Sunday, October 27, 2013

Second Grade Confessions


So, last year the first grade parents got a “classroom wish list” that included some household items that could be used for art projects.


And as soon as my eyes fell on the words: “empty toilet paper rolls”, my OCD-hate-to-waste-anything self gave the teacher a mental high-five.


I was totally diligent in collecting those cardboard thingies, to the point of sighing in grief each time I’d noticed one of the menfolk in the household had tossed one into the garbage.


I collected them like that rich girl in third grade collected Cabbage Patch Kids.



And then… one I day I realized that June had snuck up on me and unkindly left me with an entire bag of carefully peeled cardboard tubes (because really, how embarrassing would it be for Boog to show up to class with art supplies with spots of toilet paper still stuck to them?  I might have a Target bag full of these stashed in the Christmas present hiding spot, but I still have standards!)


rolls IMG_9568


I couldn’t just throw them away.


And y’know… if I was a REAL mom, I’d somehow fashion an amazing Pinterest treehouse with a chandelier out of all these former sanitary product holders.


But I am totally not.


(I cannot tell you how badly Pinterest mocks me).


In homage to how awesomesauce Boog’s second grade teacher is… I confided in her about my dilemma.


And guess what… if SHE can’t use them for the second-graders… an anonymous package of sparkling bare Charmin’ rolls are going to be delivered to the first grade teacher’s door.

(so the kids get the art supplies, and I am absolved of Pinterest guilt!)







Do you have a Pinterest Fail story to make me feel better?





Tamar SB said...


oh pinterest!

Allenspark Lodge said...

We go through this every year with paper towel tubes - for Nebalee's classroom (1st & 2nd graders also). This year she isn't in the classroom and we almost feel cheated out of our 'savings plan'. So now what is going to happen to us OCDers?
Bionic Cowgirl

Allenspark Lodge said...

Our youngest daughter was a 1st/2nd grade teacher for years and I started saving paper towel roll tubes for her. We go through 60 or 70 rolls a year here at the lodge.

She is now in administration, and no longer teaches. But I CAN'T QUIT SAVING THE STUPID TUBES.

I feel for you.


angel shrout said...

Yeah I knew better than to try doing that because I would do the exact same thing you did.

Eve Stein said...

I love Pinterest and, I confess, I've never created one item from it... nor do I have any intention of doing so (puh-lease, I have 4 kids, 4 and under - we're lucky to just survive each day taking care of the basics, lol). I just like seeing how creative (or uncreative) other people are. ;)

Eve Stein said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GunDiva said...

The real win here is that the menfolk can change the toilet paper instead of just plopping a new roll on the counter or back of the toilet!

(And, yes, your picture totally reminded me of Mom and Bill's obsessive paper towel roll collection for Nebalee)

Dr. Oble said...

Hey, we did this today for preschool!

Saimi said...

The only failure I have with Pintrest is I don't use it. But now you have me wondering about the conspiracy of the group of men - if that's the case I'm glad I don't partake!

Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

So we saved those rolls for our guinea pigs.. they love to chew them up.. but when we moved we donated the beloved squealers to our fav preschool....and we still want to save the rolls..

I avoid pintrest...I already feel as if I fail enough..hahhaahha

Angie Vik said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have a drawer of toilet paper tubes, I'm not sure what to do with. I saw a cute Last Supper Easter craft made with tubes on Pinterest, but my kids are too old for that now. My granddaughter is four months old. If I can just hang on to them for five more years, I'm sure she'll enjoy them. :)

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