Monday, July 15, 2013

when Nutella is terrifying



So my kid ran in through the back door, tore through the kitchen, and generally made it clear he was trying his darndest to hide.


Since I’d caught a glimpse of his face as he streaked by, I was suddenly freaked out by the amount of blood that seemed to be covering his entire forehead.


And when I caught up to him, his face held a mixture of hubris and fear.


Because Holy Chocolate Hazelnut Crème Batman, he had smeared Nutella in copious amounts all over his face.


And this momma?  Was so relived that it wasn’t blood, that she immediately ordered him outside because the photo op lighting was better out there.


(The kid is convinced he’s an online celeb now… and has totally pegged any blogworthy antics).



(This was AFTER some significant cleanup).

As to whether or not any or all of this was (ahem) licked off... I am not dignifying that with a response.


When I asked him why he did that, I loved his logic:


Because Bubba told me to.






Honey… Bubba is FIVE.


And that 5-year old Bubba also just told me to get him a pocketknife for his birthday, too.


Adorable and convincing as he looks… the two of you are just trouble.







And in mixed news… I am still royally grumpy over Google’s abandonment of the Google Reader users.  Totally makes me want to warn everyone off Google+ in case they decide later that they’re bored with it and want to laugh at us again.


What was most frustrating, was not being able to find a replacement reader that allows you to read the whole post in one spot.  I’m not always able to leave a comment until later, but this helps me manage a reading list that also includes some inspiration photos – without opening up new windows repeatedly.


(Feedly and Bloglovin allow you to basically open the post in a new window with a frame from their site.  But you only get a portion of the post on their main site otherwise).



So I found InoReader… which basically does what Google Reader did.  And is working pretty darn perfect.  (As in TOTALLY perfect, except now I have over 1000 unread posts and that number makes me spazzy).


But getting it all in one window again?  Makes me almost as happy as a Nutella covered gangsta.







Have you figured out your Reader replacement?



Tamar SB said...

Glad you found a replacement! He is so adorable!

Stacy said...

I use Bloglovin, and not lovin' it so much. It is good enough, I suppose. T. is adorable as always! :)

Dyannie said...

LICK it? Gross! Whoever would even think of such a thing?

I, um, gotta go. I think I hear my mom calling me for dinner.

Foursons said...

I don't like Bloglovin' either. I will have to check out your new find.

Little boys are the best. The.BEST.

Melissa C said...

I'da licked it too!

I've been using feedly, and am happy...but I don't do a lot of reading thru my phone...just on the computer, which is why Ima missing in action so much!

Oh happy summer!

Allenspark Lodge said...

I just can't WAIT until the Booginator is 12. You're dead, and just don't know it.


Anonymous said...

oh, he is just so cute!!! The number of blog posts I "needed" to read used to add up and I would get overwhelmed, so I have a handful that I've bookmarked in a folder on my bookmarks bar and I check on them every now and then. I'm not as current as I used to be... but it's working for me for now..

Nicole Thomas said...

I had been using Feedly. While it doesn't compare to Google reader, I didn't find anything better. Now you mentioned this new site, I have to go check it out! :)

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