

Jenny said...

Euuuwww, i can't get past the "touching" of the huge spider!! It's just not right. -Shutter-

Anonymous said...

Miss that boy!

Foursons said...

OK, so not only have I been a lousy commenter on one of my very favorite blogs EVER, but now all the other bloggers are making look even more like a bad friend by sending jars of chocolatey goodness in the mail! That business needs to Seriously.

The gun thing- you're going to lose that battle Rach. Little boys and guns just go hand in hand. No matter if they are holding a sandwich eaten into the shape of a gun or wielding a stick that looks like one. The pew, pew, pew sound will live in your house for years to come. Embrace it. Soon you will long for the little boy who runs around shooting bad guys.

I promise to try and be a better bloggy friend. Life has just gotten soooooo busy!

Presley family said...

Ok, we totally have Mickey Mouse masks we can send to have a around just in case he needs them ;-)

Anonymous said...

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