Sunday, December 02, 2012

It’s no secret


I’m a fan of good customer service.


Let’s just say that when something goes wrong with important stuff like oh… CHRISTMAS CARDS… it’s harder for a deaf person to find ways to communicate with a company who first messes up, then keeps telling the deaf customer to CALL THEM.


Not mentioning names (ahem… ends with FISH and starts with SNAP, ahem), but delays are the last thing you want to worry about when in the middle of holiday prep.  I know there are more important things…. but I didn’t want to be THAT person whose Christmas cards arrive on December 27th.


Let’s be honest:  I kinda glaze over at those sponsored posts where someone rah-rah’s about a company.  And yeah, Shutterfly is giving me a purchase credit to write about them (awesomesauce!).  But really – have you SEEN the kind of embarrassing posts I’ve put out?  Shutterfly probably flinched last time I blogged about them and included a picture of my husband in his high school hot pants outfit.


But somehow the holiday spirit of amnesia worked in my favor and they apparently forgave and forgot ;)  My husband; however, has neither forgiven nor forgotten that I published that photo (not awesomesauce).


Don’t y’all think it’s way more fun to see samples of Christmas Cards with people you actually know?  I put together some possibilities for this year.  Just ignore the fact that some of these photos are not from this year.  Because, my friends, 2012 was not kind to my hair.  Or my face that can’t decide between wrinkles and acne.  Or that 6-year old baby weight.  Or my camera that broke.


Oh who am I kidding?
I’ll apologize in advance if this is what you get in the mail this year:

flourished vintage wishes holiday card



But let’s put the weight of happy family representation on the cutest member of the family:

be merry prints Christmas card



And just for you… I’ve linked each picture back to where you can find it on Shutterfly.  Just click on it and it’ll take you to where you can customize it for your own family.  Cuz it would be kind of weird if you used ours.


for unto us religious Christmas card



merry and bold Christmas card



flourishes of joy religious Christmas card



from our home Christmas card



frosted with love Christmas card



scripted blessings religious Christmas card



with joy snowflake card



all our love holiday card



all things wonderful holiday card



Shutterfly’s special offers are here – or connect with them on Facebook.


Now I’m off to look into making this the official one for this year…

triple furry wishes holiday card




Are you doing Christmas cards this year?