Sunday, March 03, 2013

Urgent Care Yoga and other ridiculousness


So last week my husband hacked in and posted a very attractive picture of his wife.

This was obviously one of the better recent pictures of me, and it triggered some apparent confusion.


Was I biting my toenails?

Was I doing yoga?

In the ER?


urgent care1


No worries y’all.  The picture was just proof that I can be considerate of others occasionally.  And my husband pulled a photo ninja on me and used his powers for evil.


Ironically, this story probably started almost two decades ago.  Back when these were my footwear of choice:




I’d managed to escape most of the disfigurement caused by the body saying, “Seriously… GET OFF YOUR TOES”.

Except… for one tiny baby toe that had a wee crack where the nail had tried to divorce itself.  It was so teeny that I usually just tugged the sliver of a nail out with a pair of tweezers instead of duking it out with clippers.

Until that fateful day when my body forgot to be grateful that I was no longer subjecting my metatarsals to my entire bodily weight, and instead objected to the darn tweezers.


Dumb dumb dumb.  Within days my crybaby pinky toe was angry red and screaming with every step.  After three days of limping, I finally caved and went to Urgent Care.

They sent us back to a room where we appeared to be forgotten for an entire hour. 

In which time my husband had plenty of opportunity to mock my predicament and to remark on the questionable state of lower appendage scent.

Mortified, I gave a rousing defense of my daily shower regimen and immediately went to confirm that my bare foot was indeed inoffensive to the medical staff’s olfactory senses.

See?  Considerate!


Seriously y’all… I should have smelled the trap.  Pun totally intended.

Faster than a speeding shutter click… I was doomed.

Mr. Daddy started laughing so hard the racket prompted the medical staff to check in.

Thankfully, my new yoga pose was nowhere to be seen, so I didn’t risk on-site embarrassment.


He left that all for you guys.



Well… until the words “digital block” were uttered.  But that’s a story for another day.





Saimi said...

Seriously Rachel you crack me up! Poor toe though.

Mr. Daddy said...

I wonder how much your readers would pay me to post the other Ninja photos I took????? *snort*

Rachel said...

DEAR! You are not supposed to use your powers for evil!

And I'm not sure how many more ninja photos like that they can survive anyway...:P

MrsMann said...

Thanks for sharing and starting my Monday off with some giggles. You 2 are the best! =)

Tamar SB said...

Oy!!! So funny - my lasting dance "injury" are issues with both my pinky toes! I spent a week with one all taped up to prevent a corn from forming.. hope you're on the mend!

sara said...

I love starting my Monday off with a laugh and a always oblige!!! :) Thanks Mr. Daddy for being so sneaky!

and I do hope your toe is much better!!

Buckeroomama said...

Sneaky of Mr. Daddy! =)

Hope your toe is all better.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Figures you would come up with some "lame" excuse.



Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

Ouch....Do not show this to my youngest, an aspiring dancer...

Emmy said...

Lol! Oh phew, so glad you weren't actually biting your toenails. Too funny

Emmy said...

Lol! Oh phew, so glad you weren't actually biting your toenails. Too funny

Katie said...

Hahaha, he's a keeper!! And sorry about the toe -- OUCH!!

Unknown said...

Way to go Mr. Daddy! And I would LOVE to see the rest of the pics... Let's go dude.

RaD said...

Lookie there! His photo ninja skills are almost better than yours!

Ha! Ha! Looks like something I would do, but thankfully my hubby would not photograph. Well, not to my knowledge anyway. And not if he wanted to live! :)

I know, I know, this is WAAAAYYYYY more fun!

Angelwithatwist said...

First of all I am cracking up that above me are 2 spam comments for cialis which leads me to wonder what on this post drew them in.. I will let you ponder that for a few.
Secondly OUCH and I hope your toe is on the mend and no really using it to kick Mr. Daddy in the hind quarters is not going to help it.

Stacy said...

Of course, he couldn't but take a picture of that! :) I have ingrown toenails that occasionally get infected, too. I blame my mother. Those are her faulty genetics I acquired. It hurts like a son-of-a-gun, so I know how you feel. Hope you get walking better, soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow... you're pretty flexible for a Gramma - Luv u

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That's too funny! I hope it heals quickly, though!

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