Saturday, June 29, 2013

goodbye old friends


Anyone who has been a blogger for more than five years has seen how much the blogging world has changed.

Remember when it was such a thrill to see a new face in your Google Friend Connect box?

(or rather a giant blue eye, but that’s cool too)


google reader friends



I cannot even begin to tell you what some of those little squares have come to mean to me.


Some are brilliantly smart, many are insanely funny, some are people going through incredible heartache with a whole lot of courage, and some… have become true friends who post about squirrels and elbutts when your husband is going through cancer treatments.


Well, Google is being a poopypants (that is too a word – don’t mess with me spellcheck) and sending Google Reader and Google Friend Connect the way of acid wash denim jeans and banana clips.

But wait!  I just saw someone wearing a banana clip the other day – so Google is making a really big mistake!


It seems like the intent is to “encourage” bloggers to sync their sites with Google +.  Which means everyone would have to have a Google + account.  No worries friends, I haven’t done this – only because I hate feeling strongarmed into something.


So you’ll still be able to leave comments like usual (through Blogger’s commenting system), and you’ll still be able to find us if you come here directly or use other ways to subscribe.


See this area in the right sidebar?



Those are other ways to get the latest updates.  We appreciate you so much (you’re why we keep blogging!), and I would hate not to be able to find you after Google Friend Connect is retired on July 1st.

(People, that’s Monday… I’m panicking!")


You can click on any of those or use the links below:


Follow on Bloglovin 


follow us in feedly


(super sorry, but Feedly is having trouble syncing to our blog – will post an updated link as soon as it’s working.  I have a feeling they are busy with lots of panicking-like-me bloggers right now!)



I hope you’ll join us and keep on being a part of the crazy that is here!



Oh… and because I can’t post without something that makes me smile… this is what I feel like Jesus would do about this Google decision:








Carol Z said...

I've gone to Bloglovin. Not sure I love it, but it works for now. Bye bye Google Reader and thanks for the memories.

RaD said...

Whew! I thought you were leaving! I've had a few blogs I follow just decide to shut down all together in the past few months, I'd hate to lost you too! :)

sharon said...

Scared me at first with that goodbye. Phew. I can find you so many ways. I think I get e-mail updates. I get bloglovin updates. And I have made you a little button on my yahoo toolbar, so you are just one click away every day. No worries for me. I'm not even sure I know what Google friend connect is.

sara said...

ok, to be honest, I have been like an ostrich and put my head in the sand when everyone was talking about this. So, now I need to admit I have not idea how this is going to affect me or my blog...what do I need to do? Help?

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

I'm holding out against Google+ too. It's way too confusing, and if I can't navigate it when I'm looking at other people's pages, I certainly won't be able to if it's my own.

Kandi said...

HA! Laughing so hard right now. That 'rather a giant blue eye' is from me...and I haven't used it in ever so long! (It isn't my eye. It is my cousin's from when he was 4 months old)

I am using Bloglovin. But I'm not lovin' it. I will miss Google Reader...and was in a panic tonight when I realized that it was going away TOMORROW and I had 30+ posts to read. GAH!

I;m glad you aren't going anywhere! (rather, your blog...) Reading your posts makes me happy.

Kandi said...

ps - i promise i deleted that eye. don't know why it's still showing up...

Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole Thomas said...

I feel completely left in the middle of the ocean by Google. Not a good feeling for me. The Google Reader was one of the best things they've ever invented. I do have Google+ but it the same or even similarily. I cannot figure it out. I really want to put a feedly gadget on my google homepage, but number one, they betrayed me. Why should I support any google pages now? and number two, I never wanted a Google+ account either. I felt forced into it, and the same or similarly!! Arugh. So now I have to log into feedly multiple times a day just to check for an update from anyone. Oh well.

Emmy said...

I know google reader is gone, but I have heard maybe I am not right that GFC is actually going to stick around.. and it seems to be. I am on bloglovin too

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