Sunday, November 04, 2012

secret weapon


There’s nothing like cleaning a carseat to make you feel like the grodiest person alive.

I mean, what kind of mother lets her kid sit in 14 pounds of goldfish crackers smashed into granola bar goo?  (Insert picture of moi).


You know it.

The whole drama was started with a tiny Lego piece that fell into an even tinier space.


Legos are responsible for much of the angst in my life.  True story.


Even though I was terrified of trying to put this rocket science puzzle back together again…

I still had to disassemble it and throw all non plastics into the wash. 




All that to say…I have an excuse for the following picture where my son was in mortal danger by being strapped in a temporary booster seat.  (He’s 8 pounds over needing the super-duper-five-point-harness-thingie-that-he’ll-hopefully-never-have-to-thank-me-for, but I pretty much don’t care.  Helicopter moms rule!  Be assured the seat has been reassembled.)





He had just screamed, “YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER!”



I’m going to remember this moment forever and ever.  Especially on a day when he thinks I’m not so cool.  But for now?




Happiness is Pringles.





angel shrout said...

Ahh kids are so easy at times. I hate to be the deal breaker but unfortunately that stuff in the seat does NOT get better as they get older. I wish...He is just so stinking cute.

Tamar SB said...

The seat looks more like a space capsule seat all taken apart! And totally - safe rather than sorry! He gets cuter everyday!

Kmama said...

Too funny!!

Car seats are exceptionally gross. Before leaving on vacation, I had to wash the covers on our boosters because they were so nasty that I was embarrassed to take them with us.

I can't believe Itty Bit still fits in that as a 5 point harness. Buster outgrew it last year. The straps were too short. I could hardly get him in, and then I couldn't tighten it, and the straps would fall down his shoulders. At that point, I realized that transitioning it to a high back booster was probably safer than straps down his shoulders.

Foursons said...

My boys LOVE Pringles!

Carseats do get really gross, and when your kid is no longer using them then the seat they always sit in gets just as gross. Something about allowing them to eat in the car...hmmmm....

Allenspark Lodge said...

I used to think about popping the seat out of the back in a car wash and hosing the unit down, but I figured child services would get a call if I didn't take the kid out. And if I did, what would be the point?


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