Saturday, January 05, 2013

Part Uno - THE Casa Bonita

I’m royally behind. Like when you get Thank You letters halfway written and then realize four months later that you STILL haven’t sent them.  And then you’re in that awkward stage where you totally appreciate the gift, but sending the card is just going to remind them that you’re a classic Martha failure.


Poor GunDiva and Beel and Juanita have already posted about our little escape up to their lovely stomping grounds last month MONTHS AGO (see how behind I am???).
And I can barely get started with the first part of our trip recap.

Let me assure you… no matter how crazy and improbable it seems in writing here… it was a million zillion times more so in person.  These people seriously know how to have fun.  It might help that none of us really fuss about dignity around eachother… as evidenced within the first 42 seconds of excited hugs and greetings - then turning around to see Jay relieving himself in a restaurant fountain.


Nothing like public urination to break the ice.

Our awesomesauce hosts had been convinced to endure the humiliation of an anniversary dinner at their “favorite” place.  (Ahh yes, the post where GunDiva and her sibs pretty much ensured that Beel could be entitled to a lifetime grudge :)

See how cute they are?


Not telling which somebody had just licked somebody.


Then we dared to pass through those hallowed doors and be transported to a place like no other in the world.


Go back and say that again with a James Earl Jones voice and one eyebrow raised.

There ya go.


I was completely uninitiated on the legend that is Casa Bonita.  As in “the neverending place that seats 1000 people, has a two-story waterfall with dive shows and skits with guys in gorilla suits, comes replete with a haunted cave, mining shaft, massive animated dragon, a wishing well with a crazy guy laughing at the bottom of it, and a million ways to get lost and suddenly find yourself in a giant fairytale ballroom with mirrored ceilings and a stage with velvet curtains.”

It was more than a little awe-inspiring to try to figure out where the restaurant actually ended.

Let’s just say my camera skills pretty much sucked with the dramatic low-light areas.
See what happens when you use flash?


Itty Bit was not excited to run poor Beel ragged all over the restaurant.  Not a bit.

The dude scored mega points when he took him BEHIND the waterfall. 

GunDiva did NOT score mega points when she took me through a “it’s only scary for kids” tunnel, then totally laughed when I screamyelped at a freaky monster thing moving toward me.

Seriously y’all… I thought I was going to wet myself, then I looked at GunDiva and realized that SHE was just as likely to wet herself laughing.


So we couldn’t pass up pictures in front of the waterfall.  Which you clearly cannot even see in these pics.


And I am dying y’all.  (You can tell, because I can’t stop using “y’all”).  Beel and Mr. Daddy are pulling their “normal” act, and Jay is totally gangsta after marking the fountain outside earlier, and Itty Bit?  Well Itty Bit looks like he’s having some sort of sign language Tourettes.  That’s my boy.

And you don’t have to biggerfy the picture below… I’m doing that thing where I’m so happy I oversmile and give myself a couple of extra chins.  Look how ridiculously cute Jay and GunDiva are!


Really… Beel and Itty Bit just pretty much walked around looking like photo ops waiting to happen.

Now read that sign again.  See what I mean about GunDiva’s bladder challenge?  Tsk tsk.


So after we survived the interior, we headed back out to the fountain of urination and attempted a photo shoot.

First it was insanely windy, so pardon the fact that I’m eating my hair in three out of four shots.

Oh look, how sweet!  Beel is giving Itty Bit a coin to toss into the fountain… such a nice guy.



Seriously?  Did he just!?!


I can’t see anything.

BOOGIE!  You can’t do that!


And this is what he had to say about that.  Can you SEE why I had no pictures to use for Christmas cards this year???


Now that I think about it… I’m not sure which was crazier: Casa Bonita or US?

Anyone else sneak away for a weekend and live to blog about it?



Allenspark Lodge said...

"looks like he’s having some sort of sign language Tourettes. "


But next time maybe we can go someplace with GOOD Mexican food. Like Taco Bell.

Glad to finally meet your kid and mate! (And us "older" kids really were on good behavior)


Allenspark Lodge said...

It was a GREAT time - in spite of Casa Bonita!

GunDiva said...

*snicker* The sign says "piso" :)

As in, I almost piso'd my pants in the cave.

So...another few months before we get to day two? Not that I can say anything, because I still have not posted about shooting with Itty Bit.

Angelwithatwist said...

See this just confirms that me meeting ya'll would be an absolute danger to society. Because I would have been in on all of this. Except the freaky scary cave thing cause I don't do freaky scary caves lol.

stephanie said...

sooo fun!! obviously everyone was miserable haha

RaD said...

Fun post! I hope reliving this moment help boost your spirits! Who cares if it's a few months behind. I happen to feel the need to do that myself once in a while.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Wonderful to have you back in the blogging world, Miss Rachel! You have been missed!

Megan said...

Looks like a great time - and I'm now super intrigued by Casa Bonita!

Angie Vik said...

Fun post. Enjoyed reading it because you're a good storyteller and because we've been to Casa Bonita. I have lots of fun memories there. I love that place, though my husband calls it, "Casa Don't Eat It." I guess the restaurant didn't get to be famous for the quality of its food. (Although unlimited sopapillas are awesome.) So fun you got to spend time with blog friends in real life.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

It looks like you all had fun!!!

Emmy said...

I am sure the place is crazy but I think you guys made it even crazier-- in a totally good really fun kind of way. :)

Foursons said...

OK, that first shot is hilarious! Mr. D is lookin' really good in all of these pictures. Happy, relaxed, and HEALTHY. So glad to see that.

Itty Bit cracks me up. His personality shines through in every single picture you posted of him. He would get along with my boys perfectly. Except they would probably teach him a few bad behaviors and then you would have to unfriend me and tell everyone you know that my kids are heathens.

Rachel said...

Ouch... hundreds of anonymous spam comments hitting this post. Sorry folks, closing comments on this puppy.

But... Casa Bonita is worth a visit!