Sunday, August 25, 2013

Because if there’s one glorious thing to being deaf… Also, I’m nuts



Mr. Daddy had to travel for work.


Momma had a discount coupon burning a hole in her email.


And their boy has got the rhythm, got the beat, and he can’t stop it.


Cue a music lesson, an impromptu stop at the store, and one very happy (and crowded) little boy riding home with a full size drumset.




Pretty much every single person who saw that picture told me I was out of my squirrel-loving mind.

And then I got that set home and thought, “self, you are out of your squirrel-loving mind”.


Because if you’ve never put together a drumset before, you really ought to treat yourself to that experience sometime.  Make sure you throw in a deliriously impatient 7-year old randomly pounding on whichever drum you are trying to attach and smashing cymbals 2” from your hearing-aid.


But I need to backtrack a bit.


The teacher started the lesson off with the best part of drumming.


drums IMG_8737 copy


It was all going swimmingly when he pulled a classic Boog stunt.  The teacher was bent over him tapping out the beat with him in unison.

drums2 IMG_8757 copy


When Boog had completed the rhythm successfully, he deigned it a perfect time to celebrate.

Completely forgetting the poor man directly in his line of fire, he threw his arm up in victory and twirled his drumstick. 

Right in the poor guy’s face.


You know when you put a card in a bike wheel…?  It was kind of like that except it was a nose vs. drumstick.




Once we realized the teacher wasn’t going to flunk him over that – I made an unplanned detour to ensure that the drumstick craziness could continue at home.


And after setting up a full-size set of drums in the living room… I let Boog go to town on them.  I may or may not have secretly been hoping our horse-beating neighbors were enjoying the music too.


drumset2 IMG_8319


Let’s just say that the cymbals are kind of a pain to fix when your kid does this to them.  Fourteen times.

Umm yeah… they’re not supposed to look like that.

drumset3 IMG_8313



Over the next week, we had a parade of visitors – and without fail, every single adult grimaced when they walked in to see this.

“Drums?!?!  Are you crazy?!?!”

(which is a highly ridiculous question to ask me if you’ve ever read my blog)


It was so very easy to smile conspiratorially with Boog and say,


“If not a deaf mom, who would let their kids learn to play?”



You know, the deafness thing can be really un-fun most days.  I miss 90% of what goes on around me simply because some sounds you cannot lipread.  But of all the things I miss, music was a brutal loss.


My entire family (and much of Mr. Daddy’s) is musically inclined.  After I lost my hearing at age four, I grew up with my sister and mother singing harmony.  I watched, knowing the words but mouthing them.


It was a happy thing to realize that Boog had a love of music.  And could pick up a beat.  Happier still to realize we could both enjoy percussion.


It shakes the house, that big bass drum.  The snare drum takes a fair beating most days.  And the tom-tom send thumps through the floor.


And oh the drumstick twirling.  I could watch that for days.

drumsticks2 IMG_8328


He plays with a crazy grin (and even shares his sticks with those same adults who said Mommy was insane).  Our house is full of joyful noise right now, and I really love that the silver lining to this deafness is that my boy can enjoy this.


And Mr. Daddy?  You’ll catch him geared up like this:




Did you let your kids play loud instruments?

Did others think you were crazy?




Mr. Daddy said...

YES, DEAR, We really need to talk about this.....

Tamar SB said...

You are amazing!!! We'll see him one day on the cover of Rolling Stone!

nayner32 said...

mr. daddy...such a good sport. ;) rach, you are one awesome chick. do you know that???!!! it's true.

Kandi said...

My 3 cousins grew up playing drums and electric guitars in their basement. You can hear it through the whole house. When visitors complain about the noise... Aunt and Uncle say "What noise?" They have become so accustomed to the noise that they tune it out :) and now their middle boy is married and their daughter got a drum kit for her first birthday...drumming is a great instrument to learn!

RaD said...

My boy is a drummer too. But he has a digital drumset so he can listen to it with headphones and not drive everyone else crazy. Works for me! :)

I say you are a genius letting him explore his talent since it doesn't affect you. But I do feel a bit sorry for Mr. Daddy. ;0)

RaD said...

Oh and PS...

I shared a silly story on my blog I know you probably could relate to. It involves a fish.

GunDiva said...

I *hate* noise. Hate. it.

There were no loud toys allowed in my house when the kids were little. Period. If it was loud, out it went. Nebalee seems to think I have some sensory thing going on. Literally can NOT stand loud noises (except shooting, and that doesn't count). Makes me twitchy/cranky/homicidal.

Just fair notice for when Aunt GunDiva comes to visit :)

Probably, God forbid, if I were to ever become deaf I'd be mostly okay with it. I'd miss rain on the roof and singing (not screaming) frogs. I would not miss Jay's snoring :)

Furry Bottoms said...

I would totally let my kid play drums. If I had a kid.

My mom tells me this story. When I was 3 and a half, I would climb up on our record player. It would be encased in this piece of furniture in the 70's... in a dresser type thing were you pull the top open and there the record player would be inside it. I would watch it go around and around and tell my mom that it was broken because I couldn't hear it anymore. That was right after I became deaf.

The past couple of weeks, I'd be home alone and my mother would walk in the house and say things like "do you realize the TV is on way so loud?" and I'd say "Of course not, I didn't know the sound was even on" Its infuriating when people forget you can't hear the things they take for granted.

GO to town, Rachel. Its something you can enjoy with your kid. I love the feel of the drums reverberating off the walls.

Landers said...

That is an awesome kit. A tip though: have boogs sit with the snare drum between his legs so that his body forms a triangle between the hi-hat and the bass drum. He should have his foot on the bass pedal and hos other on the hi-hat pedal. The practice bass snare hi-hat. Take the rest away if he is too distracted - these are the foundations of the kit. If he gets a jam going on snare, bass and hi-hat he is half way there to being a drummer :)

Love, Flanders
(who plays drums, badly)

Angie Vik said...

I love your stories. You have a gift for telling good ones. Good for you for being willing to let your son make lots of noise. Hopefully he'll stick with it and become a good drummer. My Dad likes to complain that the family had to suffer through the screechy stage of my violin lessons, and about the time I started to get good, I quit.

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