Wednesday, May 08, 2013

in 75 words or less



Rachel from and then she snapped asked us to nominate deserving moms for a $50 Target giftcard.

And pretty much every single mom who reads here (and especially those who want to be moms and are waiting and praying) has something special that makes them deserving.


So in 75 words or less (brutal for someone who rambles), I wrote about our Dana.




The woman who flew across the country for a whirlwind 24 hours after learning that a (never met in real life) blogging friend’s mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had no recent family photos.


What a godsend she was.

She captured the everyday,real, I love who you are moments.


DSC_5886 BW

(he’s the boy who fell in love and married her as soon as she turned 18)



DSC_5920 Sunflare

(he’s the first-grader who misses his Grandma)




DSC_5964 copy

(he’s the kid who used to get in trouble on her bus)



DSC_5943 copy

(she’s the girl who needed a home and a family and found it)


DSC_5945 copy

(he’s her silly brother who can’t resist mischief)



These photos are achingly beautiful to me.  And Dana made it happen.


We spent part of that precious 24 hours sitting at our dining room table, praying aloud for the foster child they were waiting for.


We had no idea the “child” was child(ren)!


Their rescue was a beautiful part of a heartbreaking chapter. 




She gives and lives sacrificially.  And sometimes it’s just a quiet soldiering on… hugging children that have been broken, mending childhoods that have been robbed, speaking kindness into needy hearts.


That’s why I nominated her.  And I hope you will pay forward an act of kindness and give two clicks of your time.

The votes are counted here.  It’s nothing but an anonymous click (voting only up until Friday.  Andale, andale!)  It would make her day :)


Never underestimate how infinitely valuable you are.  Others need you.  Dana’s story shows it… but it happens in your life too.






Angelwithatwist said...

Dagnabbit woman it is way too early for me to be all blubbery between your page and the story.. I clicked and voted. I hope she wins..

Saimi said...

I clicked and voted too - man it's disturbing how mothers can tun on their own children - sad, very sad!

Heather said...


Unknown said...

she's a Godsend :)

voted ;)

robin said...


Jenny said...

Clicked and voted. She has a strong family!

Angie Vik said...

Love the pictures. You were sweet to bless your friend like that. Probably a good thing to let our friends know what we appreciate about them.

Anonymous said...

I missed this... but I loved the story and the photos.

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