Thursday, January 17, 2013




I wanted to write something lighthearted.  You know, appropriate for a YEEHAW IT’S FRIDAY!


I’m just still feeling more than a little sucker-punched.


If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll know that Itty Bit was a miracle after long years of infertility.



Add a deaf mother to the mix, and you have a recipe for a helicopter parent.  Kinda.  Sometimes.


Mr. Daddy will tell you it has not been an easy road in living with a spouse whose motto is,

“If I wouldn’t leave my car keys with them, I won’t leave my child”.


This was repeated each time we considered a babysitter, walked past the kiddie playland at Krogers, looked at schools.


Seriously, who could have measured up to grandmas like these?




So decisions about school earned extra soul-searching.

I’m not sure if Mr. Daddy actually agreed with me or simply wanted relief from his worried wife, but we enrolled Itty Bit in an out-of-district school staffed with people I’d known for 20+ years.

People I’d leave my car keys with.


I knew I felt better about where he was… but I still suffered mommy guilt for the extra hours on the road, the early morning dropoffs so I could pick him up right after school, and those days when the poor kid fell asleep in the cafeteria… ouch.






And today… came a sense of horror and relief in the same moment.

In our small community… a teacher from the local elementary school – arrested on charges of child p%rn.


Suddenly the wonky work schedules, outrageous gas budget, the extra time and money… seemed so small and worthwhile because I knew he was as safe as I could make him – surrounded by people who love God and truly live what they teach.


My heart breaks for the children from the other school who may have been hurt or exposed to this evil.  For the parents who are being instructed to contact police if their child has had contact with this teacher.  For the families who thought they were sending their child to a place of safety, and are confronted with a horrible reality.


I wasn’t going anywhere with this post.  Except to ask for prayers for these children and families.  All of these terrible things can be so paralyzing.  I want our home to be a sanctuary.  And to remember that


love wins SeaLilyStudio




Mom Of Many said...

Wow. Horrible. And yes, prayers going up for the victims and their families.

Angelwithatwist said...

I wish we had those options here. In the last 3 years 3 teachers have been fired from the high school for sexual conduct with minors. Let's make it worse, one of them lost his teaching job but DRIVES a BUS. Let that digest for a moment. We cannot trust him in an environment with OTHER adults so let's toss him on a bus where there are no other adults. AND you are the sole authority on that vehicle with the ability to prevent the kids from getting home or whatever.. yeah brilliance. Sending prayers and love for those victims and their families.

Furry Bottoms said...

Enjoyed this post. Wow, Itty Bit was really ITTY BITTY!! So cute!!

Katie said...

So heartbreaking, praying for those he may have harmed!

Unknown said...

Ugh. That just makes the pit of your stomach drop even lower. Praying for those kids, and so grateful mine (and yours) are safe.

Susan said...

God hears me sigh his name aloud every time I read a report like this. How can we not screen these kind of people well enough to keep them away from children?? Prayers are going up for the innocents who suffered any harm from this teacher, with hopes that his perversion was limited to cyber viewing only and didn't affect any child outright. I can't guess why an adult would engage in the behavior of even viewing such vile material. Sick. And sickening.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

hugs and hugs
I think mommy guilt is the albatross of all loving mothers
Sending loads of good thoughts to parents and children who suffer in the hands of predators

Anonymous said...

One day we will be in a place with the God who not only saves our souls, but wipes away every tear from the evil, the pain and the suffering endured in this fallen world. Someday, we will meet this Jesus, who takes the children into His arms, binds up the broken-hearted, and makes all things new. Until then, we cry with those who cry, pray for comfort, protection & healing for the victims, and repentance for the perpetrators. And we, while it is our watch, must be faithful to guard what's been entrusted to us. And yes...may we all remember...luv does win :)

GunDiva said...

Heartbreaking for those families.

Itty Bit is lucky to have you and Mr Daddy.

robin said...

That first picture of Itty Bit is Sooo Cute!!! He is lucky to have such an immediate and extended family who makes sure he is safe, loved and protected. I hate that things like that happen...anywhere.

Beth Zimmerman said...

God was directing you to a place of safety for your precious boy and you listened and obeyed! Praising Him that worrying about THAT has not been added to your burdens! Praying for those for whom this is now an ugly reality and those who have been hurt.

Love you!

Danielle said...

I have a hard time knowing what to say here.
Prayers all around the board.

Your sweet boy is so precious!

Emmy said...

Ugh that is so awful. And yes- glad that your son is able to attend a school he loves.
It drives me crazy when people act like half of the movies, the porn, etc out there are no big deal- just the natural thing for a man to do.

But those that are into kid porn, etc- I can almost guarantee they don't start by looking at really wrong stuff-- they start by looking at the stuff "that every man does"

Okay and now I am stepping off my soapbox.

Kameron said...

That's awful, but I am glad he is at a school you love and trust. We drive our boy ~25 miles a day for the same reasons.

Brianna said...

As a teacher who loves my students and would do anything to protect them from harm, I feel pretty sick about stories like this. It taints the profession and there's no place for it among the caring, intelligent and trustworthy that are in the classroom. I hope that's most of us.

Trust your mommy instinct!

Unknown said...

This is so scary Rachel. I am glad your baby is always safe and loved. I hope it will be discovered that the teacher at the school close to you did not harm any students.

Buckeroomama said...

I started to write a comment on this, then deleted it; moved on to read your other posts. Came back. Opened the comment box and just let it sit there for a couple of days (yes, I'm one of those who have their notebooks on 24/7)... I'm glad you made the decision you did for Itty Bit's schooling. This is so sad (and scary!) that this is the kind of world we live in today. Echoing Becky's hope that the teacher at the school did not harm any student. *hugs*

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That is horrible. Every single day I second guess public school.

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