Sunday, April 27, 2014

unexpected texts, and other painful things



My sister sent me a picture the other day.


You know… my sister of a million hairstyles?


The funny one?





The one who inherited the “this only happens to me” gene.  Except, it apparently only happens to both of us.


The picture.  Yeeeeeaaaaah… it took me awhile.




Until she sent a followup explanation via text.





So you’ll notice that I was immediately helpful.  I gave her the best advice I had.


And I can get away with offering that advice because SQUIRREL.




And yes, I call her “Ju”.  As in short for “Junebug”.  But unfortunately when I try to get her attention in public, I get all kinds of nasty looks for what they think I’m yelling, “Jew, hey JEW – I’m over here!”


Good times.


Now, for a closeup of what my poor sister looked like with her hand stuck in her VCR…




Yeah, she’s pretty much killing me for posting this.


I mean, if she ever gets free from that VCR.



So while the poor chick’s left hand was stuck, she apparently was able to text me with her right hand.  Which I’m sure she soon regretted.




So I threw out the only pun I could think of.


She was not impressed.





She was stuck for nearly an hour.


You try explaining to your dad what the text message “Are you aware your daughter is stuck in the VCR?” means.


And then I kinda felt bad.  Okay, really bad after I saw the picture of the aftermath.




And I knew that she wouldn’t be able to blog about it with a busted up hand.  So I decided to do her a favor and post it for her.  And, y’know, share it on Facebook and Twitter, et al.  Because I’m thoughtful like that.


And because NO ONE would believe me if I said it happened to someone other than me.


I’m sure she’ll be appreciative.





Help me out… what puns did I miss?  You guys think of the best ones!