Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet WildFlour Giveaway


So I promised an edible giveaway, right? You guys, I am so excited about this – because her work made my kid’s entire class smile.  BONUS!

What I love about Etsy is that there are real people behind the shops… ones who are usually willing to say hey and talk about their work.

So let me introduce you to the chick behind the smiles and the giveaway!




She makes delicious custom cookies!  This super sweet gal was willing to grant an interview, a ‘la OnceUponAmiracle style (she probably had no idea what she was in for!)


First question, is of course one of the most important ones:
What’s your nickname?

Well hi there! I'm MamaHunnyBunny.

So now that we are on a first (nick)name basis :), introduce us to your lovely family?

Ahhh my family! My favorite subject! First up there is my husband 2coolTony, my eldest son DragonClaw, my lovely daughter Cupcake and my newest 16 week old son Sprinkles. Of course our family wouldn't be complete without our bearded dragons Kittens McTavish and Professor Rupert Cornelius Cuddlebugs and our amazing dog Maggie.


(Umm seriously y’all?  This woman is gorgeous and talented.  Wildly unfair.  And look, her family is sprinkled with rainbows.  If that aint proof of divine blessing…)


I love her kids’ expressions.  Whatever happened to “sibling rivalry”?



And ohmyword.  I totally snorted when she sent me this:



So what part of our beautiful country are you from and what’s your favorite thing about it?

Well I am currently living in and enjoying the Pacific Northwest. I have been very fortunate to have lived all over the west coast and I must say- it's all pretty beautiful. My favorite part about living here in the Northwest is the geological diversity from the high desert to the coast, the mountains to hot springs- it really is pretty magical.

Oh and the beards. The beards in the Pacific Northwest are epic.

You are so right.  The beards are epic.


IMG_7465and camo… there’s a whole lotta camo around those parts…


What got you started in your current artwork and shop? Have you always been super-crafty and one day realized that cookies were woefully underestimated as edible artwork?

:), well cookies are the greatest canvas EVER! I had very good role models in my life for creativity as well as entrepreneurial passion. I have a long line of artistic people in my family with a diverse set of artistic talents which I of course admired very much

Not having the natural talents of my family I spent many years exploring my creative potential until at last my two loves- baking and painting- merged into this glittering rainbow colored craziness that is Wildflour.


As for my shop, that was also a long and winding road, as most creative endeavors are. I decorated cakes and cookies for years for free to hone my decorating skills before I started doing it professionally (all the while working as a baker in my day to day life).


Eventually I started the Facebook page for Wildflour (here) and things stared growing very quickly- once I decided to finally pull the trigger and open the Etsy store (which really took my Mom putting a lot of it together AND a brilliant article written about Wildflour mentioning the then unopened shop) the bakery blew up. My Etsy store has only been open for about 12 weeks and in that time I have been able to meet so many great people- like Rachel :) )!!! I love it!

(Or are you one of those women who is just simply good at everything she tries? Haha)

Well ya that too ;)




What’s been your favorite project so far? (Or few favorites)

Oh man that is a tough question. I have to say I love so many of my projects. I love that I get to play a part in so many peoples lives, happiest moments, pivotal moments, memories, celebrations, accomplishments.

I love that my work is used to celebrate birthdays and weddings and babies, to help sick people get better, to thank the ones we love, to comfort those who are mourning a loss- for all the times in life that people need to say "I really really love you" Wildflour is there to be the vehicle for that message. That makes me feel pretty great! Some specific examples of this would have to include the robots and hippos that I made for you of course!

(a sampling of some recent cookies she did for me.  Batman, John Deere, tutus, Rambos, karate kids, cowgirls, photographers, baseball nuts and more!) il_570xN.457641215_ph6b

I have also just started a new program that I am REALLY excited about in the bakery-which is providing birthday cakes to underprivileged children. I am SO excited to be able to offer this service to families in my community.

There really isn't anything I love more than the look on the face of a kid when they some crazy cake or cookies that is for THEM. If a family is in need of this service I encourage them to email me at


Okay… so her answer made me cry.  Because she cares about KIDS, and people going through not-so-great times.

You guys remember WifeMomNurse who was recovering from surgery? Whose mascot was robots?  Look at the hearts included with each robot created for her.



And sweet Nina – who was such a trooper during her many doctor appointments and finally surgery.



Oh the smiles!  Shana’s family more than deserved their goodies.



And these kids prove that they taste just as good as they look…



Itty Bit’s school cafeteria has not been the same since he brought his classmates a whole squadron of camo squirrels.



What a talent - to prompt smiles with a sweet piece of art.  Y’all know I’d make you cookies, but remember I bake by “neighbor notification”… when the neighbor walks over to tell me my smoke alarm is going off.

And the last time I made cookies, I was Nyquil-drunk and embarrassingly blogged about how much this cracked me up:



So I’m all the more impressed with insane baking skills.  She also offers vegan, gluten-free, and raw options.

(Don’t get all hyper like I did about the “raw” one.  It doesn’t mean cookie dough).

Super important burning question:

Would you rather swim across a river that is filled with crocodiles
- OR -
spend the night on an island where man-eating tigers live?

(*Tell me y’all remember the original Battles of the Blogs?  Help me talk King Julien into starting it up again?!)

Well clearly I'd go with the MAN eating tigers. As a WOman I would consider this to be my own personal army of man eating body guards. I'd be the glamazon queen of the island surrounded by my beautiful vicious comrades of the jungle!



In celebration of Rachel's amazing blog and generous spirit (aww, isn’t she so sweet?) I would like to do a little bit of what she does best and give some love away! I propose a contest where you can win some super duper amazing custom cookies all for you! Follow the directions below to enter your name in the pool and get ya self some deluxe cookies designed by YOU for YOU!!

I will create a dozen cookies just for you based on what you love most in life! What's better than cookies for you? How about cookies for someone else?

Someone who has brightened up all of our days, this person is generous and kind and charming, a dedicated friend, Mom, wife and member of the human race....bettcha know who I'm talking about...RACHEL!!!

The winner will get a dozen cookies for themselves and they will help me design a dozen very special dozen cookies for Rachel to thank her for all the joy that she given all of us!


Ohmygoodness!  How super sweet!  Definitely one of our favorite Etsy artists to date – and I am so excited that one of you will get to taste these firsthand too!  And that I’m totally not protesting any goodies sent here! :)


I mean, seriously people, these are cookie RINGS.  Completely edible!  How awesomesauce is that?!?



I love having a few chances at giveaways, so you get them too:

Leave a comment telling us your favorite item from the WildFlour’s shop.

Like her Facebook page here.

For Facebook fans of Once Upon a Miracle (here), you get an entry!

GFC followers of Once Upon a Miracle get an entry.

Bloglovin subscribers of Once Upon a Miracle get an entry (here).

Tweet about the giveaway (you can do this each day!)

Follow UponAmiracle on Twitter.

Add Rachel Miracle to your Google+ for an entry.

Leave a comment with what YOUR custom cookies would look like!

BONUS… a comment describing the cookies that would make the perfect Once Upon a Miracle mascots!

Giveaway open until June 18.  What an awesome way to start summer!



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Danielle said...

The Day of the Dead Cookies are AWESOME!! And I really like the paisley and peacock ones too. I was supposed to have "paisleys" on my wedding cake, and it was done so horribly that NO ONE knew what it was! :( BOO!! These are all so amazing. I have my son's b-day coming up and he wants a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" theme, so creating that would be fun. I think the "Once Upon a MIracle" cookies would be good with a nice "El-butt" on them.....

Kandi said...

I like the sock monkey cookies. But would love camera cookies!

Unknown said...

I love the woodland animals and gnome cookies on WildFlour's page.

Unknown said...

MY specialty cookies would be fruit ninjas. Not ninjas chopping fruits, like I do on my Kindle to avoid housework. I want actual fruits dressed as ninjas.

The Once Upon a Miracle mascot should be a hip hop hippo, for no other reason than I like alliteration.

Unknown said...

Ok, I'm loving the music note cookies. But the hippos you sent to Nina were AMAZING!!!!! These cookies taste just as amazing as they look.

Unknown said...

And I'm thinking the OUAM mascot needs to be a Mr. Braddy cookie... Or perhaps a giant bruise, since that seems to be the theme of many of your adventures!

Dana Suggs said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED our cookies!!! My kids were OVER the moon for them! She is WICKED talented!!

GunDiva said...

Love the elbutt idea! :)

rachel said...

I like the hummingbird ones.

Charity said...

I love the butterflies, or the hummingbirds, or...there are so many beautiful ones. I wish I had the music note ones a few years ago when I was trying desperately to find a music note cookie cutter to make some for a birthday party.

Emmy said...

She is so talented! I entered on the newer post so left my comment there. Fingers crossed as those cookies look good!

Angie B said...

wow there's some real talent there. It's hard for me to choose one but I do love the 80's throwback cartoon cookies and he old school tattoo cookies

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