Monday, April 22, 2013

because someday I’ll need to prove I was a fun mom



I was determined.


With the constant stress that surrounds the “Thing We Can’t Talk About”… we were going to have ONE fun thing to look forward to.


I thought I had totally nailed it when an email came through about a monster truck show.


Who cares if I’d never been to one or even considered it.


I had two redneck boys and this had to be right up their alley, right?




Let’s just say that one of those redneck boys is a good traveler, and the other one can’t play on a Kindle and drive at the same time.


So after two months of waiting (and keeping it a secret from Itty Bit), we finally arrived to a very wet show day.

An even bigger secret was the fact that we were picking up cousin Bubba on the way and we were going to RIDE in a monster truck!


Y’all remember Bubba, right?



The dude is FEARLESS.


Itty Bit?  Uncharacteristically began a mantra of “I am NOT going on that.  I am NEVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE going on that.”


Guess which mean momma made him go on it?




The fist-pumping one who whooped through every wet pavement donut.


And guess which kid climbed down off it saying, “AWESOME!  I am DEFINITELY going on that again!”


(Introducing “Tissy” above.  AKA: favorite relative of all kids).



When our party of 13 finally took our awesome seats, the kids were ready to rock and roll.


This is what happens when Bubba is being sweet and compliant, Itty Bit is refusing to look at the camera, Cutie Left is waaay too smart for his own good (and held up a FOUR after I yelled a count of 1-2-3 for the pic), and Cindy Lou Hoo is loving on her popcorn.



Quick disclaimer:  I spent more time watching the show (and generally making an idiot out of my excited self) than messing with camera settings.  The show was at night and I refused to annoy everyone with flash.  So please forgive for the less than stellar photos.


After Danny Bonaduce did the introductions (yes, really… it was a slightly surreal moment)… the kids looked SO SERIOUS when the show began.









But do not fear… as serious as she looks. Cindy Lou Hoo absolutely had the best time.

She was in awe – jumping and cheering for each driver.


It was pretty impressive watching some crazy skills!








I have no idea how he salvaged this… but he did.




Proof that the Grumpy Traveler had a good time.



And that his wife is apparently exceptionally pale.

And that the kid behind us isn’t half bad at photobombing.




There were many trucks that night… but I know y’all know what a monster truck show looks like.  Here are just a few memorable moments:







And then?  He got stuck.

Eliciting many cheers from the crowd… and…




…basically creating every redneck 6-year-old’s dream… a monster truck being towed by a crane truck.   BOOYAH.




The screaming continued.



Umm y’all?  The truck is ON FIRE.







Yeah, pretty much the best thing ever.





See Cindy Lou Hoo getting her cheer on?

The 16-year old driver of one of the trucks came up to give her a high-five!  Pretty sure it rocked her world to see that a girl could do this!





After the winner was crowned, we had one last surprise for the kids.





I think Cutie Left pretty much summed up the whole day.




I had to laugh the next morning when Itty Bit instructed me to write something and then take his picture.  Because the kid actually referred to himself as, “Itty Bit”. 

Blogging family much?





That something…?  Was TEN DOLLARS worth of “don’t wave that in his face, don’t flap it at her, quit snapping it around, put it down, I can’t see when you do that”.


It’s also proof that I was a fun mom.


Minus the gritted teeth as I said for the eleventieth time, “quit waving that in my face”.


What was your weekend like?  Any Danny Bonaduce moments? Smile





Angelwithatwist said...

Yeah ok see.. like Itty Bit I would have been all like I am absolutely never going on that and stuck with it. I am fairly sure the truck owner would not have wanted my spewage in their truck. Hmm I notice the double eyebrow thing is apparently a family trait as the surprise guest has them as well, just not as defined as Itty Bits.. Looks like everyone had a blast, something you deserve.

Krulls in Haiti said...

FUN MOM! That is awesome! I think I would score some major points with my son if I planned an outing like this. So cool!

Kmama said...

We took Jack and Nick to a monster truck show last year, as they were Christmas tickets. Oh my word. Never again. NEVER AGAIN. Nick still asks if we can go again, but um, no. Unless some great relative or friend wants to take them. Wanna come to Michigan and take my boys? ;-)

Allenspark Lodge said...

You ROCK, woman, and in more ways than just being a fun mom! Love ya from Colorado, where we fully expect to see you again this summer!!!
Bionic Cowgirl

Unknown said...

Woohoo!!! That's awesome!!! I would love to do that someday!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I might have been willing to ride in the monster truck BEFORE the show! After watching some of their stunts? No way!

Your family has cuteness overload!

Unknown said...

Oh so fun Rachel! Oh so fun!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! :) :)

Furry Bottoms said...

You are an awesome mom!! :) That looks like a ton of fun!! :)

Allenspark Lodge said...

" Danny Bonaduce"

I had to google him.

The Partridge Family ginger? Really?

I got nothing that compares.


Jeremiah 31:3 said...

Danny Bonaduce needs Jesus.

Jeremiah 31:3 said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

Danielle said...

SO awesome!! I love it! My little boy would LOVE that! We went on Thomas the Train just over a week ago, I gotta get that blogged! But, I'm thinking the monster truck rally would top that!! And you and Mr. AND Itty, are so dang cute!! Love reading your blog! ;)

Jess said...

Awesome. All the way around. From the fist pumping to the blazing truck to the 16-year-old female truck driver.... (and seriously that says 5D on your camera strap, right? Congrats!!!)

Anonymous said...

You surpass a fun mom. You're an awesome mom.

Saimi said...

Never been to monster truck show before but by the looks of it I'm totally going should one come to these parts! Fun does not even begin to describe what an AMAZING mom you are!!!

Nancy said...

Fun mom, wife, aunt, etc... this day will carry you for a long time to come. Great shots Rachel!

Emmy said...

Yea for being the fun mom! I have never been to a monster truck show but I Think my kids would like it

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

You are a fun mom! That's awesome!

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