Saturday, January 12, 2013

Remember when I said






Well, I kinda got called out for not posting a picture of said font.


But you realize that would be just as bad as farding, right?


You heard me.







(I love that this word is “archaic”.  I also love that I may have just found the one word that Grammar King Brian may not have already known ;)



You know… it’s too dangerous to snap a picture on my phone while I’m applying mascara, eating a Taco Supreme, shaving my legs, rocking out to Toby Keith, blindly batting at the kid in the back to stop kicking my seat, giving the stinkeye to the guy who just cut me off, waving my Taco Supreme at him, merging onto the freeway, accidentally setting off my windshield wipers, and thinking about a blog post.


Seriously, do you think I would Fard in my Ford?


So I was half laughing about this to myself the next day… when the SAME truck pulled in front of me.  My life, people.  Really.


Except… instead of that beautiful hand-lettering on the back, it now had a brand new PLYWOOD rollup door.

font truck2


Really?  Who makes a rollup door out of plywood?  Apparently a local business who suddenly had their pretty font door destroyed after somebody blogged about how cool it was.  Freaky coinkidink.


And umm…. I only got a picture of it because Big Macs are easier to handle than Taco Supremes.




And this is just for the “anonymous” commenter who complained that I didn’t even include a picture of her Angel Boy in the last post.  So *cough* Grandma *cough*, here’s a picture of that “Angel Boy” you referred to – and what he thinks about Mommy blogging random truck pictures.  He’s 3/4 of the way to a teenaged eyeroll – that ‘tude is waaay too big for a first grader.





And would someone please tell me what color his eyes are???





Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm not EVEN going to ask how you came across that word.

Cute kid, though.


Foursons said...

His eyes look grey (gray?) to me. They're beautiful! But tell him I said they look tough and manly. That expression is priceless. I think you need to keep track of it and put it into his senior slideshow right next to a shot of him giving you the same look at 18 years old.

Saimi said...

I'll take a Taco Supreme any day over a Big Mac but then I'm not trying to take pictures of semi trucks! HA!! Seriously Rachel, you do make me laugh!!

As for the boy....Too cute for words and I can say cute cause he's still a lil guy!

Angelwithatwist said...

I say his eyes are hazel that cross between green gray and blue. They change depending on his mood and what he wears.

Beth Zimmerman said...

By the way ... I knew that word thanks to Scrabble and Words With Friends. =) I even knew what it meant. Go me!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hmmmmph - my first comment was somehow eliminated! Josiah's eyes are that same color. We call them hazel but they alternate between gray, blue and green.

Anonymous said...

They are Angel-blue of course! :)

Emmy said...

Never have heard of that word before. And are you sure that is the same truck? Pretty dang funny to have a plywood door.

My daughter loves rolling her eyes but isn't very good at it so it is almost quiet humorous.

Buckeroomama said...

Goodness, he has the eye roll going now? J has been rolling his eyes at me and I tell him that if he keeps on doing that one day they might just get stuck mid-roll and that's that... and he rolls his eyes at me some more. You know, just to see if I was lying. *rolls eyes*

Life with Kaishon said...

I think his eyes look green. Green eyes are my favorite. My Mom has the prettiest eyes in the whole world.