Saturday, May 18, 2013

seven eve



The week had been exhausting.



I don’t know how you single parents do it… but when my husband is out of town working for a week and I manage to get the kid to school with a breakfast of a granola bar and gummy vitamins, I feel like a rockstar.


And… was it ever a crazy school week.


Huge Science Fair project, check.

(which I hilariously caught another kid posing with a’la Vanna White for a picture)


Wacky Outfit Day, check.


(With a request for purple spiked hair, no less.  Another sleeping picture, poor kid.)


A baseball game sans Daddy, check.


(You’re looking at the first hit of the game and scorer of two runs!)


Up before dawn.  Two hours of driving each day.  A fulltime job.  A birthday party to plan.  Mother’s Day.  Meals to my mother who’d come out the losing end of a battle with her lawn mower.  A Spring Musical.  Is it any wonder I still looked like my post-toilet-water-battle mugshot?





The morning of his birthday party, Itty Bit was on his way to a bath.

The next thing I knew, a little streaker with a pair of glasses and cowboy hat was making bang-bang noises at his very surprised mother.





The day only got crazier from there.

We tempted fate at the bounce house infamous for our Stupid Injury collection.  This time no blood or concussions – success!




You have to love that my big butt takes a couple seconds to figure out this gravity vs. bounce house thing… and the kids totally scatter.




You know he didn’t want to turn seven?  Because it was an odd number?  (OCD much?) Every single time someone sang to him, he had this pensive look. 


Oh kid… I hope you realize soon how much fun seven is going to be!





A story in two pictures:


What’s this?




A fart bomb, of cooouuurse.


(Look at May-May’s face.  I dare you not to grin)




But what I really loved?

Was the fact that a big fat twenty-dollar bill fell out of this card.  And he quickly scooped it up and dropped it in front of me without hardly looking at it.  He was too enthralled with a card full of pictures that were hand-drawn for him by some of his best friends.



(Of course, that twenty came in handy later when he wanted some Legos, but for that moment, I loved that he was delighted over someone’s thoughtfulness rather than the cash.  I felt like a good mom for 14.2 seconds).


And then?  Grandma and Grandpa pulled rank after the party.

And busted out an honest-to-goodness cap gun.

Because we don’t have enough weaponry in his life.




He didn’t enjoy it.


At all.





In a day pretty much awesomesauce for any almost-7 year old, he got to run around the field with a Transformers glow necklace and throw dandelions in a bonfire.


I think it was a modern day Norman Rockwell life.






He ended it perfectly with a clone trooper helmet in bed.


(You see why I never know what I’m going to stumble upon when I tell him to get ready for a bath or get ready for bed?)



And he woke up Mother’s Day excited to be Captain Rex again.



(What?  You noticed he slept in that shirt?  This is my ONE trick for restoring some of my sanity… no early morning wardrobe changes!  Don’t judge :)



I really love this picture.  Because we all share our birthday parties, but you can see my sister is in on the secret that we are fake-blowing so Itty Bit can have the fun.

I really heart her.




Why yes, those are pumpkin rolls.  Which are heretofore our cake of choice… can you seriously beat a BACONATOR?  Or chocolate peanutbutter?



Yes, Mr. Daddy was there too.  Apparently partied out.





And when we attempted to get a three generation Mother’s Day picture, we got totally photobombed by the dog.




See my mom’s bandages?  Gruesome injury – mowing the lawn is verboten for her from now on.  I only snickered twice watching her use a walker.  Poor thing was also visually assaulted by the card my sister and I gave her for Mother’s Day.






(see, there are worse things than having me for a kid!)



And that night… it was Itty Bit’s last of being 6-years old.

Through the insanity of the non-stop events that week, he found my reset button.


“Mommy?  Will you lay down with me for awhile?”




I was treated to his subtle response when I agreed.






In my mind, I thought, "just a few minutes… so much to do…”


And then he reminded me why he is the king of unexpected comedy.



“Mommy, I’m totally gonna fire a missile at you!  Guess from where?!?!”



And then he flipped himself back over and laughed so hard his whole body shook.


His whole almost-7-year-old silly boy body.





I gasped in mock horror, snorted and laughed, and pulled him into a hug.

His head still smelled like Baby Johnson’s shampoo (his feet were a different matter entirely), and I laid there for a long time with my thoughts.

Every few moments, he’d lift his head, look silently at me, and smile a huge grin.



My to-do list was pushed exactly where it belonged.  My mind went back fourteen years to the beginning of long years of infertility.  And seven years of prayers that finally stopped because they were too sad to keep praying.


And I realized that we’d come full circle – seven years with this precious miracle boy.


In a life that I never would have imagined back then, my heart is full of a family that is bursting at the seams with blessings. 


And he, this crazy, hilarious, thoughtful, rambunctious comedian of mine, is an irreplaceable part of it.

He was the reason for starting this blog – so I thank you for sticking with us through it.  And with much reluctance, I realize that he is not so Itty Bit anymore.  May I introduce you to our 7-year old Boogadacious?

(I kid you not.  He prefers the full name and is called this in real life)


Happy Birthday Boogie.  Love you to the moon and back.






Allenspark Lodge said...

I am rarely at a loss for some sort of smart @$$ comment. But this post is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.


Foursons said...

I smiled through this whole post. Happy 7th Birthday Boogadacious! Rach- he is a true treasure. Give him a big ol' hug from a complete stranger.

Mr. Daddy said...

can't wait to see what the next 7 have in store.....:) you guy complete me.... love you both.

Saimi said...

your post warms my heart and at the same time, makes me laugh! He is absolutely full of life and sparkle
I love reading your blog!!

Trevor Dodge said...

So wonderful. As before, I read the whole post. So glad we were able to share the now 'nearly' famous Pumpkin rolls. Love you folks beyond measure!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy Birthday to the whole lot of you! =) And I love his "new" name! My kiddo has always been "Boo."

Krulls in Haiti said...

I enjoy being encouraged in my own journey of motherhood by your posts... you are thoughtful and thankful, and your love for your kid really is evident. You're the kind of girl that is uplifting and encouraging to other women with your honesty and humor, and don't we all want a friend like that.

sara said...

This post was just plain wonderful. I smiled through each part, maybe choked on my drink a little when I came to the mother's day card :/, and completely felt the love you and your family are so blessed with!!

Happy Birthday to your boy!!!

Jeremiah 31:3 said...

Beautiful blog - one of the most heartwarming of all - still waiting to see your picture with your Spiderman balloon - luv u :)

GunDiva said...

Happy Birthday, Boogie! (And the rest of you who were "fake" blowing the candles - I noticed you also "only" put his candles on the cake, not wanting to have to call the fire department?)

But no picture of Momma P with her walker? You really were being nice on Mother's Day.

Dyannie said...

My heart is sighing right now. So grateful for the time I have now to snuggle them before they get too big.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

awwww teary eyed at the end of this post
love your family
A very very happy birthday to your darling

Judy SheldonWalker said...

Awesome photo journal. We celebrated my baby boy's baby's 1st b-day today. It was a BLAST but this grandma is EXHAUSTED!! We had about 50 guests, mostly family in the park with a built in playground.

Tiffany Bleger said...

Aww...this is so stinking sweet! Happy birthday sweet boy!

melissa said...

I smiled throughout this whole post...then, you got me crying. You have such a way with words Rachel, your heart is pretty dang special. What a blessing this little boy is to you, as you are to him.
and as I am also blessed to 'know' you.

Have a great week!

Angelwithatwist said...

Ok yikes on your mom and yes ma'am forbidden indeed from lawn mowing. The rest of this had me laughing and misty eyed. The part about stopping praying made me catch my breath. The pic of Mr. Daddy with a baby itty bit.. just perfection. I notice his hair wasn't as gray then bwhaha you and boog.. eek that is difficult to write.. have kept him on his toes haven't ya lol..

Angie Vik said...

Love this fun peek into your world. Love all the smiles and laughter. For what it's worth, seven is my favorite number. I like odd numbers best and prime numbers best of all.

Jenny said...



What a wonderful walk through the festivities around a birthday!

He is absolutely adorable!

I love his expressions and his joy!

Thanks for the smile!

Happy Wednesday!

Danielle said...

Your story and how easy going you seem are just amazing to me. There are many times when I've felt crazy and wanted to rip my kids hair out, and I have (more than a few times) thought "What would Rachel do?" (WWRD) Trying to appreciate every moment with my little ones. Because there are people out there that either dont get those moments, or pray for years to appreciate those moments...

Life with Kaishon said...

This is the third time I am crying this morning. Tears streaming down my cheeks crying. I am so glad God gave him to you. You love him so much. You are a great Mom. A great daughter. A great person.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Loved all the pictures. You always have so much fun!
Happy 7th Birthday to your sweet, adorable, funny little man!

Anonymous said...

I looooved this one. So precious. :)<3

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