Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Heart day Etsy love



So, I’ll just confess… I’m not really big on Valentine’s Day.


Might sort of have something to do with getting in trouble in elementary school for taking some literary license with my classmates’ valentines. 



Next thing I know Mom was being called into a meeting.




Sheesh, no sense of humor.


Oh snap…Itty Bit is the same age.

He wouldn’t… ?






I’m just not all that excited about “formal” romance.  Forego the fancy tiny entrees and confusing silverware… give me a pizza and the Yankees getting their butts kicked and I’m a happy girl.


I mean seriously… do y'all REMEMBER what happened last time someone gifted us a fancy spa trip?




But… I really do love when I find something absolutely perfect to let someone know I’m thinking of them.

I’ve put together some of my favorite Etsy finds – most of whom I’ve purchased from personally.  You still have some time to score a sweet gift for the special people in your life.


First up is Pumpernickel and Wry:




I love that they use old serving pieces… there’s a quality to the silver you can’t find with new items.  Each piece I ordered found happy homes.




For the photographer in your life:



Utterly perfect: from Longfellow Designs.

(hint hint: they also do custom wedding vows a’la chalkboard prints!)




And for a fun cards from UUPP; they carry personalized sentiments such as:

“I love you more than chocolate”

“I love you more than bacon”

“I love you more than sushi”


and of course…





And for those squirrel aficionados from our original nutty series:



Wish Daisy has the sweetest glittered miniature squirrels you never knew you needed.

I may or may not have placed mine in our nativity this Christmas.

Oh shush.




If it’s still a bit nippy where you’re at, these infinity scarves from Lovely Little Whimsy make all the difference.




And they somehow make your face look 5 pounds thinner.  True story.




For the smeller in your life

(Of course that’s a word.  And I bet you knew exactly what I meant)



Lola’s Handcrafted has some yummy smelling soaps.  Speaking of which, Christopher in 2nd grade probably could have used this.


In trying to avoid harsh chemicals, we’ve switched to natural soaps for years now.  Currently in our shower is the Honey scent (pictured above) – gender neutral and lathers up impressively.




And a longtime favorite blogger has her own shop: Off On My Tangent:



So many encouraging pieces and countless customizations!




Are you like me?  Slightly depressed by wilting blooms?

Anthology on Main has gorgeous paper flowers from antique books and sheet music.  Simply beautiful!





And I’m kind of breaking my own rule here… because this isn’t a shop I’ve purchased from… but come on, is this not PERFECT for the mom of a crazy little aviator kid?


It’s from HanddMadeForU and I can’t stop grinning.


For the record, if you needed a pop quiz review on why the cool steampunk glasses, check out my squirrelly model:





And Mr. Daddy?  You can just click on the picture of the t-shirt.  Then click on “ADD TO CART”.  I left the PayPal password on your nightstand.  You know… in case…


Winking smile




(this is not a sponsored post.  these sellers have no idea I’m linking to them and I hope I didn’t embarrass them too badly.  they really do rock, and I hope you find some new favorites too!)





Shana Putnam said...

Don't have a heart attack! I actually made it to read your blog! I haven't even written on mine with so much going on. Oh man, can I say I LOVE that shirt!! I am going to see if they have them in Blaze's size. :)

Heather said...

Cracking up over your mock elementary valentine. haha!!! I don't remember writing anything but my name. How impersonal! Love that scarf. I seriously DON'T need another scarf, but I seriously need to get my first infinity scarf. I can't believe I don't have one!!!

renee said...

dear rachel,
you do not look like a monster. you are hilarious and cute. i heart you. :) thanks for the laughs this morning! love your guts!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I heart u .. Thank u for the smiles
That yanni loving mr daddy and that valentine writing u

Furry Bottoms said...

Before I even finished reading your post, I had to go and get me one of those downtown abbey cards. Order completed, I returned to finish reading your post. Now I see something else I must order!!!

Im not big on valentine's either. Specially because I'm single.

Stacey {Wish Daisy} said...

Haha, I wonder where Christopher the smelly monster is today? Thanks for the smiles this morning Rach!

And thanks for featuring my glittery squirrel (that was your custom order for the holidays) in your awesome blog. I JUST listed it in my shop a couple of days ago...get out of my brain ;)


Foursons said...

I took those premade valentines and scratched through all the icky love words and put in my own thoughtful, kind, and lovely sentiments. I'm sure you can imagine how they went over at the school party. Bwhahahahahaha.

I want a squirrel shirt. Do they make them in grown-up size?

Danielle said...

Those are all just plain awesome! ;)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Comment attempt #2 ETSY is dangerous! I always find too many things that I never knew I "needed!"

myletterstoemily said...

so many wonderful choices from
such a little monster.

Anonymous said...

Itty-bit (Angel-boy) definately looks better in the goggles than ANY squirrel!

Rachel said...

I love your childhood valentine. That is priceless.

And I'm not much on Valentine's Day, either, which is weird since I am ALL. ABOUT. every other holiday. It's just too contrived or something...I much prefer anniversaries.

robin said...


Seeing Itty Bit in those glasses made me think of Willy Wonka in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory show (the newer one.) My kiddo would want some of those... :)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I hope Mr. Daddy got the hint! ;)

Buckeroomama said...

I try not to get on Etsy unless I have something in mind that I .need. to get; otherwise, it is VERY dangerous for me to get on there. ;p

Hope Mr. Daddy took the hint. :)

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