Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Much Ado About Cluckin’


So I wanted to share some recent Etsy favorites with you guys – especially in time for Christmas ordering.

But when I stumbled across a link to this shop, I knew a picture and a link wouldn’t do it justice.


Y’all… this lady dresses up her chickens.


I mean, is that not ridiculously awesome, or what?


Let me start from the beginning.  Remember the dove that crash landed our porch?



A local wildlife rescue took it in.  In keeping up with news about their organization, I saw a post about this:



I blinked a couple of times before I realized that my eyes were indeed seeing a Hawaiian hen.

Who apparently has multiple personalities…









(anybody else go straight to “he’s an angry elf”?)






Ms. Natalee and I got to talking about her Etsy shop, Much Ado About Cluckin’ and she was kind enough to humor me with some details.

I asked her how her shop got started, and what made her think of giving her chickens such an awesomesauce wardrobe?


It all started out as an amusement for myself literally a few weeks ago. A friend sent a picture of a bearded chicken (we have two bearded chickens here the Easter Egger and our Salmon Faverolle) wearing a gnome costume, and I thought 'why not?'

I am a pretty ridiculous crafter, I create a new giant paper mache costume for each Procession of the Species so I am no stranger to 'strange' crafts. My first chicken costumes were created to represent our chicken's names, Hen Solo, Princess Lay-A, Cluck3PO, ChewBAWKa, and Yolko Ono.

You might have gathered 1. that we love Star Wars in this family and 2. We love a good pun (although I obviously named my chicken outside of the Star Wars theme so the pun won out).

I created them to take pictures then those pictures made other people laugh so much I decided to start the shop for those crazy enough to bedazzle their chickens but also to create a calendar to use the goofy for good.


That calendar is $15, with proceeds going toward three separate animal charities: For Heaven’s Sake Animal Rescue, Feline Friends, and Tucker’s Fund (an emergency veterinary fund).


I was, y’know, curious about how the chickens do with the costumes.  I mean, I half expected some kind of dog-with-a-cone response, but it sounds like they tolerate it just fine in exchange for treats!


I forgot to mention that the girls don't necessarily like all the costumes, some of them are heavier and were done more for the calendar, the lighter ones don't really bug them but I never let them too far with them on. After all is said and done they get oatmeal and pancakes for their good work. So they still come running when I walk out the back door and for me I think that means that they are okay with being dressed up on occasion :)



Now – back to the important thing… did you catch their names?!?!


50,000 OnceUponAmiracle points for those who recall a certain Star Wars fan in our household!



He is going to be thrilled to see the rest of the gang in her shop!





Cluck 3PO





Princess Lay-A and Hen Solo

and of course, Princess Lay-A and Hen Solo




See why I was swooning?


Now… if I could just supersize an Obi-Wan Kona-bi one for my girl…



(here’s what she thinks of that)






Angelwithatwist said...

BWhahahaha this is exactly the best thing to read at 6 am. I read it to Gene so we could both crack up.. too funny and cool that she took something meant as a joke and turned it around to do something good for animals.

Tamar SB said...

This is the funniest thing ever!!!

Tiffany Bleger said...

And people think I'm goofy for wanting a reindeer hat for my dog...

Melissa C said...

I think Tillhem would beat meup something fierce if I dressed his girls up like that!

Judy SheldonWalker said...

Our chickens used to be pretty tame, but I never dressed them up. Yours are great sports but it sounds like they are well rewarded.

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