Sunday, March 24, 2013

and the winner…


of the free Shutterfly 8x8 photobook is…




Please check your email Sharon – Shutterfly will be getting in touch!

Thanks to Shutterfly for offering these great giveaways.  Thanks to everyone who played along.  It was cool to see how many great teachers you guys had.  My personal favorite was my chem/phys teacher that was so good at his job that the Pentagon tapped him to come work for them.


And… because we can’t end a blog post without something humorous:


(you’re welcome for being that friend)




Foursons said...

Bwhahahahaha. That is hilarious!

RaD said...

Ha! Ha! That's great!

sara said...

oh my word, I needed that laugh!!!

sharon said...

Thank you to Rachel and to Shutterfy. I'm so excited to win a contest! I've got 2 ideas - make a book for my kids' drama teacher since she was the inspirational teacher I wrote about in my original comment. Or make a book for my 8th grader who has been homeschooled all her life and will now be going to an arts based high school to pursue her dream of being in the performing arts field. Thanks again!!

Emmy said...

Lol that picture is too funny. Congrats Sharron

Furry Bottoms said...

That last pic cracked me up, ha ha ha!!!

Jeremiah 31:3 said...

Congrats to Sharon - funny pic Rache' luv u :)

Dyann said...

I loved that Chem/Phys teacher. But I thought he was teaching at a military academy. Whatever. He was darn awesome!

One of the most valuable life lessons was learned in his class: Trust me for now, you'll understand later. I'd love to write him a letter, but I can't find him!

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