Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Colorado Part Deux– aww shoot

Part Uno here

(Because I’m too lazy to look up how to say “Part One” in French, though my OCD is killing me to mix French and Spanish in two titles).

So we had that crazy impromptu getaway a few months ago… shame on me for getting so behind in blogging.

The flight was a little disconcerting after seeing a TORNADO SHELTER sign at the airport…

The drive was mesmerizing.  My still broken camera doesn’t do it justice.

Itty Bit made himself right at home at Beel & Juanita’s lodge.
(What is it with males and knee high socks?)

Oh, and he schooled every patient adult in the finer points of Cheskers…

He promptly introduced himself to each of the furry and feathered family members too.  Thankfully there were no injuries to beast or child from the overly-friendly-in-your-face affection that was lavished.



And I realized later that every time I tried to take a picture of Phoenix the dove, Itty Bit was totally photobombing.


Take one look at Itty Bit’s face here and tell me you don’t already know the story:
Heck yeah… he was totally tattling on one of the horses, ha!

Then he got some quality time with Queen Estes and her close ups.IMG_5172

And this dude?  Has a whole sigh-worthy story of his own.

Poor GunDiva & Jay got stuck with entertainment committee duties and we ran them ragged cramming in as much fun as we could into those few days.  First daylight was too bitterly cold and windy for a ride.  Which suited Mr. Daddy just fine because he was pretty darn happy at the thought of some gunpowder therapy.

Seriously… the dude was SMELLING THE SPENT SHELLS.
That just ain’t right.



GunDiva’s shooting husband, Mez was nice enough to bring all kinds of firepower for the shoot-em-up fun.
I was slightly intimidated by the expert marksmen (and marksWOman), and stuck to shooting with my camera mostly.

It wasn’t long before my camera found a target… an entire family of deer were completely unfazed by the BOOM BANG POW business.

Despite my lack of skill, it’s important to me that Itty Bit knows how to handle a gun safely.  We have many hunters and law enforcement officers in our lives.  Knowledge is the best protection I can give him.
Correction: GunDiva can give him.

I never thought I’d say this, but I was seriously choked up at the care she took in ensuring that not only was he SAFE, but that he was LEARNING what HE could do to handle them safely.
The added bonus was that she pretty much made his whole year.




So grateful for the way she patiently taught him at his level.
He kinda sorta has a huge crush on her.

The adults managed to tear up some targets.IMG_1357

And one in particular managed to tear it up to the point of needing repair
Winking smile

(disclaimer… which I really am conflicted about even posting: I realize there are some who are uncomfortable with firearms.  As big and bad as some of them looked, they all operate the same: one squeeze, one shot; just like your granddaddy’s hunting rifle.  While there were plenty of smiles to go around, safety was #1.  Our good friends are responsible gun owners and I wouldn’t hesitate to stand behind one of them if a bad guy was dumb enough to cross them.)

There were more adventures to be had – I am so grateful for friends who showed such hospitality! 

Up next: a zoo like you’ve never seen before, Dr. Doolittle strikes, and Willie Nelson for president.

But really… my kid has pretty much been doing this nonstop for three months now…




Leiah said...

So jealous of this little adventure of y'all's.

And all you had to do was call (email/FB?) - it's premiere partie and deux partie. And for future reference, you could totally use troisième partie.

Been thinking about everything and hoping all is well!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see pictures again - hope to see you in front of the camera & not just behind it, too! luv u :)

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

greaqt fun in part one and deux...

it makes me sad that you felt the need to add a disclaimer about gun safety...and I am so hapy that Itty bitty has such great parents

robin said...

You know, it's a good thing you guys don't live close to us...my hubby and son would want to visit and never return home! My kiddo loves cammo, hunting, horses, mountains,weapons...hubby/kiddo are still new at all this hunting stuff but they absolutely love it!

Mr. Daddy said...

I love the smell of burnt gun powder in the morning...;) heck I love it just about any time.....LOL

Good friends and Good times...:)

Allenspark Lodge said...

And it was a "BLAST" finally meeting MR D. and Itty Bit!


Danielle said...

How fun for you guys to have such a nice getaway. I am LOVING the birdcage!
Glad you were SAFE too :)

Floortime Lite Mama said...

sooo cute these pics
SO glad you guys had a break

Beth Zimmerman said...

So glad you had such a great time! =)

RaD said...

NO worries about the gun thing, I think that kids should know all about gun safety. Less real accidents would happen that way. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Emmy said...

Sounds like such a fun trip. And I am all for good responsible people having guns- in fact I think it is almost a necessity.

Kameron said...

I can't believe how big he is gettig...Itty not Mr. Daddy. ;) I have been slightly MIA, but loved catching up with your family.

GunDiva said...

Holy Spam, Batman!

That was such a fun day. Mr Daddy, I'll tell you a secret - I love the smell of spent shells too :)

Such. a. fun. day.

This post makes me smile while re-living it.

Angie Vik said...

I enjoy your storytelling. Thanks for the many smiles you have brought to my face.

Katie said...

Looks like you had a great time! And your photo bomber is so cute! I don't mean to encourage him, but.... :)

Unknown said...

You have so many fun adventures. I love these pictures. My favorite is the photo bomb in front of the bird : )

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

It looks like you had a fun trip!

Rachel said...

So sorry guys... have to close the comments on this one due to massive spam attacks. GAH!