Monday, April 01, 2013

Smash Recap


Because in about 2.5 more hours, everyone is going to be SOOOO done with all the Easter pictures online.

And if I don’t write this now, it’ll never get written.

And when I went back to last year’s post, I actually GOT EMBARRASSED about what I shared with the whole dingdong online universe.

(Caution: I’m the only one ridiculous enough to combine assault on an elderly person, a birds and the bees explanation to the kiddo, and *gasp* P00P in one blog post.  Shameful.  You’ve been warned).



So the assault on an elderly person last year, was my sister enjoying our family tradition of smashing blown eggs on each other’s heads.  Except, she chose our 81-year old grandmother instead of any number of perfectly available non-AARP members.








So while my grandma was just as good-natured about it this year (and yes, any pictures of my sister will fall under the category of “14,237 versions of Ju’s hair)




she had a little something up her sleeve.




Except… they both got a little surprise!



(That is my dad’s hand.  He has some crazy commandment about me not posting his face on this here blog.  So I’m not technically in violation for posting a limb).




But Grandma came through and Ju ended up with a double whammy.


Don’t feel too bad though - this was pretty tame in comparison to the year Murkatroid filled an egg with frosting



(hairstyle version #592)



Normally I escape major damage by being the photog.

Brace yourself for a series of me making truly awful faces.

I apologize in advance.

Blame the husband who surprised me once I offloaded the camera.





When I attempted to retaliate… the egg painfully bounced off his noggin.

(God’ll get ya)




But justice prevailed.




And the rest of the photo overkill is to prove that the kiddos were there and cute.  And that Itty Bit cannot stop making bang-bang fingers at everything since going shooting with GunDiva.





And as bad as I am in the kitchen?  I brought some ingredients to the family dinner and recruited a mustachioed Little Jo to help me with some bacon-wrapped asparagus.  Nobody died.







As fun as this was… nothing quite says awesomesauce like y’know… rising from the dead.  I am in continual awe that the creator of the universe considers me worth that kind of sacrifice.


I LOVED this quote today:


Upon a life I did not live,
Upon a death I did not die;
Another’s life, another’s death,
I stake my whole eternity.


                                                                                         Horatius Bonar



How was your Easter?





Angelwithatwist said...

I love that ya'll have such fun when you all get together.

Bethany said...

And all that the day before April Fools! :) It looks like a happy day. Happy Easter!

AKg said...

Hahahahaha ha ha ha!! That's great!!! I dug around in the dirt and had a fire to burn some brush. Not near as fun as your family outing ;) LOVE the pictures of the 'egg'-a-sault

sharon said...

No egg smashing or gun fingers for us. Just one chipmunk cheeked girl who got her wisdom teeth out the Friday before Easter. I am hoping for Mother of the Year award for that scheduling. A very quiet Thanksgivingish dinner (I'm eating pumpkin pie for breakfast right now.), a game of Scrambled States and then Dutch Blitz, topped off with a family walk/bike ride minus the chipmunk who stayed home in bed.

Allenspark Lodge said...

And yet another smashing blog.

Happy Easter!


Jeremiah 31:3 said...

OK so I can NEVER even compete with Bill's funny comments, to I'm just going to say HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY - JESUS WINS - LIFE WINS - LOVE OVERCOMES - MERCY TRIUMPHS OVER JUDEMENT!!!!!

RaD said...

Oh I like that quote! Thanks for sharing that.

Our Easter went well. No pics on the blog yet, due to my 15 day anniversary countdown, but eventually, ya know, when everyone should have already seen them. ;)

Looks like your day was totally fun!

Danielle said...

Smashing??! That's craziness. But does look fun! ;)
You guys are all too cute!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

love the eggs.. we have cascarones here in Texas.. they are blown, dyed, eggs that are full of confetti.. so fun to smash on heads...

and I love that quote!

Pam Bowers said...

I'm glad you guys have so much fun together. I love all the different versions of your sisters hair.

Anonymous said...

You are so fun!! :) smiled ear to ear with this post!

Emmy said...

Love that you do the egg smash though I must admit it is not a tradition I am going to add :)

Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

robin said...

We had a nice Easter but it wasn't as exciting or fun as your family apparently had!!! It's good to see you smile and your family happy!!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I still want to be adopted! =)

melissa said...

What a blast you all are! and goodness! your facial expressions are awesome! Your BEAUTIFUL Rachel!

Anonymous said...
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Kitchen Belleicious said...

i love this! It is hilarious seeing the pictures of you smashing the egg! i am deathly afraid of raw eggs for some strange reason and I could not see myself doing that but it looks like fun:) Thanks for stopping by sweet friend. I think of you often:) Glad ya'll had a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dyannie said...

Yeah, I guess the photos are okay, but the best and most elucidating are the comments from a Ms. Anonymous. Who knew that 'teeth' was the plural form of 'tooth?'

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